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Juraiya Urameshi

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Juraiya Urameshi  Empty Juraiya Urameshi

Post by Juraiya on Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:13 am

Juraiya Urameshi  KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Juraiya Urameshi  Tumblr_mnwikwhCdq1s70mxco1_500
Name: Juraiya Urameshi
Nickname/Alias: Urameshi
Renowned Alias: The Mazaku
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Juraiya is five foot, ten inches tall when standing straight (without taking into account his hair). His build can be described of a slim, compact form. His body is not lacking muscle density, however he has chosen to refine and strengthen the muscles he has without bulking out. He weighs approximately 175lbs, containing a 5.7 body fat percentage. Due to this rather low percentage when taking into account both his weight and his size, he comes across as a very compact and strong individual.

Juraiya has long, jet black hair that reaches just past his waist. It often contains itself in its own wild and crazy mess, having been tamed for years to remain out of his face even in the most dire of combat situations. His upper body is littered with scars that appear to have ritualistic meanings behind them, and he claims they are symbols that keep him connected to his demon ancestry (this ancestry has never been proven.)  His eyes are a dark, smooth brown that could be described as a rich mahogany, often times giving gleams of red when the light is perfect. His cheeks hold light, but present lines from smiling throughout the years.

His clothing is of a martial arts garb, loose but well fitting white pants that appear naturally constricted around his waist and ankles to allow movement without losing track of the fabric that keeps him decent. His shirt is a cloth that, when laid flat, appears to be an X in shape. This cloth covers his stomach for the most part, wrapping around his shoulders and giving breathing room to both his lower sides and just below his shoulders, offering no sleeves or anything resembling such that would hinder his movements. Wrapped around the top of his pants (and keeping the bottom of the shirt from flying around while he moves) is a wrapped yellow cloth that serves as a belt, tied in such a way to ensure it will not fall of with movements.

Juraiya's face is often times looks serious, almost even irritated, when not doing anything. So much so that it is necessary to add it to the physical description of him, as it is what his facial expression is when not doing something specific. Beneath his right eye is the tiniest of scars, a small nick from when he sparred with a friend in childhood. On his chest, the left side where one would deem the heart to be, is a larger scar that looks as if it had been pierced at one point, left to heal crudely.

Personality: Juraiya grew up with an absent father, and a mother who was always off somewhere getting drunk. The few people who grew up around him were cruel and despicable people. With an extremely neglectful environment being the spawn of who he is as a person, he is short tempered, impulsive, and enjoys intimidating those who are already afraid of him. Beneath his bold and cocky attitude, however, there is a lighthearted and kind nature.

Short Tempered: Juraiya is fairly short tempered, though luckily his small fuse is only tied to a firecracker. Unfortunately, that firecracker can be quick to light the much larger set of fireworks that lie just behind it. Analogies aside, Juraiya is quick to get irritated and annoyed at disrespect and those who are as hard-headed as he is. This temper usually only equates to smart assed comments or a punch to the back of the head, though it can quickly evolve into someone getting the shit knocked out of them if they are not careful.

Impulsive: To live life on a whim is one of life's most carnal pleasures. While he will certainly help plan ahead if need be, he will revel in the spontaneity that comes from living. Quick to stray from the set of actions that were to be put into motion by the temptations of the "Now", he will often times find himself just jumping off the cliff of life into a fog of experience.

Intimidation: Due to his upbringing, Juraiya isn't one to pass up the bargaining chip that is intimidation. If someone is already afraid of him (rightfully so), or do not know him well enough to have formed an opinion, he will jump at the chance to flex his influence on them. Those who are intimidated will know to stay back, and those who know to stay back will mean one less to deal with if shit goes south.

Joking: Juraiya is nothing if not quick witted, though sadly his vocabulary never seemed to pick up on the memo. Quick to make a crude joke or a smart-assed comment on the drop of a hat, the young man certainly enjoys his fair share of jokes and lighthearted comments.

