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Welcome to Ninja Way! The site is currently open for roleplaying, though you can expect updates as the site progresses. Be sure to read over the systems and the rules to have a clear understanding of how things work here. Again, welcome to Ninja Way and if you have any question just ask a member of staff.

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My Hero Academia!

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Post by PkmnTrainerRed on Fri May 06, 2016 2:41 pm

My Hero Academia! H0pMNyb

My Hero Roleplay is an open world roleplay that allows players to roleplay in the world of Boku no Hero. MYRP offers extensive roleplay by giving players free reign over their content such as Storyline Invasions, PvP, Hero Offices, Casinoes, and even Colosseums.

Players will enjoy the immersive enviroment, intuitive skill-based combat, and and immersive plotline encased in an expansive world just waiting to be explored. A list of various features we provide is listed below![/big]

  • A brand new community | A whole new community to partake in and explore

  • Robust Character Creation | With our mapped out character system you can make the character YOU want to play

  • Power Creation | Create your very own superpower here at MYRP!

  • Fully Interactive World | All descisions you make impact the world in one way or another

  • Time Cycle | Watch your characters grow with our seasonal time schedule in which every four months in real time equates to a year!

  • A Guild System | Known as Groups on our site, this system allows your character to become a part of their respective communites and truly network!

Join us and help us grow into the RP [big]you[/big] deserve!

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