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Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin]

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Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin] Empty Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin]

Post by Rika on Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:55 pm

Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin] KqNKFgt
Photo ID - 10 Years Older - Art by Cielo_the_Sky:
Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin] TnySlYz

Image shown is older than currently: Approx. 16-18.
Name: Shiba, Rika
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Renowned Alias: N/A
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: Rika is a short young lass with a pale complexion, sky blue hair, and sapphire blue eyes. She is not very old as of yet, her figure is still notably boyish, lacking anything in regards to proportions that one could not also generalize for a young boy her age. She has feminine mannerisms in her body language and speech, and doesn't outright hide her gender in any mannerism. She wears a blue gi top with the left sleeve not present (instead having a wristband and some beaded bracelets on that arm), and a pair of black shorts that extend past her knees, with an easily removed blue half-skirt that flows down her left leg to about shin level, worn strictly for fashion only.

Her skin is pale, practically paper white in complexion, and very fair and flawless, mostly due to young age not forcing her to have acne problems. Rika keeps her hair groomed and untangled, though it's really high maintenance to keep it that way, especially in conflict. Her hair is only about shoulder length, and is kept neatly down until it isn't. Her eyes are large, bright and full of youthful energy. She holds herself in a somewhat cocky mannerism, often seen with a confident or condescending smirk on her face.
Personality: Rika is something of a bully, not having mercy for weaklings and those of good intentions. Often, she finds herself at odds with others because of her draconian outlook on what it means to be successful in life, which borders on outright sociopathy. She doesn't take kindly to people's constructive criticism, as she views it as condescending even when it isn't. When push comes to shove, Rika will follow orders though. She likes to think of herself as a prodigy, someone who's going to get things done in the world, by virtue of her innate skill and talent.

Her biggest flaw would be her sense of overconfidence, strongly believing that she is destined to make waves, blinding her to the little dangers that she faces from time to time. Because she cannot imagine herself falling victim to something as pitiful as poison, she doesn't hazard to consider a foe's weapon being coated. When it's a noted danger, she's only marginally more worried, far less than she should be. Her second biggest flaw would be how she doesn't get along well with people she would work best with. She's a "survival of the fittest" type of girl, who doesn't consider danger of lesser caliber than the blade of a reknown swordsman, and openly mocks the meek, mentally oriented future strategists. She doesn't have the kind of lateral thinking needed to plan further ahead than two or three moves, and she would laugh at someone who puts more than 10 seconds of thought into a battle strategy.

Rika is known for speaking to her opponents in combat, often using harsh and belittling terms alongside commands of varying levels of cruelty. She doesn't play nice in a fight, and punishes mistakes. If she were to be helping someone train, the only difference would be occasional quips about how shitty their form is or how they aren't doing a thing right. She obviously makes a better teacher than a student, because at least then she understands it's her duty to make the weakling less weak rather than tolerate their weakness altogether. As a student, she displays tendencies to take everything negative as a personal slight, and take much longer to get things through her head. All the same, if she can't get it on her own, she will eventually realize her faults in not taking advice, if sbe doesn't take the advice only to shut her teacher up.
Catch Phrase: "Eat it, punk!"
Beliefs/Religion: Her belief is in power, real power, not that knowledge stuff that nerds claim to be power. She is a full-time savage who believes the only way to get what you want in life is to be strong enough take it from others, either by earning it, or by prying it from those who keep it from you. She simultaneously purports hard work and shortcuts at the same time, taking anything she can get her hands on to make her stronger, and get what she wants. She fully believes that no gods are going to help her out in life, nor will they help anyone else.
Country of Birth: Land of Water

Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin] JrzoiGm

History: The mist village was always a cold and dreadful place, just about everyone was pretty merciless for the longest time. Little else mattered besides who was willing to kill for the smallest slights and who had the skill to survive. A place like that is what bred a scrappy lass like Rika. Her story was by no means a story worth sharing, especialky because she grew up so weak and useless.

