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Perks and Flaws: Explanation

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Perks and Flaws: Explanation Empty Perks and Flaws: Explanation

Post by Bastian on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:31 pm

Perks and Flaws are like yin and yang here, you cannot have one without the other. For every Perk one gains, they are required to have a flaw that is equal to the perk in rank and the two must relate in some fashion.I have noticed quite a bit of issues with a few of the applications in regards to the sites Perk and Flaw system. Being as it isn't written, not in full detail anyway, on the site I will provide a brief explanation of both. Hopefully, by the time you have read this you will have a clear understanding on how things work here.


As you may find with most Bloodline/KKG or even weapons, there are many ways to augment your character to the way you want them. This ranges from things that offer bonus use of elements to even physical or mental increases on ones base skill as a shinobi. These things are what allows a character to stand out as an individual and excel in areas of expertise that others could only dream of. While some moderation is done in terms of scaling certain perks down so that they stay within the range of power our site admits, these abilities are ultimately game changers. It gives one more individualism when characterizing bloodlines and special characteristics. These perks can come from a person upbringing, bloodline, or sometimes they may just be born with it. All these require a why, however. Why does your character have this perk, or why does the bloodline possess their benefits. One cannot simply say I am strong enough to carry a boulder twice my size without first explaining how they reached this level of strength. Or if one says they are able to notice small details in an instant, without first providing a reason as to why you would even bother to learn such a thing.

These perks are meant to offer a more in-depth understanding of your character. Skipping out on these details only bring about the why, anyway. This is why its rally advised, no, required that these details be explained. This is especially important when it comes to IC fighting. Always provide the why when it comes to creating Bloodline/KKG perks. If not for yourself then for the individuals you are rping with or members who would like to be apart of your bloodline. Especially during situations where you might not be around to explain exactly how your bloodline works..


This particular area is the one that gets the most confusion as many do not quite grasp the meaning of what a flaw is suppose to do. This is meant to be a hindrance to the character and should never be able to change IC. Things like extremely poor eyesight, easily fatigued, or even missing limbs are considered to be Flaws because they cannot be changed no matter what the character does ic. Things like being easily angered, or anything that is a result of a physical augmentation ( Perk is super strength so you have a habit of breaking stuff easily), or being ignorant to common knowledge do not qualify as flaws. A person who is easily angered can learn IC to be calm, a strong person can learn to be more delicate, and an ignorant person can eventually become wise. If one is able to rp and effect any of their flaws, then the flaw is incorrect. Poor eyesight cannot be fixed no matter what the character does, even glasses wouldn't mean much once they are removed from the face. Becoming more fatigued behind the use of jutsu cannot be changed, regardless of how much a person desires it IC. And missing limbs that are lost, as in destroyed and cannot be re-attached or regrown. Immunity to an element (which is a perk) would naturally mean that you are more likely to take more damage from the elements weakness. The main idea of the flaw portion of the system is to provide a challenge or obstacle that your character must overcome on a daily basis. It's not meant to be a minor result of a Perk/Bloodline, but its equal. If one has a perk where they are stronger than average shinobi, then a typical flaw would be slower punches or attacks, ect.. 

Just to be 100% clear. These flaws are ultimately suppose to provide the perfect balance to the bloodline perks you have. If you cannot think of a decent flaw to partner with your bloodlines perks, you should limit what the bloodline is capable of. The more perks they possess, the more flaws they will need to balance them out. Just remember that power come with a price and when ever your deciding on a bloodline ability, think up the flaws as well. 

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