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Inuzuka Bloodline

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Inuzuka Bloodline

Post by Bastian on Sun May 01, 2016 9:14 am

Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Name: Inuzuka Bloodline
Location: Land of Fire
Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Description:

Likely the most elite trackers in the Land if Fire, those of the Inuzuka bloodline are all gifted with canine like features. This ranges from their often feral features; the longer than normal canine fangs, claw-like nails, and even their eyes give signs of a beast lurking within. All members are typically found with one or two canine partners, who are quite intelligent and able to understand and carry out complicated orders/commands.

Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Ability:

The members are given their own canine partner(s) when they reach a certain age. Thereafter, the shinobi and their dog(s) are practically inseparable. The shinobi and canine allies fight using Cooperation Ninjutsu, such as the Fang Passing Fang or Fang Rotating Fang techniques amongst others, that take advantage of their teamwork and their sharp claws and teeth.

The clan members are also able to communicate with canines even if the dogs cannot talk. Talking dogs are very rare if not a summon, thus there will be one-time Chance roll to gain this. Scaled 1-20, only a 20 will guarantee a talking dog. This roll can be located in the Inuzuka Chance Rolls.)

The members of this bloodline, much like their canine partners, have greatly enhanced senses especially the sense of smell. By concentrating chakra to their noses, this sense is amplified to an even greater extent allowing the user to be able to detect, track and monitor targets from fairly long distance away. This skill alone making them the ideal candidate's for tracking. Their sense of smell ranges to 40 meters and is accurate within 10, only when focused on the task. (Jutsu are allowed to be made to increase this range.)

The clan's fighting style primarily revolves around their enhanced speed, strength and agility granted by the Four Legs Technique and other canine-based attacks, in conjunction with the tactical advantages granted by their heightened senses.

(Only Inuzuka canine companions are allowed to match their owner in rank.)

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Re: Inuzuka Bloodline

Post by Bastian on Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:13 am

This is complete.

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Re: Inuzuka Bloodline

Post by Naomi on Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:05 am

I give my approval.

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Re: Inuzuka Bloodline

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