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Lord of Wind: Kambei Shimada (WIP)

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Lord of Wind: Kambei Shimada (WIP) Empty Lord of Wind: Kambei Shimada (WIP)

Post by Elendril on Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:04 pm

Lord of Wind: Kambei Shimada (WIP) KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
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Name: Kambei Shmada
Nickname/Alias: The Iron Dragon // Lord of Wind
Renowned Alias: The Dragon of the West
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:


Prideful: Shimada is a man that takes pride in everything that he does. As Shimada pride is something that tends to get him in trouble even though he could care less what other people think Shimada has a big since of his pride and will never accept defeat no matter the cost. As Shimada is one who can just not accept that someone can beat him in anything. Though the biggest thing that Shimada has problems accepting is people being better than him when it comes down to being a master Samurai. As Shimada biggest thing is his life is his love for the way of the Samurai. And so if one were to insult the work of Shimada his pride would most likely not let him take it sitting down. As Shimada would probably instantly challenge any person to a fight for insulting his work without a second’s hesitation.

Calm Minded: Shimada is one who tends to be very calm minded not giving a fuck what other people have to say about him. As Shimada feels that people will always find some reason to insult you. But Shimada feels that they can try and insult and bring him down all they want he will never budge under what they have to say about him. This makes Shimada a person who can keep his cool and focus even in this most heated situations. This is due to the fact that one could throw some of the most heated insults at Shimada and he would just throw them off as though no one ever said anything to him. Though there are small things that can make Shimada lose his calm mind. Though this is something that is barley seen done, as many people do not know the little things that are needed to be said to make Shimada tick.

Focused: Shimada is one who is completely focused on any task that he has on hand. This is due to the fact that when Shimada is given a task he puts all of his attention into that one task and will do whatever it takes for him to finish doing that task even if it kills him. This is something that allows for Shimada to finish many things in a short amount of time as he puts all of his focus on one task letting him quickly finish task with the best of his abilities. Due to this Shimada tends to be a very big go to guy when things are needed to be finished in a quickly but high quality fashion. Since with Shimada focus he can easily do something at high quality in half if not less the time that it would take someone else to do the same thing. This comes from Shimada working with all his heart and soul on all of the projects that he does so that he may better help himself and those with him.

Loyal: Shimada is one who is loyal to the people that show they are worth having his loyalty. As Shimada feels without loyalty, one cannot truly advance in this world. As loyalty is what helps people know who is on their side and if a person does not show loyalty then they have no honor. Shimada is one he will give his trust and loyalty to only those that he feels will do the same to him. Though Shimada has yet to find many people that he feels will due this, and so he only in trust his loyalty to very few people. Though threw his search Shimada has managed to find something that he is able to put his loyalty into. And that would be Tosen and Kumo

Perverted: Shimada is one who can easily find the most perverted things out of everything. This is because Shimada is a pervert at heart. As he loves to make perverted jokes at people just to see how acquired things get with them. Though Shimada also just loves to make jokes, as he is a fun loving guy who loves to make those around him feel comfortable around him. As Shimada is sure that most people see him as a super smart serious guy that never has fun. Though Shimada is just like any other male who loves women, as Shimada feels that a women’s body is a gift from above. As Shimada feels that even with his brains he can never make something so beautiful. As Shimada favorite part of a woman is their booty, and he feels that nothing could ever come close to replicating the feeling and the greatness of a women’s big natural booty.

Strategist: Shimada is one who uses his mind to help him overcome his opponents. This is because Shimada is a very big when it comes down to commanding his troops and keeping everything they way it should be. This is also part of the reason that Shimada is known as the General as he is easily able to command troops into doing different strategies so that he may better defeat those that come at him. And with his strategies he is easily able to overcome some of his greater foes that would most likely beat him if it had not been for his strategies.
Catch Phrase:
Beliefs/Religion: Bushido: The Way of the Samurai
Country of Birth: Land of Wind

Lord of Wind: Kambei Shimada (WIP) JrzoiGm

(This is what has happened in your life. Provide details on the characters early life and major events that occurred to them prior to the present day. Be sure that your history does not go against the sites timeline. Check out the plots to see just where the setting of SoL takes place.)

Role-Play Sample:
(How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

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