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Fatigue & Recovery Guide

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Fatigue & Recovery Guide Empty Fatigue & Recovery Guide

Post by Bastian on Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:34 am

Fatigue System

Unlike most sites that allow members to sling jutsu with no regard, here such a method is risky. Chakra is the life force, if you will, of all life. To run out is to ultimately die. This is mind, it only seems right that after a certain amount of chakra has been spent the body begins to tire out. This system is made to force one to be careful about not only how one uses their chakra, but also how much. Naturally as one tires their movements slowly become more sluggish and slower. Below you will find a scale that displays exactly how the lose of chakra affects the body.

  • 90-100 ~ No Changes
  • 80-89 ~ Begins to build up a sweat, though for the most part appears normal. No physical effects.
  • 65-79 ~ Physical Prowess dropped by 10%. Slight signs of fatigue, sweating, muscles begin to tighten.
  • 55-64 ~ Physical Prowess dropped by 15%. Fatigue is more apparent, much more sweating, breathing begins to grow heavier.
  • 45-54 ~ Physical prowess dropped by 25%. Movements become more stiff as fatigue increases. Requires 4hr recovery thread to return to 100.
  • 30-44 ~ Physical prowess dropped by 1 Tier. Movements are much more sluggish and signs of fatigue are very much apparent. Heavy breathing. Requires 8hr recovery thread to return to 100.
  • 20-29 ~ Physical prowess dropped by another Tier (yes it stacks with the previous drop). Movement requires much effort, increasingly difficult to catch ones breathe, and vision starts to get blurry (only slightly so). 12hr recovery thread required to return to 100.
  • 10-19 ~ Physical prowess dropped by another Tier (yes this stacks as well and it would mean you have dropped by 3 tiers). Movement requires an extreme amount of effort, just barely able to breathe (just enough to stay conscious). The body trembles quite a bit at this point, and vision becomes increasingly blurry (only able accurately see within a 40ft radius). Requires a 16hr recovery thread to return to 100.
  • 1-9 ~ Physical prowess dropped by another tier (this would mean it has dropped by 4 tiers in total). Movement is nigh impossible as the body is so worn out that even standing is an incredibly task. The vision is so blurry that even within 10ft the individual will be seeing double (almost blacking out). Requires a 20hr recovery thread to return to 100.
  • -8 - 0 ~ Physical prowess dropped by 100%. Movement is impossible and the individual has completely lost consciousness. Requires a 24hr recovery thread to return to 100.**

**On SoL, unlike most sites, you do not die immediately after hitting 0 chakra. Instead so long as you remain over -8 you can still live and recovery. However, if you pass the -8 mark then you will have died. Hitting 0 simply means you blacked out, think of it like your bodies own safety feature. Your Welcome.**

Recovery System
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Fatigue & Recovery Guide Empty Re: Fatigue & Recovery Guide

Post by Webmaster on Thu May 19, 2016 7:58 pm

Updated 1.2

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