When she was 4 years old, her parents were killed in an scuffle started by an angry corrupt jounin. She was basically forgotten, having no familial associates who could care for her, or even recognise her for that matter. The result was her basically headed quickly for death. She figured out some basics to survive though, picking up a kunai that was left behind near the academy grounds, and using the knife to scare off scavengers when she found something to eat.

Usually it was as simple as brandishing the knife, she didn't actually know how to use it, per se. One day when she found the recent kill of a wild boar left behind in the woods, she wound up getting into a fight with a stray dog. She had nothing against the dog, but she sure as hell wasn't going to share her meal with it. Especially not with that body language it was using. The dog attacked her and she used the knife to defend herself as valiantly as a kindergarten-age girl could. There was only so much she could manage though, thusly she would only manage to fight it to a standstill for so long.

Her first glimpse of good fortune came in the form of a passing homeless man, a retired ninja, taking down the dog with ease, and beginning to immediately fix her injuries, applying first aide. The hobo took her in, and Rika was both thankful and skeptical. Nobody in the hidden mist had good intentions in her experience... But the hobo earned her trust with the promise to make her strong.

Rika began her ninja training a couple of years prior to entering the academy. The hobo taught her the value of a weapon, the value of follow-through, and the value of chakra. She learned a great deal from that homeless man over a short two years, such that by the time she was enterred into the academy, she was ready to ace her classes and take on the system and get the life she feels she's always deserved. Her strength is her pride, and she'll move forward in the world with pride alone if she must.

Role-Play Sample:
Bill from Accounting - Hunter x Hunter Roleplay:
The answer to all the questions you could possibly have is simple. Mortgage. Why was Bill here? Needed to pay his mortgage. Why would he even consider getting involved with Kakin even for a single day? Needed to pay his mortgage. The world seemed to revolve around currency he didn't have and he needed to get himself paid quickly before the bank would foreclose his home. Bill was not a happy man, but there was one thing he knew how to do for sure, and that was suck it up and get some work done. When he'd accepted the job to fill in a position at a big office like the one he was at, he was rather hoping his experience as an accountant would get him through the day. It was a job made just for him, heck, it was sent to him practically directly via E-Mail.

What he didn't expect was this particular task. Apparently, one of their ambassadors to the Kakin Kingdom was out sick or something of the sort. They needed a person who was just as completely inconspicuous as he was, someone totally not worth noting or questioning. Just a normal guy with normal features. A guy just like Bill. The entire thing was being explained to him like a sales pitch, but Bill was already resigned to the position he was given. Typically hunters were prone to doing wild things like acting like they're above their clients and making ridiculous demands. But not this hunter.

Bill would speak up with a forced smile, practiced to seem as genuine as possible. "Sure thing! Seem's perfectly reasonable!" he would say, in a dutiful and cheery mannerism.

With that he would get into the preparations.


After a while, a few hours at most it seemed to him, Bill would arrive at the Kakin Kingdom by train. He was wearing a suit which was tailored slightly too big, just a spare from the CEO that didn't quite fit the big man. It was just enough to look somewhat inappropriate for the situation, but there wasn't any time to fix the problems at hand, so the Ex-Accountant would look like a total loser all around. Pants were baggy, suit jacket's shoulders were too big, as if designed for a person 3 inches taller. The tie was fresh though, so it was alright in Bill's eyes. The coffee stains on his normal ties were basically the worst.

As he exited the train, something didn't feel right in the area. Another Nen Practitioner was in the area. They weren't actively using it per se, but they clearly had a sustained Ten aura, and he could feel them. He wouldn't have minded so much if they weren't literally surrounded on all sides by them, but it seemed every other ambassador had normal aura around them, that of a person who was just leaking little streams, uncontrolled, unlearned. Not like the lady, who was also pretty far from inconspicuous. White hair was not a common trait, she was practically trying to stand out.

He would shrug after a moment and avert his eyes. That ambassador was none of his business. He would head towards the embassy, briefcase in hand, and formal-wear too large.


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Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin] Empty Re: Rika Shiba [D-Rank Genin]

Post by Bastian on Wed Aug 10, 2016 9:06 am

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