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Hisashi [Done]

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Hisashi [Done] Empty Hisashi [Done]

Post by Hisashi on Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:18 pm

Hisashi [Done] KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Hisashi [Done] 2bLR05A
Name: Hisashi
Nickname/Alias: Inukashi (Dog keeper - He was originally called that by several children from a village he spent some time in, because a pack of stray dogs kept following him after he fed them once. Now everyone in that village knows him as Inukashi and he can't seem to shake off the nickname, so he avoids stopping by said village)
Renowned Alias: n/a
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Hisashi wears a natural frown on his face. He has been wearing it since he was a child, but for no particular reason. He might seem angry at everything and everyone around him, but it really is just the face he was born with. Other than that, his face is relatively soft, with even angles and light features. His eyes are somewhat narrow and light blue in color, and his hair silky black. He remembers to keep them short on the back, but rarely ever stays focused enough to cut the front short too, resulting in a long fringe that covers his left eyes and barely leaves enough space for his right one to see. His body is not deprived of muscle, and though it does not add to his build, it is enough to show people he doesn't spend his days idly. He is 6.2 ft tall and weighs 176 lbs. His skin was originally quite pale, but daily exposure to the sun has given him a light tan.

Though in reality he does not care much about his appearance, his clothes seem to say otherwise. He sports quite a colorful assembly of belts and ribbons to hold his two swords around his waist, and a purple/white gradient yukata top top cover his upper body. Underneath it he wears a sleeveless black leather jacket, open at the chest. His pants are plain black, and his choice of shoes is boots, even though they make him suffer in hot weather. Both his wrists are wrapped in bandages, and he also wears a necklace of beads that look like coins from afar, but are actually just plain metalic beads.
Unlike his grumpy looking face, Hisashi is quite the gentle soul. He takes joy in helping others if and when he can, and has a weakness for children and animals. He's pretty quiet, not because he's shy, but because he's not very smart or intelligent and he knows he won't be able to keep up with conversations that require either. He's happy to chat though if the conversation involves something he knows, and might even flash a smile or two during.

He comes from humble beginnings, and thus isn't very knowledgeable, but he has acknowledge the fact and strives to improve it whenever he gets such chances. Of course, they're hard to come by, and he doesn't go out of the way for them. He's a curious person, but not enough to put his curiosity above his safety. The biggest priority in life at the moment is surviving, so although it frustrates him that he doesn't get the chance or has the time to improve his mental level, he complies with just staying alive and well.

Hisashi isn't one to pursue revenge, especially if it concerns himself. He might get angry and shout about it, but he easily lets go of things. It would need a death or a major injury to rile him up enough to chase after someone, and even that would need to be done to a friend rather than to himself, for he doesn't see himself as important enough to seek revenge for. He lacks stubbornness, so it's not easy for him to get into fights in the first place. He won't hesitate to bow and serve if it doesn't bring harm to anyone but his almost non-existent pride.
Catch Phrase: n/a
Beliefs/Religion: His family didn't believe in anything, thus he doesn't believe in anything. He hasn't given the matter any thought, so even if he was presented with a religion, he would not be against it, but he would be completely new to it as an idea.
Country of Birth: Land of Water

Hisashi [Done] JrzoiGm

He was born in a small village near the outskirts of the Land of Water. His father was a fisher, and his mother mostly a housewife, though she did help sell the fish in the market sometimes. Hisashi remembers being born with four brothers and a sister around him, but being raised around only three brothers. He learned  later of a plague that had fallen upon the village when he was a baby, and how it had taken away a brother and a sister from him. Still to this day he hasn't mourned for them, not because he doesn't care, but because he barely remembers their faces.

His parents were good people, humble. Theygave what they had to their children, they fed them first before themselves. Eventually that took away his mother too; for her Hisashi mourned gravely. He was a quiet child since young. His brothers used to tease him and call him mute so as to spite him. It actually made him talk back, something unusual for his casual silence, which in turn satisfied his brothers and brought a smile to his father. With no woman around in the house to care for them, the family of five slowly grew weary. His father could not do much but fish all day, and then sell all night, barely managing to feed his children and himself. Hisashi's older brothers understood, but the youngest, three years older than Hisashi, saw it as abandonment. It led to him leaving the house and seeking out a different ("better" he'd said) life on his own. They couldn't really stop him from doing so, and with a heavy heart they let him go and never heard of him again.

It was admittedly one less mouth to feed, and their life did get a bit easier, but they all saw the cracks around them. His father was absent all the time, his eyes almost blank when he actually came home early, his brothers worries for him and for their father too, and Hisashi was young and could do nothing about anything. He hated it. He thought of himself as a burden. It pained him to see his now utterly broken family so hurt. So he took it upon himself to stop being helpless and be helpful instead.

