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The Life We Knew

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The Life We Knew Empty The Life We Knew

Post by ThatZombieGirl on Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:52 pm

The Life We Knew 2FKsYMm

It was June 21st 2016 when you woke up in the sunshine state of Florida as the zombie apocalypse began to ruin the world. It was a fast outbreak having happened the night before and spread rapidly killing half of the population of Florida in less than 8 hours. Many of those dead are now walking, a new species sent to eradicate the human race. Will they succeed or will you stop them? You will have to decide what moves to make, what locations to avoid, will you survive and hide, fight and eradicate or experiment for the possible solution.

The Life We Knew is a brand new zombie apocalyptic survival role-play with enhanced zombies and a dedicated staff. We are not at all based on walking dead with on our features different than that basic stuff.

What makes us more interesting than others?

We have our own zombies, nothing too insane but something to add variety

Dedicated staff, admin is on 12 hours a day

Inventory system to track items that you can earn through events or role-play

Housing system for extra role-play and a place to put items other than on your back

Much more!


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