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Post by iSaMu! on Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:07 pm

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Photo ID:
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Renowned Alias: (This is reserved for those of Jounin rank.)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Upon looking at Bob, one would find that his most striking feature is his stunning amber eyes. At times they seem calm, pleasant, and inviting but at times they can also be fierce and cold. His pale complexion further draws out these eyes. His vast facial expressions yield both sly grins and warm smiles. Bob possesses a very expressive face and its tone changes constantly as he speaks and even as he listens or observes. Unkempt shaggy gray hair grows past his pointy elf-like ears and rest by the sides of his long rigid neck. Bob has a strong jawline, a pointy chin and no hint of facial hair on his smooth spotless skin. His face can be described as one with many feminine characteristics accented with some strong masculine tones. Bob stands at an unimposing 5'10" and has a lean figure and agile build. Covered in heavy layers of clothing, his relatively short stature makes him look quite brittle. However, the ninja's lean build as ample lean toned muscle to keep up with the average shinobi. It is also worth noting that for someone of his height, Bob has a respectable wingspan and large hands with long fingers (although not abnormally out of proportion). His swift feet fit perfectly into a size 11.

Bob does not have an impressive wardrobe. In his choice of attire, he is humble and doctrinal (save for his coat). He almost always either dons a traditional kimono or yukata, mostly choosing to wear the former for combat and carrying out physical activities. Bob's kimono has a dual color scheme of black and white and its proprietor cleans it religiously in efforts to keep it spotless every morning. However, his daily regime often leaves the attire dirty and in horrible condition. On top of this kimono, Bob wears a heavy thick overcoat with a hoodie. This coat is white and often meets the same fate as his kimono by sunset. Decorations of light gold ropes on the coat accent his amber eyes. On his hands are black gloves and beneath his feet a pair of 'geta' sandals with golden straps. Furthermore, Bob carries a black cloth bag on his shoulders under the coat for carrying basic commodities. Bob's yukata, which is just a comfier version of his kimono, is light yellow and black in color and he does not care for its cleanness as much as he does for his combat attire.

Personality: (What is your character like, how do they act? You should include such things as likes and dislikes and your characters philosophy. At least two complete paragraphs.)
Catch Phrase: "I'm getting all amped up...!!"
Beliefs/Religion: (Basically what does your character believe in. Even if its nothing, explain why he/she doesn't believe in anything.)
Country of Birth: Land of Wind

wip wip wip wip  JrzoiGm

(This is what has happened in your life. It is optional for Academy Student. Suggested if going for Genin or higher. Provide details on the characters early life and major events that occurred to them prior to the present day. Be sure that your history does not go against the sites timeline. Check out the plots to see just where the setting of SoL takes place.)

Role-Play Sample:
(How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

**Your starting rank will depend on how well your application is. SO make sure you put some effort in it if you desire a higher rank**


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