He first tried to persuade his father into taking him to the sea, teach him how to fish. His brothers were already starting to learn, but his father refused to take him too, telling him he was too young for such things. That however didn't stop Hisashi. Instead of fishing, he looked for other ways to occupy himself and bring income to the family. He turned to delivering things in the market instead. He did it for quite a while without his father noticing, saving up on the money to eventually give it all to the family. During that time, a retired samurai found his way to the village and decided to stay. It quite a topic for some time, but it eventually quieted down. The man quickly became part of the small community, with his silly grin and warming humor. It made people forget who he truly was. It didn't work on Hisashi though. The boy had been fascinated the moment he laid eyes on the man's sword. He'd never seen one up close, only remembered stories his mother used to tell him, of shinobi and samurai, of warriors and battles and shiny swords. He'd always liked those and he was finally seeing one up close. It seemed magical to him, how his fairytales were actually realities.

Through a series of events that involved him trying to find a way to touch the oh so magical sword of the stranger by following the man aroudn non-stop, Hisashi ended up asking the man to teach him the ways of the sword. The man declined (several times), but Hisashi stayed persistent. It was the first time in his life he wanted something so much. He even scared himself with his sudden stubbornness. It took him a full month to convince the samurai to teach him, and even then, the man asked to talk to his father first. It went better than expected, with his father even providing him with a sword of his own. A rusty katana he had hidden for years in the house's cellar. Hisashi never learned how his father had gotten hold of the sword, and nor did he ask. His father's proud smile erased all his questions in an instant.

He moved in with his new teacher and started a anew as an apprentice. It wasn't easy, but he liked it, so he endured. Hi learned how to handle a katana, how to defend himself without one, and even learned how to read and write, for his teacher said a warrior needs to train both his body and his mind. But they didn't get to go far. Another plague struck the village. This time it took his teacher from him. He wanted to cry for the an, but tears only came for what could have been. He felt helpless again, but now he refused to let it drag him down. With the little things he knew, he bid his family goodbye with a heavy heart and a promise of return, and set out to finish what he started.

He was still a boy when he left, barely fourteen, with a set of contradicting swords to guard him, one rusty and one polished. The encounters of his travels matured him and eventually forged him into the mercenary his is now. He returned to his village years later, only to find it in ashes. The last plague they said had also been the final blow for the small village. He was told that the state had burned the area to stop the disease from spreading. He didn't know if his family died by the plague or by the fire. He cried for them anyway, with what little tears he had left in him, and left it all behind, continuing his travels.

Role-Play Sample:

(It's from a different rp, I hope you don't mind)

Violette wouldn't have joked about this. Violette would have thanked him. But this man was not Violette, and Rick just wanted to punch him. That wretched chuckle of his was just asking for it, and it twisted Frederick's stomach in a tight knot. He was thankful for it though. It kept him from making a scene.

Without a word to comment on the Godfather's little joke, he turned and walked towards one of the seats, aligning himself with the other members, but decided to stand instead of sitting. Keeping himself upright needed enough attention to momentarily forget his anger towards the most powerful man in the room.

Rick would have left without a second thought, but every word the man spoke chained him down. He saw the faces around the room. They were calculatingly silent, some more than others. He knew all of them by name and alias, his time in the mafia's archives giving him enough information to skip formalities. But with a single exception of short green hair, he'd not spoken to any of them. He didn't know how they'd act normally, and he didn't know their relationship with Violette. He could only assume that it was on better terms than their relationship with the new Godfather. But who could justify that? For all he knew they could take his side and believe every single word he spit out at them.

The room suddenly reminded him of his home. Cold and hostile. He felt alone; suspicious of everyone in it. His body wanted to shout in fists and kicks, but his body held him back, for if he did anything but stand quietly, the outcome he so feared would be the only possible ending to this gathering. So he stayed, and watched, making a mental file on everyone's reaction to the new "king".

He was even beginning to accept and ignore the fact that the man was using Violette's belongings as if they were his own. He stared at the bottle of wine, and despite his initial urge to put it back in its place and stab the Godfather with his push dagger, he even managed to calmly refuse the glass offered to him by a elegant existence whose eyes spoke of something familiar to him, yet distant.

But his tolerance broke down again, with the entrance of one particular individual. His eyes focused on her the minute she walked in. He hadn't expected it; he even wished she hadn't come, for she brought with her far greater pain than being alone in a room full of cold strangers. Their eyes met, and the faint hint of sorrow in her eyes made Frederick's shoulders fall. His mouth opened for a second, but he didn't speak; nor did she. He made himself promise to find her afterwards, ask her to walk with him, maybe even lure her someplace where they could hide from the world, if only for a few minutes.

She knelt and he felt his heart stop as she spoke, his hands forming into fists.

Now he really couldn't leave the room.

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Post by Hisashi on Sat Aug 27, 2016 8:18 am

bump for completion.

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Post by Bastian on Sat Aug 27, 2016 10:34 am

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