Kindhearted: Who ever said that one who enjoyed intimidation, fought with a temper and lived an impulsive life couldn't also be the sweetest damned things? While he may be somewhat of a punk at heart, Juraiya wasn't one to hate people just because they were people. He is willing to risk his own well being to help those who need it, especially women and children.

Desire to Fight(And win): His desire to fight is quite possibly one of his most notable traits, which becomes more noticeable as one gets to know him. While through his comments and crude humor he can be called unintelligent and just plain stupid, there is no question that he can be a genius when it comes to fighting. His desire to fight is mostly out of enjoyment of a good brawl, and surprisingly he doesn't enjoy killing if it can be avoided.

Diligent: Remember that whole "Genius when it comes to fighting" comment? As if directly tied to that total ego stroking comment, Juraiya is surprisingly diligent when it comes to combat. Picking up on patterns and personality traits that show through fighting as if it was second nature, he finds himself backing up that egotistical self proclamation handily.

Catch Phrase: "Fuck you, (insert insulting adjective)."

Beliefs/Religion: Juraiya would be considered an Atheist, as he does not believe in a form of Divinity that reigns over mortals and sets forth laws of the universe. His lack of belief in an all knowing, all seeing being is due in part to his rather rough childhood. This is not to target the cliche of "How could a God let me do this?!" He had that thought momentarily during his adolescence, but figured if there was truly a being who controlled the universe, He or She had more to worry about than an angry child.

No, his lack of belief came from his overwhelming amount of time to think, and think clearly. The idea of a single man-like being that lived outside the fabric of Space and Time and controlled Physics like they controlled Chi just seemed like something that was stretching the boundaries to him, though it was still something that he could accept as wholly plausible. This was to say that just because he didn't personally accept it as his belief did not mean that he brushed it off as being impossible or false.

As far as his actual belief goes, he believes in a sort of Global Consciousness. If he had to describe it in words, it would be the idea of a large, never ending hallway that had doors on either side. Each door would lead to a room, and each room represented an individual person. While these rooms were kept separate and did not actually connect with one another directly, that central hallway served as a connection point for each of the rooms. Once someone died, they "left" the room and entered back into the hallway, where their collective experience could be shared with all others in the hallway, whenever they exited the room. These people, after learning what they could in the hallway, would enter a new room, without the lessons and ideas from the old room, to learn about a new set of circumstances with a fresh perspective.

Country of Birth: Land of Water

Juraiya Urameshi  JrzoiGm

Well This Is Awkward:
Juraiya was born to Kitaan Urameshi (missing in action) and Atsuko Nakamara (deceased), though if truth be told he might as well have just been born to Atsuko. Upon his birth, the Father simply disappeared. While the jokes of him running off to the market to never return could certainly be made, no one knows for sure what happened to him. From what Juraiya could tell, there was no speculation either. The man simply vanished, gone without a trace for better or for worse. Born in a small conglomerate of houses outside of any village or city, his very birth would begin a temporary downward spiral in his life. With the disappearance of his father, Atsuko picked up drinking heavily and abusive language, though she cared for baby Juraiya with the care that a perfect mother would give. A flower of love in a desolate land of crushing anticipatory sadness. At the age of two, when he was still a novice to language, his first favorite phrase became "Bite me."

Terrible Two's and Away!:
Yes, you heard it right. Bite me. For anyone who has spent any time around a two year old child, they would know that a favorite phrase would not be lost simply because of time. No, Juraiya would say "Bite me" to just about any demand made of his mother and every comment made from another child. Driven by an already heightened amount of stress that had been compounding on her body for the past three years, Atsuko took up the habit of punishing Juraiya for his rotten language. This punishment would actually serve as one of the sweetest presents that his mother could have ever given him. From a young age his body began to grow use to the strikes of one who was older than him, and his mind began to develop and mold around an expected sense of risk that came with any decision in life. At the age of five, his choice of vernacular remained rough, but his knowledge of when to use it had flourished.

