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Katagiri, Yasuo [wip]

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Katagiri, Yasuo [wip] Empty Katagiri, Yasuo [wip]

Post by Yasuo on Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:10 pm

"I'm actually a man though."


CV: Fukuyama Jun

Name Katagiri Yasuo [Last First]

Nickname Ya-chan

Alias N/A

Age 21 [Twenty-one]

Gender Male

Country Water

Religion Has never really thought about it, and thus doesn't believe in anything, but will not outright reject a religion or general belief.
FC: Ken ga Kimi - Kuroba Saneaki

Yasuo was born with a rather feminine set of features and a slightly frail body. As far as he knows, he has no illness to blame for the later, and has even progressed in improving it through his training. His skin is very pale, clean of any scars or blemishes, save for a small burn mark (the size of a coin) located on his right wrist, result of a cooking accident when he was younger. If dressed up as a girl, there would be nothing to blow his cover, except maybe his voice. He stands at a reasonable height of 169 cm, shorter than most men he's met in his life, and taller than most women he's met as well. His weight is 60 kg, with a visible lack of extra weight, as well as muscle mass. Lightly built, he was never a fan of intense exercise, and thus never pursued more than the average. He could use a bit more muscle to help him in the use of more heavier weapons, but he's content with his routine at the moment, so it will take the actual appearance of a weapon he's interested in (and needs more strength to wield) to get him going.

Besides his confusingly average build and general mass, his face is also a huge factor in the very frequent misunderstanding of his gender. Even without the aid of make-up, Yasuo has such feminine features that it's difficult for people who don't know him to believe he's actually male. Like his hair, his eyebrows are light and subtle in size, lighting up his face even more. His eyes are rather big, dark purple in color, framed by long eyelashes, and his lips are somewhat full on a small mouth, rarely ever breaking out. The shape of his face is also rounder than most males, with delicate and smooth edges. And despite all this, he still doesn't seem to mind his misleading appearance all that much, even making it more vivid with his choice of hairstyle. Since he was younger, he adored long hair, and now that he's a proper adult, he doesn't hesitate to keep it long himself. His hair reaches down to his hips, light and straight, with asymmetrically cut bangs on the front. He usually ties it up with a dark blue ribbon in a ponytail, but he actually prefers it loose, or braided. He also very much enjoys people playing with his hair.

One thing he does blame his appearance for is the attention he gets because of it. Yasuo is actually very modest, and having everyone on the streets look at him just because he meets the standards of beauty makes him a bit uncomfortable. That's why he tries to keep himself away from massive crowds, and even when he has to be present at crowded places, he hides himself however much he can, gathering his hair in a firm bun, and wearing most average clothes his has in his closet. He even adds a baggy hood to the mix, just in case.

On casual terms though, he doesn't limit himself to dull clothing, or uncomfortably stiff hairstyles. When on the job, he wears a long(reaches down to his hips), white jeogori-like garment, with a lavender pattern on the bottom of it, and long and baggy sleeves. The back and sides of it are also split, and loosely connected with a small purple rope, with two small tassels hanging from each one of the ropes. Under this jacket, he wears two long glove-like, dark blue sleeves, the start from his shoulder and end just above his wrists with a white ruffle. Around his neck, he wears a white, fitting, ruffle collar, and above that, he wears a sailor-like collar, with long and point ends on the front and square on the back, dark blue in color, with a black and golden trip around it. Above his main top clothing, if the weather asks for it, he wears a black haori with a light purple trim on its edges, loose on the shoulders, and tied at the front with a small purple rope and two tussels of the same color hanging from its ends.

As much detailed is his upper outfit, that much plain is his lower one. Dirty beige colored trousers (not baggy, but not skinny either), help up by a dark brown belt hide his legs. For shoes, he wears knee-high, black boots, which are actually a pain in the ass to wear since they require a lot of tying, but are actually quite comfortable to walk in and difficult to accidentally lose when in whatever kind of action. They also keep bugs away from his legs, which he appreciates very much. Although he has two hip-pouches for small weapons and scrolls, he only put them on when he's travelling, or knows that he will be in need of them. When he's close to his house or in generally familiar places, he prefers to only keep his katana with him, which he hangs from two straps on the back of his belt, making it easier and quicker for him to unsheath and use it.

One is not alone in this world, and Yasuo knows this well. He doesn't live for himself, but rather exclusively for others. His childhood environment supported the idea that keeping his surroundings happy would make him happy, and thus, he grew up selfless, but to an unexpectedly extreme extend. As a child, he was asked kindly to follow instructions and live up to expectations, and though he wasn't punished physically whenever he failed, he was punished through an unspoken abandonment method, in which his whole family ignored his existence until he achieved something again. Due to this, he grew up to fear the idea of letting people down. Even as an adult he believes that the smallest mistake, the mere thought of saying "I can't help", will make everyone around him turn their backs to him. Thus he tried his best to avoid failure, and works until the job is done, rather than taking it slow, no matter the cost.

And although he does fear abandonment, he doesn't only pretend to care. Yasuo is a sincere person, and does actually feel for others. Being of use to people brings genuine joy to him. Even the smallest of smiles reflects on his face. Part of why he's helpful and welcoming is the lack of reliable people in his earlier life. He was practically alone for the most part of his childhood; the need for someone to lean on got carried with him as he grew up, and since he hasn't found someone to rely on yet, he attempts to be that person for anyone who needs one.

He's a willing individual, not exactly brave, but rather just easily loyal. He's the type who will offer to pay for an old lady's groceries just because she talked to him, or pay the lunch of a man he just met. He unconsciously opens up like a book in the first few minutes of meeting, something he regrets afterwards most of the time. He secretly likes talking more than he likes listening, but it is his secret shame, something he absolutely hates about himself. Even though small, for him, it falls into the category of selfish things he must not do, and thus he blames himself all the time for it. He might even not talk to someone he's opened up with merely out of guilt, thinking that said person now probably finds him annoying.

He doesn't like being a burden to anyone, and prefers it if people are a burden to him instead. Though he never admits them to be a burden, he even feels at ease when he knows someone is relying on him. It is, after all, the only way for him to feel needed. Otherwise, he just falls into this pit of despair that formed slowly throughout his childhood, and haunts him even now. The minimum attention is more than enough to keep him sane, and even the thin line between feeling alone and feeling overwhelmed. It's the only sort of attention he wants, that will not make him uncomfortable or out of place. Which happens quite often in his daily life because of his appearance.

As selfless and (undertone) insecure he might be though about some things, Yasuo is a strong person in the end. He has forged himself to be strong, maybe not for himself, but definitely for others. He is the person to turn to when in need of advice, the person to look at in case you don't feel comfortable, and the one who will not even question you if you ask for a place to stay the night. His help might not always actually be helpful, but he will refuse to ignore or let something go, if someone other than himself is uneasy due to it. Emergencies are also a specialty of his. Though he might burn on the inside, he never lets anxiety of any sort show on him. He knows how to keep himself calm, as well as he knows that doing so will also help everyone else around him calm down too.

As for himself, unlike the advice he gives, he takes things in quietly. He doesn't hold grudges if it involves himself, and lacks witty comebacks to insults and the like. He will take any sort of beating, unconsciously thinking that it's his fault at the end. Due to this, it's very hard for him to appreciate anyone who stands up for him, since he thinks they're standing on the wrong side, the one at fault. He's been like this since he was a kid, and has ended up learning to naturally embrace the pain, also developing a slight masochistic streak.


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