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Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private]

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Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private] Empty Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private]

Post by Hime on Mon Dec 14, 2015 1:29 pm

What was expected of her seemed impossible. She at her young age barely had enough Chakra to perform more than few basic ninja tricks. Yet she was expected to perform a feat that even older children found it difficult to perform. The ninja body was capable of many bizarre tricks foreign to the commoners. They could mask their presence, appear to be someone else, escape from bonds and even walk on water. Yu of Nadare household was such a person. The collective word used was Shinobi, a master of disguise, espionage and assassination. She was yet to be master of anything and as a female the correct word for her would be Kunoichi. Right now, before her father she was expected to be more than just a little girl, she was expected to be a master of the Ninpo Arts. She was small in frame but tall for her age or at least the girls in the small village. She stood in the courtyard of her old wooden house. She desperately tried to manifest theory into practice, grasp the feeling of the know how.

Chakra moulding was not the easiest of things to begin with. As nothing but a beginner practitioner of the ninpo arts it took time. It was like a pool of energy residing within you, you had to stir it inside your body, like a sleeping lake coming to life. It would then overflow and stream down little canals or rivers of this energy. For now all she could manifest with such energy was in the form of few simple tricks. Climbing on the walls, making a fake clone of yourself and the likes. However this time it was a bit tricky. This energy was supposed to move the earth itself. She imagined the Chakra she had collected was earthy and quickly formed the handseals her father had taught her. She knew it would fail, it felt wrong. She stamped her feet but nothing happened. and her spirit sank with her chakra. She wished she already knew this stuff but it was easier to read the theory than to actually do it.

Nadare-chan, was luckily one not to give up. She had heard the neighbors child had already begun cultivating the fields with her newly found elemental moulding. Envy is what drove her today. Even with her father's sigh of disappointment and shouting pointers she began the process again. Bring your chakra up, bring forth the till, imagine it hot and fire! Once again nothing but her used up oxygen came out. Her father impatient threw the fan he held onto the ground. His face turning deeper shades of red he walked up to her. "Are you even trying? Here!" He Formed handseals quickly than her novice eyes could pick up. As soon as he was done he exhaled a large chunk of earth had risen to form a pillar.

Yu felt the heat on her face. She fought back the tears. Her father was a man fill of passion. At times his emotions got the better of him and Yu's tender age did its best to fight back the fear towards her disappointed and angered father. "Again!". Yu swallowed her tears and tried hard not to show it. She hastily brought chakra to her chest like the theory explained and once it was there she stamped her feet but nothing happened. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she quickly wiped them away. Her father sighed, seeing that he had done nothing to help his only daughter but put fear into her. For weeks he had been telling her how scary the real world was and how quickly she would end up dead. Really, he only wanted to make her stronger but he had only made her fear life more. In truth he had only been able to use Fire Moulding when he was at least 12 years of age.

"She is too young to learn a second element." At that point her mother had spoken. Sitting on her knees under the shade of an open room. She was a quite woman, collected and controlled. It was somewhat the opposite of her father but both of them had undeniable compassion for the ones they loved. "No, it is never too early to start. History has shown young-lings mastering up to 3! Maybe, I don't know." Yu wiped away her tears once again and began once again. Her feat parted and she began to form the hand seals. "No no, Yu. We will stop for now. I'm sorry for upsetting you. We Will try again tomorrow. Go now." Her father dismissed her while rubbing his temple in attempts to relieve the tension.

Yu quickly scurried off not wanting to appear weak in fear of incurring her father's wrath again. She made it a point of not looking at either of her parents in the eye. In her young mind she had begun to feel ashamed for not being able to perform a earth nature moulding. She quickly went into her room and out the back into the backyard where she quickly jumped the low wall and into the forest. It was easy enough to form a fire nature chakra. You imagined the heat of it, anger or passion often helping with the process. You would bring it all the way up to your chest, fill your lungs with fresh oxygen and spit out a hot volley of face scorching fire. Earth Release was too hard. It didn't feel right, the textbooks had said a natural feeling but what was that even supposed to mean?

