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D-rank Missions

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D-rank Missions Empty D-rank Missions

Post by Hime on Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:47 pm

D-rank Missions wrote:
   Mission Rank: D-rank
   Mission Name: The early birds.
   Mission Details:
You have been tasked with some of the most basic jobs known to your community. Everyday the watch for your respective village changes shifts. The morning shift is the one particular you have to focus on. The early mornings can be real cold both in the dessert as well as the misty islands. There is a soup kitchen that runs every morning for such people. They provide hot drinks, warm soup and fresh bread for those going out as well as coming in. Go help out a this food kitchen. This may be helping out serving out the food or cleaning the plates and cups as they come back. This might sound like stupid work, but you could learn a thing or two about the Shinobi life when you look at the eyes of real Shinobi. - 500 Words
   Mission Rewards: 100 Ryo
   Mission Extra Details: Daily Mission


   Mission Rank: D-rank
   Mission Name: Market Environment.
   Mission Details:
The local market which both the civilians and shinobi in your community frequent is a complete and utter mess. Broken glass, plastic wrappers, empty food cartons as well as general filth is abundant in the aisles. It's not as if they didn't try cleaning it but everyone is busy as an individual. The Shinobi have to quickly go and back forth from their commission jobs and the shopkeepers are busy serving these said people. With the mad rascals stealing from their stalls they don't want to risk taking their eyes off it. The village children or small fry shinobi have been commissioned to clean up the streets during the busy chaos. The jobs is shit yes, that's why we are giving it to you lot. 500 Words
   Mission Rewards: 100 Ryo
   Mission Extra Details: Be careful to actively look out for thieves. If they rob a stall or you during your janitorial shift you will be fined 50 N.A.P.S.


   Mission Rank: D-rank
   Mission Name: You've got to be shitting me.
   Mission Details:
The public excrement facility is just a fancy word for the shit pot. Now, these are government installed facilities and thus they are maintained by tax money. You will be in charge of three stalls. Charge everyone who wants to use it 1 Ryo. They can use it for a maximum of 5 minutes before they have to get out. After each use clean up the dirty wooden shit pots and they better be sparkling. If the shit pots are not brighter than your future than you have done something wrong. If people don't get out after 5 minutes poor water over their heads. 500 Words
   Mission Rewards: 100 Ryo
   Mission Extra Details: You have but a old rotting scrub to clean the toilets. Be prepared to hold your own if you decide to flush someone out.

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