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Welcome to Ninja Way! The site is currently open for roleplaying, though you can expect updates as the site progresses. Be sure to read over the systems and the rules to have a clear understanding of how things work here. Again, welcome to Ninja Way and if you have any question just ask a member of staff.

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Post by Bastian on Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:59 am

Welcome all new and old members.

In commemoration of the recent re-opening of the site and the anticipation for a fruitful future, I have began several events to reward you all for your patience. Below you will find a detailed list of all the current events on the site, for the foreseeable future.

Canon Bloodline Event
]As one can see, after a bit of exploring, the site does not have the canon bloodlines properly listed. Keeping it real with you all, I got lazy on that part after doing all the other site stuff. So as a favor to me and decent payout for you, I have allowed those that create a canon bloodline to receive 150 N.A.P.S. for getting it approved. Keep in mind that the bloodline must be identical to the show, that means no extra embellishments to remove any unwanted weakness. In addition to this, the bloodline cannot break the system we have created either. If your interested in some extra N.A.P.S. then here is a way to do it. This offer is open until all canon bloodlines have been created, so there is no specific date for this to end.

Bestiary Event
On this site or rather the time period this site is based, there exists numerous creatures that roam the lands. So many that some have yet to be discovered by anyone yet. That is where you come in. For this event you are asked to create beasts and creatures to be used on the site. These can be large beasts that, while cannot be stronger than bijuu, can still cause damage to a village to small little pet like creatures that are tolerated as nothing more than pests. The amount of N.A.P.S. received for each approved creation is between 25-50 for every creature made. There is, however, a weekly limit of 2 creatures. Mostly to ensure no one goes nuts and drops like 10 creature applications in one day.

Beastiary can be found HERE. Using the summon template below.

[size=18][b]Name[/b]:[/size] [i](Name of your Pet or summon)[/i]
[b][size=18]Species[/size][/b]: [i](What species is the creature? e.g Is it a dog, cat, snake, bird, etc.)[/i]
[b][size=18]Appearance[/size][/b]:[i](What does your it look like? At least one detailed paragraph. Picture is optional but put it in spoilers.)[/i]
[b][size=18]Personality[/size][/b]: [i](How does your it act? What are their likes and dislikes? Etc. At least one detailed paragraph. Don't skimp on the details.)[/i]
[b][size=18]Rank[/size][/b]: [i](Rank of your summon/Pet.)[/i]
[b][size=18]Element[/size][/b]:[i](Is your creatures element?)[/i]
-[b][size=18]Class:[/size][/b] [i] (Summon, Pet, or Wild Beast)

3-Month Event
With the opening of the site, I am eager to see our numbers swell in regards to IC activity. Thus in order to better get this going, I am starting a 3-Month event. All those that create characters within this time period are granted 1000 extra N.A.P.S. to be added to their starting N.A.P.S. In addition to this, everyone will benefit from a 2x bonus reward for all missions rewards. Included in this event is also a recruiting bonus for that are able to get a friend to join, create a character, and remain active for no less than 2 weeks. Those that do this will be granted 500 N.A.P.S. to their character for each friend they get to do so, with no limit. The one who manages to bring in the most people to the site and stay within the allotted time will be given the option to make their character a jinchuuriki or create a second character that can be the jinchuuriki. To make sure we keep proper tabs on this please follow the link HERE. Have your friend post using the template.

Best of luck and thank you in advance for your efforts

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Post by Bastian on Mon Aug 29, 2016 12:15 pm

Bump for kicks.

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