Yu skipped through the forest in her sandals. Normally sandals would have been ill-advised for terrain she was walking through. The entrance was a thick and lush forest that gradually connected to a mangrove of sorts where fresh water filtered through the different routes straight from the seas yonder. With a little bit of chakra to her feet and sandals she hopped through as she leaped from one odd angle to another. She did it unconsciously and rather well as her feet and legs were used to this ordeal. As a much younger child she had once slipped and sprained her ankle but as time went on her wounds healed and she perfected the art of tree climbing.


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Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private] Empty Re: Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private]

Post by Hime on Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:20 am

Soon she was far from her home, her father would have to walk out at least 5 minutes if he wanted to reach her with a shouting voice. Where you had come to was a secret place known to her and a little boy. It was a lovely little hiding spot, the trees cleared for a small hole in the ground of around 4 meters in radius. This hole dug about 3 meters down to reveal a small sandy beach and fresh water pooling in from an underground source. There was enough sunlight to illuminate the area and heat up a small section of the water. The beach was like a waning quarter moon as the fresh waters lapped at it. Long Ago it would have been but a big boulder which was whittled down to a cliff and eventually this small safe haven of a beach.

She hopped down into the pit and her sandals kicked up sand. She looked around wondering if the boy had come as well. Today it would appear she was alone. This was the spot she frequently visited when she wanted to be alone. She mainly wanted to be alone when her father had gotten upset like he had. Yu picked up a nearby rock and threw it into the pond with all her strength. 'Stupid rocks!' She thought to her, 'Stupid father!' Her insides began to boil up as her breathing started to become visible on her chest. 'Mother said he wasn't even able to use his first element till he was 13!' A child she was, her mind soon became distracted and her anger became forgotten.

There at the edge of the small private beach she sat with her legs drawn in and her arms wrapped around her legs. She stared out into the waters, flowing in through a small hole in the cliff side and sliding down a miniature waterfall which made nothing but a trickle sound. The water flowed in a slow swirl and supposedly was filtered into the ground by the nearby wildlife. There was no fish in this water and if there were it was minute ones that slipped through the underground stream and out the crack. It appeared this small sanctuary was a secret to even the wildlife around here. There was the occasional bird foot mark imprinted on the sands near the edge of the waters but that was rare.

Yu, was always a curious child, with her mind calm she began to look at the water flow. It was calm collected without form. It was strange, fire was without form but was fierce and rampant. Perhaps that was where she had gone wrong? She looked at the white sand that played in between her toes. They were also without form, grainy and coarse. No Sand was just ground rock, she looked at the cracks that made the waterfall. No, this wasn't the answer either. She craned her head back and forth looking at the cliff walls that formed the small pit. Fortitude, Robust, Unyielding, Protective. Yu stood up dusting herself of the sand

If Fire was Anger, Passion, Heat and ferocity then Earth was Structured, Defensive and Unyielding. She spread her feet at shoulder length. She gave strength to her foothold and closed her eyes. Natural? Maybe. Find peace, it was each to his own. Chakra pooled into her chest and she kept it cool. However she watched so that it did not splash about her without form. In her spiritual mind and body she formed a cube, and she quickly filled it with robust blocks. This felt right. Yu opened her eyes. Yes this felt 'Natural'. She stopped moulding her chakra. Quickly picking up a dry stick nearby. She drew a square around her, taking care in emphasizing the straightness of each edge. Structure. Yes, It needed a solid form.

She closed her eyes again and she tried very hard to re-create the feeling. With the darkness of her self imposed blindness she imagined the lines on the sand illuminate red, no she changed the color to that of brown like the dark cliff sides. Yes, Then she began to form the same square inside her body, filling it with little squares of her chakra. Once it filled her square she made the handseals quickly as she had versed them and then stamped her feet into the sand. Straight away a wall of Earth rose around her in a Square fashion. Lifting her off her feat and launching her into the water.

