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Fuinjutsu Guide/Rules

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Fuinjutsu Guide/Rules Empty Fuinjutsu Guide/Rules

Post by Kaiya on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:03 am

Fuuinjutsu Guide/Rules

Fūinjutsu (封印術, Literally meaning: Sealing Techniques) are a type of jutsu that seal objects, living beings, chakra, along with a wide variety of other things within another object. Fuuinjutsu can also be used to restrict movement or unseal objects either from within something or someone.


The basic function of Fuuinjutsu is to allow the practitioner to seal "stuff" into other "stuff." It is the very basic and simple application which is the foundation of Fuuinjutsu.

  • Weapon Seals
    This can be one of two things. Either 1) this is sealing something inside of a weapon, or, 2) Sealing a weapon inside of something else.

  • Chakra Sealing
    This is a more complex application of Fuuinjutsu. This generalizes either completely sealing chakra from an individual or sealing aspects of chakra such as nature transformation. This is limited to preventing people from using chakra/Nature transformations only which must be specified when preforming the sealing. There will be NO infinite(or otherwise) chakra batteries.

  • Targeting Seals
    These seals are essentially beacons. Jutsu can be made that are uncontrollable by normal means such as a human using it themselves or perhaps the jutsu is so powerful that it's unpredictable in it's path. Because of this, Fuuinjutsu users can create Targeting Seals which utilize a seal essentially as a beacon or pointer for that jutsu to go. A prime example of this is Minato's Flying Raijin Technique.

  • People Sealing
    This is one of the highest and most taboo/dangerous things a Fuuinjutsu user can do. This involves sealing actual people into objects, other people, or worse. Creativity is a major aspect of this type of sealing.

  • Biijuu Sealing
    This is perhaps the most widely known aspect of Fuuinjutsu. A master level Shinobi in Fuuinjutsu can battle a Biijuu to a point where they can physically seal the beast inside of other objects or people. Those with a Biijuu sealed inside of them are referred to as, Jinchuriiki.

  • Jutsu Sealing
    This is a more taboo form of sealing in terms of Role Play. This is the ability to seal a jutsu into an object or person for storage/later use. Simple in theory, however, very costly as it requires the seal to match the rank of the jutsu being sealed. But bear in mind, some jutsu are unseal-able.

  • Forbidden Seals
    These are often referred to as Juinjutsu. These seals are only something a Master Rank fuuinjutsu user can manage to use or control. These types of seals often involve granting substantial power via chakra reserves at the cost of sanity, physical deformity, or other bodily harm that could come from them. Examples of these are Curse Seals.

  • Forbidden Seals(2)
    Other types of seals which are considered forbidden that only Master Rank Fuuinjutsu users can accomplish is the ability to physically seal KKG(Kekkei Genkai). This means that a knowledgeable Fuuinjutsu user could in theory, seal a KKG from being used.


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