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Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime)

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Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime) Empty Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime)

Post by Yuu on Thu Dec 24, 2015 1:05 pm

   Mission Rank: D-rank
   Mission Name: The early birds.
   Mission Details: 
You have been tasked with some of the most basic jobs known to your community. Everyday the watch for your respective village changes shifts. The morning shift is the one particular you have to focus on. The early mornings can be real cold both in the dessert as well as the misty islands. There is a soup kitchen that runs every morning for such people. They provide hot drinks, warm soup and fresh bread for those going out as well as coming in. Go help out a this food kitchen. This may be helping out serving out the food or cleaning the plates and cups as they come back. This might sound like stupid work, but you could learn a thing or two about the Shinobi life when you look at the eyes of real Shinobi. - 500 Words
   Mission Rewards: 150 N.A.P.S.
   Mission Extra Details: None

Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime) Akatsu11
Yuu awoke early that morning, feeling an inner sense of purpose and excitement: she had woken up even before her alarm clock had gone off. The reasons for her anticipation were many, but none more importantly than the fact that she was now on Mizu Island! Yuu had been raised her whole life on Spider Forest Island and had only learned about the outside shinobi world through books the Widow and the other women of the village would give her to read. Even now, two books lay on a small bedside table to her left: she looked at them, one book read "Common sense for dummies" This book was important to her because the book focused around daily life and how to interact with other people. Being from a small forest island of assassins, Yuu didn't really know how she was supposed to act or talk to people.

The second book was also important to her and was labeled "Makeout Paradise: Dark Desires" Naturally, this book was on top of the guide for dummies. This meant that Yuu had read this book last before falling asleep, I always have the best dreams when I read my favorite books before bed!~ she coo'd to herself as she yawned and stretched out in her bed before sitting up and knocking the covers to the floor. She always slept naked at home and this morning was exceptionally chilly. Instinctively, she grabbed the cover off the floor and wrapped it around her like a robe as she walked across the cold wooden floor to the bathroom and jumped into a hot bath after preparations.

She lay in the bathtub, soaking up the steaming hot water onto her delicate pale skin as she held up a hand and looked at her own skin and smiled. On her little island with her people, she was considered the most beautiful girl. Ever since birth, she had been hailed as the next Widow because she was both the Widow's daughter and she possessed both purple hair and purple eyes, which were exceedingly rare within the clan. Here though, things were different. On the island of Mizu, there were all kinds of people from many different islands. So many exotic colors of hair, eyes and skin that Yuu hardly felt special. She constantly had to remind herself that despite the hardships of childbirth and the generation of slaughter she had been born in, she was special indeed. The Exeo spider clan had attacked and killed almost every man and child of the Araneo clan during one of their most vulnerable times. Now more than ever, the Araneo needed powerful warriors. The Exeo seemed to have veered away from the teachings of deception and assassination and accepted normal combat. Truthfully, the Widow was worried about the ever-constant struggle of power between the two spider clans on the island might change in the Exeo clan's favor. The Widow had given out special orders to a select number of villages in her clan to go out into the world and become stronger, strong enough to reel the Exeo clan if necessary. Of course as the #2 of the clan, Yuu was also expected to abide by the command and become something great for her clan's future.

Thus she found herself here, on the Island of Mizu. A week had passed since her first arrival on the island, yet the first day she had not forgotten. As soon as she had gotten off the boat, many people stared at her in both horror, disgust and disbelief. Yuu was only a girl of 9 years old, but her mind was far more mature than her body. She knew of the history of her clan, the Spider Forest Island had constantly been at war with many islands and her clan of assassins were somewhat infamously known from the war of history, as well as their assassin skills, though none were as famous as the mark of the clan. Yuu knew that people were afraid of her and also resented her because she had six arms, the most notable giveaway that she was a Kumohasha if anyone at all knew of them from the passed war.

She didn't like the idea, but for now she would have to hide her identity. She couldn't become the next Widow if someone murdered her for no reason but out of fear or hatred of her ancestry. Since that first day, Yuu had kept her extra four arms tucked beneath her clothing. The Widow had seen fit to set up provisions and plans for her, thus she had her own little apartment and a small income she could start out with.

The alarm clock in her bedroom brought her back to the present, it was time to get up and go do a small mission. She got out of the bathtub and dried herself off quickly with a towel and her six arms. It was still cold, but not unbearably so. She got dressed in her usual clothing and tucked her extra arms beneath her clothes and put on a warm jacket to fend off the cold winds of the morning on the Island of Mizu. Once she had eaten breakfast and was ready to leave, she locked her little apartment after safely tucking her Makeout Paradise book into her pouch and headed towards the designated area. In the village, the guards were always out on watch and protection, but they worked on shifts and required sustenance. A soup kitchen had been set up for them so they could stay warm while eating and resting between shifts and breaks. One of Yuu's first assignments was t participate in the operation of this soup kitchen. It didn't seem like a glamorous job, especially for the spider princess, but she was above herself in these matters.

