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Nogard, The One Tail Bijuu

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Nogard, The One Tail Bijuu

Post by Bastian on Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:04 pm

Nogard, The One Tailed Bijuu
Name: Nogard
Age: Ancient
Species: Dragon
Considered to be the strongest of the 9 Bijuu, with the 9 Tails being the only exception, Nogard is a massive serpent that is easily the size of a mountain. It has a long body that allows it to even coil around the peaks of said mountain ranges, given the terrain is one that the beast prefers. It has two front talons that are large enough to level large buildings with two hinds talons to match. It's scales are almost luminescent, shimmer green in the light given the beast a bit of a mystical appearance. It's jaws are comparable to that of an alligator, though much more massive. The teeth are like swords that can easily rend flesh from bone and its tongue is long enough to easily wrap around a full grown horse like one plucks a feather from a chicken.

Its eyes are like radiant fire, lidless yet intimidating. Protruding from the top of its head are two great horns that are harder than steel. The horns have the appearance of wood, though its really made from the beasts bones. The skin is also hard like steel and is often regarded as being the most sturdiest of the 9 Tails, in addition to its monstrous strength. Lastly, protruding from the side of its upper jaw are whisker like tentacles that serve as a means to create lightning or conduct it. The beats loud roar is comparable to thunder roaring in the sky, capable of causing the very ground to shake.
A creature that is so feared for its random rage that most would sooner move away than deal with the arrival of this beast. Almost always sleeping, this beast is extremely territorial and has a geniune dislike for all creatures of the world, even its own brethern. Though it speaks, it has never spoken to anyone or anything and would rather devour than reason. When met with something that intrigues it, however, Nogard tends to covet it immensly and grow volatile should anything try to take it away. Despite his ferocity, the beast has a fondness for music (particulary a woman's voice singing). This is not always a guarantee however, because if the beast dislikes the what it hears it devours the singer and all that came with them.

Nogard is capable of flight as well as swimming and when he is not sleeping is often enjoying either of those two luxuries. When the beast awakens, it is always the prelude after a while thunder storm. This is sort of a courtesy on Nogard's behalf, to warn all the creatures of the land that he had awoken from his slumber and was about to make his presense known. This one action playing on his vain nature that all need to know him or despair for their ignorance.
Rank: SS
Element: Raiton, Yin, and Yang
-Class: Bijuu

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