No longer using the language directly to his mother, he instead sustained his addiction to harsh language with under-the-breath comments that he knew he could get away with, or to kids around his own age. Of course, in the little gathering of houses that was their home, this age range spread from four to eight. Still, no eight year old could hit as hard as his Mother- and no eight year old could take a hit as well as Juraiya. From his first fight with Kuraba at five years old, all it took was a month for Juraiya to be recognized as the toughest kid in his age group.

A Bright Future:
Eight year old was when Juraiya made the biggest mistake of his life. Unable to take the hint of her stumbling movements and slurred speech as a warning to steer clear of sensitive subjects, Juraiya pressed into the subject of his father, curious as to who the man whom had never appeared could be. At this point in time, Juraiya had already had a small scar below his eye, placed there by Kuraba in a lucky hit. Lucky for his now rather tough hide from years of training it, he did not have to add to his collection of marks on his skin when his mother turned the bottle on him.

Running from the house when he realized this particular night was going to be extra rough, Juraiya made his way to a neighbors house. Here in lied the "Biggest mistake" portion of this part of his life. This neighbor was the father to Itsuma, a boy who Juraiya had messed up pretty bad on several occasions. While kids will be kids, this man did not like the fact that Juraiya had managed to intimidate Itsuma so fully. This man view himself as the 'Leader' of these houses, and took this time to take his frustrations out on the young boy. A grown mans fists hurt much worse than a mothers, that was a lesson that was learned that day. Driven by rage at the fact that Juraiya remained resistant, however, the man gouged at Juraiya with a garden hoe, taking a large chunk of skin out of his chest (the scar there). Throwing him outside to be found by his mother, the woman cried day and night. She felt it was her fault, and she nursed Juraiya on her longest stretch of being sober yet. The man had been attacked and driven out of his home by the other neighbors in a surprising act of decency, and it seemed like things were finally looking up.

Or Not.:
Eleven years old. Juraiya had three years of near bliss, where his neighbors were finally all starting to become more than just people who had erected homes near one another. Juriaya had began training his body and his chi, under the watch of Kuraba's father and Atsuko had been sober the entire time. The young man was as natural with Chi as he had been with his fists, and he had learned a lot in the year. Told to go out and explore the nearby forest for training, he made his way into the trees to spend a night away from his home. In the morning, having only a single encounter with a beast from the wild and having won it convincingly, Juraiya returned to the scene of battle. Itsuma's father had become a member of an actual starting village, and had made his way back to the town with several of the men and women who considered themselves fighters.

Having returned near when the battle was already decided, Juraiya joined in immediately. The fighting lasted only an hour, during which Juraiya had mostly provided support, before the attackers who still lived beat a hasty retreat. Three of the seven houses had been burned down, and about half the population was dead. This included Atsuko, Juraiya's mother. For the third time in his life, the young man felt hatred. For the second time, it was directed at Itsumo's father.

We Can Rebuild:
It wasn't easy, but as a group they managed to rebuild the three houses that were lost. The process of recovering fully was a multi-year process. Over the next three years, several new people joined their little gathering of homes. There were small skirmishes with Itsumo's new home town, but there was no more full fledged battles. Neither side could risk it, and with Juraiya already surpassing most of the adults, his home had a clear advantage in defensive battles. The gathering of homes now exceeded ten, and they were starting to discuss becoming a village. At fourteen, he had learned everything Kuraba's father could teach him, and had now begun training daily with the strongest fighters of their homes. The anger in his heart persisted though. He would kill Itsumo's father for forcing the battle that killed his mother. And he would kill Itsumo's father for being the one who had killed his mother.