I'm here to help with the soup kitchen, ma'am. Yuu said politely with a seemingly timid voice as she approached a heavyset woman who was running the soup kitchen. The robust woman looked at the nine year old shy girl and patted her on the head and directed her to go help set the tables and chairs for the soup kitchen. Cooking would come soon, but they had to prepare for the guard's arrival first. After all, the night-watch would be coming in soon to be relieved.
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Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime) Empty Re: Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime)

Post by Hime on Fri Dec 25, 2015 8:25 pm

ooc : Sorry for the late reply, Christmas and all Razz Im not such a great role player so excuse my boring text xD

IC :

It wasn't odd to find the communities youngest doing the odd jobs. There had no real place in Shinobi communities, they were yet strong enough to participate in any real missions or undergo any real practical training. Even for someone such as Yu of the Nadare clan was no exception. Despite being called a prodigy, she was but still a child. She might have been able to grasp the concepts of many things in her young age, it was but the basics. As such children such as this were tasked with ridiculous jobs. Yu sat by rice cookers, giant clay pots that were seated above a mud stove or sorts. While the rice began to cook it was Yu's job to make sure the fire remained a constant temperature. If the fire was too weak then the rice would be under-cooked, if the fire was too hot then the rice would be burnt yet the fire had to be hot enough so that the rice did not absorb too much water. As delicate as the process sounded it was but a silly job.

She knelt on her knees and sat on her feet. Her left hand fanned the fire while her right hand would shove in firewood ever so often. She would cough and avert her eyes as the smoke from the fire provoked them so. Many other children walked about the soup kitchens some moved vegetables while others went about fetching wooden bowls and hand carved spoons. The Kitchen was specifically for Night Guards coming in and for the Morning Shifts to eat before revealing the Night Guards. The first of the guards would be coming in and the morning market would soon become noisy. However the noise starter earlier than usual, not by the guard but by the children who worked there.

Yu, stood up brushing the sweat off her face with the back of her hand. In the process she smeared soot over her smooth face. She sniffled as she blinked away the last of her smoke induced tears. She turned around to see a child she had never seen before. She was slender and draped in a color of royal purple, her eyes were dark like precious gems and her general outward appearance showed she was something of an outsider. What caught her eye was the extra four arms she had. While the other children stared or averted their eyes in ignorant fear, Yu looked at her with a mixture of indifference and mild indifference. That is to say, she looked at her arms simply as if it was something she had never seen and were simply looking at them out of curiosity.

"Nadare Yu, the bowls for the night shift needs to be placed on the right, I can do that. The morning shift comes first to relieve the night guards, so could you set up the tables on the left?"



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Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime) Empty Re: Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime)

Post by Yuu on Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:38 pm

OOC:(It's fine, christmas & all. BTW- In my prior post, Yuu hid her extra arms under her clothing.)

It was not long after Yuu had begun to help set up the tables and chairs, wipe them down and set eating utensils that the guards began to arrive. Usually by twos ore pairs of threes and fours since they all worked together every day. Occasionally there would be one arriving by themselves, but most all found their way to the warmth of the soup kitchen for a meal and some warmth. The young Kumohasha girl had quickly finished setting up the place for eating and then went to assist wherever she could. Peeling potatoes, chopping meat and tossing it into a pot. All the while, the robust woman walked around inspecting the young children's work along with two other adult women who were supervising. Within ten minutes of the first guard's arrival, the majority of the food was ready and Yuu along with the other children began to serve the food to the guards. In turn, the guards smiled warmly and playfully joked with the Academy Students who they were used to serving their meals.

None of them knew the newest addition of Academy Students, Yuu. None recognized her either by her heritage, but that was likely because she had hidden her extra two sets of arms beneath her clothing to prevent others from figuring out her identity. Not to mention, Kumohasha with both purple eyes and purple hair were considered legends since they were so rare: it was likely that no one here had ever seen a Kumohasha from the Spider Forest with anything other than back eyes and black hair. Alright children, let's clean up and gt you home. said the large lady after all the guards had left for the day. Now they would clean up and go home while later on, some other Academy Students would take the next shift.
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Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime) Empty Re: Mission: The Early Birds[IO](Yuu & Hime)

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