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Acid Release | Santon

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Acid Release | Santon

Post by Naomi on Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:22 pm

Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Name: Santon; Acid Release
Location: Mizu no Kuni

Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Description:

Requirement: in reference to the background of the character Senkin Naomi, those whom wish to create a clan which uses Santon as their kekkei genkai may do so, provided they follow a set of background-related guidelines to prevent contradictions. This involves this bit of information: that members of the clan were taken en-masse, and never seen; presumed dead, which the vast majority are - thus the remainder is quite low. These kidnappings have occurred roughly the same age as Senkin Naomi - as of this moment of writing, sixteen years ago.

Kekkai Genkai/Bloodline Ability:

The advanced elemental release is fabricated through the combination of two separate elements, 'suiton' and 'raiton', alongside with the universal release of 'yang'. Through the use of lightning-based chakra, the user may directly manipulate the pH levels (acidity measurement) found within water (whether their own or not) and thus turn an ordinarily harmless liquid into an extremely corrosive substance; most of the higher ranked techniques are even capable of corroding away the armor of a Susanoo. The other required release, is Yang, often depicted as the element of creation, is served to further boost the pH level by augmenting the potency of the electrical surge generated by raiton to create H+ and/or HO- ions and place them within the suiton portion of the release. Through this, the user may create a variety of levels of: acids (corrosion), and alkalies (neutralizing agent). Users are UNABLE to create gaseous acids rather than its liquid counterpart - remaining immune to their creations.

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Re: Acid Release | Santon

Post by Bastian on Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:50 am

So long as were clear that higher acid levels mean higher ranked jutsu then I see no problem with this. And just for the sake of saying it so there is no confusion later on, a higher ranked jutsu or higher chakra conductive metal (Particularly like A Rank or higher) can overpower or defend against the acid. We can only pray for the weaker.

Bastian Double Approved

(Typically Bloodline require two stamps, but since we are short on staff I will stamp it twice.)

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