Awakening of the Mazaku:
Juraiya was now fifteen years old, and was part of the group that was going to end the fighting once and for all. The home of Itsumo had begun to be more active again and had killed several scouts of their home at this point, setting fire to some of their crops and had even set traps around their village, as if trying to pick them off one by one. This was likely due to the revelation that Itsumo's father had become the leader of this new gathering of homes. Of their scouts that had been attacked and mostly killed though, two of them had made it back alive, finally bringing with them the location of this enemy home. Within a week, preparations were finished and the forces moved out.

As if they didn't know they had been compromised, the attack happened lightning fast. Within the first two hours of battle, over half of the enemy force had been ended. Itsumo's father proved himself to have gotten quite strong, fueled by his hatred and his desire to gain what he wanted. Juraiya, however, had become an animal unlike any they had seen before. Fueled by the elements of Water and Wind, the battle seemed to awaken powers that he didn't even know he had. No longer using the two elements sperately, he found himself able to combine the two, using both the moisture in the air and in the environment to his advantage, and freezing the very air itself. Through a mixture of altering the density of the perimeter and able to make large scale attacks with seemingly no origin, Juraiya ended the battle by removing Itsumo's father from this plain of existence.

Seed In The Wind:
After the battle, the two areas merged into one. Juraiya had been dubbed the Mazaku, or descendant of a demon. Embracing this explanation, when given to him by the now Village Elder, he speckled his upper body in tattoos that apparently allowed his demon blood to flow freely through his body. Itsumo, as it turned out, had been abused by his father severely in both homes. He was more relieved than even Juraiya when the old man had died, and there was no bad blood between the two homes. Now at thirty homes and over two hundred people, they considered themselves a village now. After a couple of years, Juraiya hit seventeen years of age. He was now undisputed as the strongest of the village, and had begun training the rest of them on how to fight and use both wind and water. It soon became apparent, though, that none of them could use two elements as he could. And even the ones who excelled in either or could not do the things he could.

Once he was content with the Village's strength, Juraiya decided it was time to leave. They had offered making him Village Head, and even discussed plans to expand and try to affiliate themselves with the Land of Water, but he wanted no part of that. While he might one day settle down, he was a fighter. He had plenty of room to grow, and yet there was no where for his roots to set. Leaving his home at eighteen, he was ready to explore the world.

At twenty years of age, Juraiya has since exited the Land of Water. Having found quite a few powerful people to battle, he found himself unable to fully flex his muscles so to speak. He grew restless in the land he called his home, and although he knew it had plenty to offer, he felt as if he had to see what else the continent showed. After all, the Land of Water was the Land of Water, no matter how the soil or the buildings looked. He wanted (and arguably needed) to see what else there was in the world. So he left, finding himself in the Land of Wind. While he had no home, nor kin in this new Land, he had the feeling of a new challenge. Even if he couldn't find anyone whom could beat him, the new culture had already begun kicking his ass.

Role-Play Sample:
Light broke through the canopy of trees as if it were its dying breaths, trying desperately to reach a forest floor that preferred the company of shadows. How silly the ground was, believing that it could enjoy the cool shadows without the intensity of the light. The few beams of the sun that made it through the wall of flora seemed to be superimposed on the dark background, appearing as actual cylinders in thin air. Catching a mixture of gnats and dust, the sunlight did a beautiful job of illuminating through its obscurity, proving to the animals who called it home that it was indeed daylight.

As if fueled by these desperate pleas of attention from the Sun, the birds sang a chorus of alternating pitches, all jubilant in sound. While the trees housed a plethora of predators and prey, it seemed that there was an eerie sense of peace for the time being. The deer found themselves surprisingly comfortable in their habit of lounging, the wolves and bears trotting along or napping respectively. The differentiating factor seemed to be whether or not the animal was in the direct cross hairs of the Suns rays- Those who were warmed by its light enjoyed the pleasure of rest. In this state of euphoric peace, there was a presence that was foreign to these trees, yet walked among them as if at home.

