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Post by Akashi Trajada on Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:36 pm

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Photo ID:
Akashi Trajada WIP Ren.Kouen.full.1406067
Name: Akashi Trajada
Nickname/Alias: None Yet
Renowned Alias: -
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Akashi is a tall and well-built man, who has red narrow eyes and also red long hair that is tied back into a small ponytail. One of his most notable features is his goatee, which is he is proud of. He has thin eyebrows and has orange eyes. He has light skin and has all his body toned muscle-wise. Akashi is 186 centimeters tall and weights 83 kilograms. Even if he hides it, he also has a black tattoo from his clan in his stomach which he usually doesn't like talking about. He also has some scales in his back, but not enough for people actually to see or presence them.
Akashi usually always uses his red and white outfit, however, you may sometimes find him with some lighter cloths and without the ponytail when he is not in a mission. He likes to carry all his equipment himself, so his combat suit is usually fool and looks bigger than it actually is. He likes using capes only because it makes him feel a bit superior, but he still finds them quite impractical to fight with. During an actual fight, if the enemy is strong enough, Akashi will prefer to fight much lighter for him to be more comfortable and will usually take of anything above his waist including his shirt.

Persistent: When Akashi finds some sort of achievement appealing, he won't give up until he actually makes his way towards it. He doesn't like losing nor being told what he can't do. Combining all these stubborn traits, he ends up never giving up and always moving forward despite the difficulties he is facing.
Confident: Akashi is one of those men who don't care about other's approval. He respects any of his own choices, it may sound a bit common, but he will most likely never regret something unless it ends up in the loss of a human life. He believes in himself and likes to teach other Shinobi that same way of thinking to encourage them to keep moving forward and never looking back.
Loyal: Once Akashi finds someone to follow, he will never let them down no matter what. Even if he never admits it, he can't work on his own, he can't think straight without following any kind of instructions. This is why he is great as a shinobi, he will almost never argue with his superiors and won't think twice before doing what he's told either. He was raised this way and will always follow those manners.
Friendly: Akashi, while sometimes a bit reserved, is quite friendly. He is sometimes a bit serious and may seem a little distracted, but he really is a friendly person. He enjoys making people laugh, specially kids, and thinks he always needs to help somehow, so making friends and making some happy is always in his important things to do list.
Heat: He likes hot places, specially places with steam.
Spicy Food: He likes it and is very good eating it.
Drunk: Getting drunk is a quite fun activity for him when he isn't in a mission.
Hugs: He finds them quite weird.
Pink: He just hates pink.
Insects: He finds them quite disgusting.

Catch Phrase: "Burn" / "It's never too late, is it?" / "Praise the Dragon Lord"
Beliefs/Religion: Akashi believes in Goyo, the dragon lord. Because of his linage, he has been told stories about his forefathers, not only fighting with, but slaying dragons. Dragons have already been exinct, however, the tale says they once existed and were strong enough to destroy humanity if they wished. Goyo was a dragon hunter who's powers were greater than anyone's else. He sealed over a hundred dragons within himself to gain their strength. However, his body didn't take so much power and slowly dissapeared leaving nothing but the powerfull soul of Goyo. The trajada clan has always passed down the tale of Goyo the dragon lord and has always believed that he is still there with power enough to protect everyone in the clan.
Country of Birth:  Land of Wind

Akashi Trajada WIP JrzoiGm

Akashi was born in april 6th 24 years ago. His birth was nothing normal, he was chosen by the dragon lord since he was in his mother's womb. His birth took a couple of hours, doctors thought the kid was going to die once it reached the surface. The reason for doctors to believe this was that the kid showed some peculiar mutations in his lungs. He's mother's womb was an incredibly hot environment, this led the kid only to breath hot air instead of normal oxygen other kids would. However, despite the doctors suspecting about his death, the kid was born alive. His mother survived his son's birth and took the steamy kid in his arms. She noticed the little smoke and red color covering the child's body and decided to call him Akashi. After the difficult birth however, the kid was taken by the doctors and placed into a special treatment area in the hospital and away from his family.

A pair of months later, the baby was finally free to leave with his family and live his life as a normal child. He had a pretty normal childhood. He was raised in a little village in the land of wind. There was only one school in the village so he knew every other kid there. His mutations where kept to secret even to him, his mother knew what they meant, but Akashi was still too young to know. His father was always the one who maintained his family, getting three meals a day and a healthy environment for his wife and son. His name was Ren Trajada, a strong wind village shinobi, part of the elite group of his clan. Akashi lived happily and peacefully with the other kids just as a normal kid would. But time always comes when things start to move around and complicate people's life. That time came for Akashi when he was 7.

When Akashi was only a few years from entering the ninja school, his father was assassinated. A few months before the murder, Akashi's secret was leaked from his family. His clan leader was smart enough to find out about his powers and the bloodline he had miraculously activated when he was born. The clan asked kindly at first, they wanted the child to be theirs for them to train and transform into a super soldier. But the love in his home was too much towards him for them to give him away. The clan threatened the family, but their dangerous presence was completely ignored by the Trajada family. Three months after the clan's knowledge of this blessed kid, Ren Trajada was asked to go on a mission to the north of the country. It was nothing but a inspection mission, nothing big. However, it only passed a week before the squad got back to the village with some terrible news, the death of Ren, Akashi's father. His death was described as an accident, but because of pass threats and huge suspects from Akashi's mother, Kotori, she got to the truth almost instantaneously.

The day after Akashi's loss, Kotori and Akashi left the village as their last resource for them not to live separated. They were all each other were left with after Ren's death. The village didn't notice their escape until it was already too late. They hadn't only left their village, but they had also crossed their countries borders without being noticed by anyone. They cleanly left their homeland and moved to the land of water. However, Akashi's confusion grew, he didn't know why they had really left and he had not been give the chance to say goodbye to his friends. His life quickly changed with no explanation, but it was fine for him, the only thing he wanted since his father's death was to stay with his mother and live with her.

It took them about 1 year to finally get a house of their own. Akashi had to work that first year with his mother in a market near the south coast of their new country. When they finally got enough money to live a bit better, Akashi was able to return to school and continue with a normal life, but he stayed in a normal school rather than a ninja academy. His mother didn't want to expose his abilities since it would lead to attacks or more threatening from his clan. Akashi didn't care about the new idea, at least not until he turned 11. For many years he lived normally and helped his mother at work, but when he turned 11, he started to feel curiosity for shinobi, he wished to become one someday, but he knew his mother wouldn't let him so he kept it a secret. The time passed and as his mother became older, he was left with their little business. This was until he turned 21 when he decided to actually learn shinobi techniques by himself. He was never taught in an academy, but his talent lead to him quickly becoming stronger and reaching a level above the average. His mother knew when his child turned 23, but the only thing she wanted was him to be happy. And so, with his mom's blessing, Akashi decided to follow the ninja path to become a powerful shinobi to help those in trouble. And someday become as strong as his father once was.

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Akashi Trajada

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