She was plunged into cold water and she lost her breath from the surprise launch. Her ears muffled out with the bubbles of air rushing past her. Yes she had finally did it. She popped out of the water with a smile but was met with laughter. Confused she looked around to see the boy standing outside on and on top of the pit. He was laughing real good, at first she thought it was because she was launched into the water but soon it felt she was being laughed at on the pitiful side than the slap stick side of life.

'Oh man, your face when you thought you'd done Doton Jutsu.' His voice was still squeaky but broke ever so often. He was older than she was and his voice had begun to break. He jumped down into the pit and sat down on the cold sands. 'What are you even doing? Earth Style Jutsu? Didn't you just manage to do Fire Style Jutsu like... 2 months ago?' Yu walked out the waters as the water caused her hair and clothes to stick to her per-pubescent body. "Yeah, I did but my father wants me learn the Doton Style as well." She squeezed the water out of her hair and looked at the boy. Badly cut hair, and newly forming teeth. She gave him a good kick on the sides. 'Hey Ouch!' Served him right.

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Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private] Empty Re: Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private]

Post by Hime on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:07 pm

"You got it all wrong," the boy would explain to her. "You kinda have the basics right but," he paused as he stood up and dusted himself of his sand. "You take too long to do it, you hesitate because you think you're wrong." He parted his legs and as quickly as his hand seals were done he punched the rock pillar he had formed and it quickly zoomed towards the cliff side and shattered. "You take too long, be confident like you are with your fire style." Yu was skeptical at this new information. Not that it appeared unreliable but mostly because it came from this brain dead of a monkey. She looked at him making it clear she did not believe him. Finally he shrugged and admitted that it was his teacher who had told him the same thing. "I don't know after I was told that I tried to be more confident and sure of what I was doing and it helped." He looked at Yu, quickly taking a glance at her wet figure. His newly found hormones seemed to take control of his thoughts every now an then.

Yu, too young to know any of this turned around and closed her eyes. A Square, filled with her Chakra, Handseals and STAMP!. A little bit of the sand shot up as if upset by something. It wasn't much but Yu had definitely done it. Her eyes lit up with excitement and her focus trained fully on her new found element. The boy, saddened that he received no praise threw a couple rocks at the pool before leaving. Yu however remained behind and improved her moulding. Her theory had been right but she had been focusing too much of it. Let it feel natural the scrolls had said. They were right in some way but only if they had explained it better. Yu, considered running home and showing her father but then decided it was yet too premature to show it yet.

Until the Noon Sun had long passed the pit Yu had remained behind. Practising her moulding in larger amounts and first then with precision. The beach was littered with little pebbles and jagged stones sticking out. She would later need to put them all back down but right now her mind focused on one object. A perfectly square in shape pillar stuck out the ground. It was slightly tilted but it was definitely sticking about a foot out the ground. She was making progress. This would have to do for now. Yu would dust herself trying to get the sand out between her toes. She dipped her feet in the water and then quickly used whatever chakra she had left and climbed the cliff wall. Then she would be quickly off back towards her home.

Each Morning Yu and her father met at the courtyard to practice Earth Moulding. At First Yu was tempted to hide her new found powers. But her Father's new found patience quickly began to dry out once again and Yu was forced to show a little bit of progress. She shot out a small pebble from the ground and her father was momentarily satisfied with it. After each morning practise Yu would run away towards her little spot and practice her Earth Moulding. Gradually her moulding became better. It was not quite as good as her fire Jutsus but she was able to bring forth a perfectly shaped Earth Pillar as tall as she was. The boy came ever so often commenting on her progress.

Each day she would repeat this small process over and over again. The world had no room for the weak, at least how her father put it. She trained with a vigour and dedication not common to that of a small child. Hell, it wouldn't too far off to say that not even some adults had that kind of dedication. Slowly but surely her Earth Style Jutsu became better. Good Enough to be able to form a makeshift platform or ladder. She no longer climbed the walls to get out but shot up a small pillar to elevate her out of it then lowered the pillar. She was getting better.

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Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private] Empty Re: Yu Nadare Element Trading Thread [Private]

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