Making nary a noise, avoiding even the twigs and dead leaves that littered the forests floor, a young man made his way through  Gaia's reservoir. Skin that was gently tanned from his travels through the land and eyes that were locked ahead as if they actually had a destination, he seemed to have been accepted by the Earth as another addition to its happy family. Long, black locks danced in the breeze, and yet found a way to avoid entanglement with the nature that it was surrounded by. His hazelnut brown eyes seemed to know exactly where they were, offering an otherworldly red glare whenever the random beams of light found their way to his face. His shirt, if it could be called that, had been dropped around his waist, tied there as a second, purposeless belt.

His upper body was now unobstructed to the naked eye, revealing several blue markings that appeared to be tattoos. These inked markings offered an eerie aura to them, as if they somehow altered the Chi that was already in his body. They had long sense been incorporated onto his skin by those at his village, but neither the people nor Juraiya himself had expected his body to flourish with them. While his build and energy had not changed, it had come to seem as though his Chi naturally gathered itself around them, slowly changing in nature. Perhaps there is some truth in what that old man said after all.


Finally, a noise had been made other than the rustling of branches and cries of birds. For the briefest of moments there was a silence as dead as the Reaper himself. Like all things, it was only temporary, a silence before a storm of cries and shrill shouts. The animals gave both warnings and assurance, and then died off into an unnatural state of peace once more. There was nothing to be worried about, that much seemed to be agreed upon by both the Human and the Animals. Whatever the tattoos had done to his Chakra, it seemed as though he became more a part of the Earth because of it. While there was no real explanation to it, it was something he had become content with.

Before he knew it, there had become a noticeable increase in distance between trees as they thinned their ranks, admitting defeat to the vast openness that lay ahead. Breaking the threshold of the wood, Juraiya exited into a vast plain of grass and rodents that were still invisible to the naked eye. Lifting a single hand to block the now unhindered suns rays, the young man spotted a single falcon that flew high above the ground. Though it seemed so tiny and undefined to him, he knew that the bird saw everything below it in stunning clarity.

"I wonder if I'd be able to see a village if I were you, ya crazy ass bird."

Words to nobody, but still they felt essential enough to say. After all, he had gone without conversation for over a week now, having traveled between two lands. While his extreme training had waned during travel, the natural wear and tear placed upon him by the elements and by Mother Nature herself did more than its fair share of tuning his body for the life that was ahead of him. It was a life that was shrouded in mystery, as even he didn't have a clear cut plan for what he wished to accomplish. "Be Better" didn't really fit well as a slogan, so for now he'd stick with "Improvement." It sounded better, and made him feel just a little bit more thought out when he said it aloud. Regardless of his reasoning for travel, one thing was certain. He needed to find a fucking village already.

Continuing forward finally, crossing over the grass and hearing its crunch beneath him with every step, he set into a steady rhythm that would be considered a quick pace for most. Inclines and declines seemed synonymous when one traveled long enough, and the relief of a downhill walk soon turned as irritating as fighting against gravity. What he wouldn't do for flat land again, a set road or an actual bed. Whatever forces put vast spaces of nothingness between places of residence did Juraiya a great disservice, and while he could have taken an already established road from the get go, he had chosen against it.

It wasn't that he had anything against going down roads, and paranoia had absolutely nothing to do with it. When leaving his home, however, Kuraba had made a comment about how he had better stick to the roads. "You'd die before you made it anywhere if you went through the woods!" Well, that was a bode of confidence, wasn't it? The genuine words of concerned quickly became a challenge to his integrity and his ability to survive, and Juraiya had chosen to take to the trees after all. Was it a horrible mistake? Most certainly! Would he ever admit that to anybody? Most definitely not.

After approximately four hours of relatively the same scenery, two things happened in very quick succession. The first was the waning of the sun, dropping to a level where the earth was preparing to give it a kiss. This position changed the sky from its normal blue to an almost burning auburn. The second was the clear silhouette of buildings, just over the horizon. At this pace, he'd be at the village shortly after the twilight hours faded off. Perfect.

"Fucking Finally, a bed!" What perfect words to end a trip by.


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