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Ray Ignazia, Character Application {WIP}

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Ray Ignazia, Character Application {WIP} Empty Ray Ignazia, Character Application {WIP}

Post by Ray Ignazia on Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:07 pm

Ray Ignazia, Character Application {WIP} KqNKFgt
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Ray Ignazia, Character Application {WIP} Latest?cb=20130523232436
Name: Ray Ignazia
Nickname/Alias: Armored Emperor
Renowned Alias:
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Coming in at 6'4", with a weight of just above 90 kilograms, Ray Ignazia's most stunning features are his size, and his red eyes. A tall and well built man, Ray possesses the characteristic glowing eyes of his lineage. However, unlike his lineage, Ray has dull blonde hair, which are due to his mother having the dominant genes for hair color. Ray retains the piercing gaze of his lineage as well, and the basic body structure- sharp features, with a good amount of muscle on them. Ray is more than often seen wearing a loose red cloth type underneath golden armour, fitting in with his self-appointed Emperor theme. The armour itself consists of a breastplate, a crotch protector, and a shoulder plate only on the left arm. This gives Ray maximum movement. The loose red cloth also leaves his limbs open for the same reason.

Although his outfit may seem extremely well worn and meticulous, quite possibly due to the fact that the armor is always clean, the armour rarely shines or reflects light in a harsh way, so as to not make Ray a very recognisable beacon for the enemy. His attention to detail, however, falls just after the clothes, leading to Ray's dull blond hair usually looking unkempt and extremely tousled, but that is the only mess on his entire body otherwise, due to him being having the genes to look good, courtesy of his parents. Ray has both of his ears pierced, and a tattoo of a wolf on the outer part of his right forearm, just an inch below the wrist.
Personality: Being a cold and calculating person, Ray appears to be giving off a distinctly cold aura in the form of "anti-social" mannerisms and the possibility of having a lot of secrets,thus,usually making people feel uncomfortable around him. Ray also has a more sadistic side to him,which is activated in battle or in tight situations,which likes to kill and destroy everything in its path. The formation of these two distinct personalities has earned Ray the status of being schizophrenic,but the truth lies in the fact that it is just the part that Ray keeps hidden from public,and is not a specifically different personality.

Some say he's cold, some say he's uncaring, some say he's cunning. A mix of all three, Ray's true personality is left unknown to everyone but his close friends, as he is very picky whilst choosing his friends.  However, there are a few sure shot things about him. Ray, while not exactly an introvert, does not believe in socializing unless it's for an intended plan. He is very perceptive, and is able to focus on things overlooked by normal people. He tends to be very cold to strangers, and almost as cold to people who do end up knowing him. He doesn't care much about anything except what's on his mind, and comes off as quite arrogant, even though that is rarely the case. He doesn't speak much, choosing to remain silent in order to observe and plan accordingly. He also never acts without a set plan, a habit set into him by his father. Although his exterior may be as tough as nails, he does have a soft interior, a fact known only to his closest friends. However, if infuriated, Ray reveals his more sadistic side, a complete incarnation of said 'evil', as he turns into a very sadistic individual who only concentrates on torturing his opponent. While known for these other things, Ray is best known for his intellect, something that stands out in his manner of conduct.

While Ray isn't much for being under leadership, he will gladly follow those with a plan that makes sense, and can be carried out efficiently. The leader, in this case, will have to be a complete genius, and extremely powerful to get Ray to follow him. Ray will also follow those who he can consider as his friends, out of mutual trust. As for himself being a leader, Ray believes in winning battles and leading people through strategies, something that has been brought forth by his reliance on his intelligence in order to win. However, while battling, he seems to be uncaring, but that is just a ruse to hide his actual thought processes from enemies, as he likes to surprise them with his plans. He also tends to become very sadistic in battles, and thus his fights have always been gory, to an extent. He can be classified as a psychopath while battling, and that can be evident in the freaky grin that's always on his face when he knows he's about to hurt someone.

It seems as if all Ray likes is the power and the fame, and cannot stand being compared to anyone. While it is true, to an extent, Ray's true dislike is to remain weak, or to not have touched the potential he knows he is capable of. The power and the fame are side products, but likes all the same, of his will to be stronger than himself.
Catch Phrase: "Kings never die."
Beliefs/Religion: Due to his upbringing, and the lack of a specified God in his family, Ray believes in the never ending potential of humans, more specifically, the never-ending potential of true Kings, thus believing that those with true power are the real Gods.
Country of Birth: Land of Wind

Ray Ignazia, Character Application {WIP} JrzoiGm

(This is what has happened in your life. Provide details on the characters early life and major events that occurred to them prior to the present day. Be sure that your history does not go against the sites timeline. Check out the plots to see just where the setting of SoL takes place.)

Role-Play Sample:  "I'd sell my soul, just to be the undisputed again".

The pitch black of the night contrasted heavily with the glowing red of Ray's irides, his visage masked by a certain expression, that could best be described as "disturbing". He walked along the dimly lit, extremely familiar streets of Oak, his armour making minimal noise, and the white cloth underneath offering no solace against the cold wind of the night. It was late, extremely late, and no smart citizen of Oak would walk around the streets at this time of the night, especially with people, no, predators like him on the loose. The citizens of Oak had felt his absence, and now, they sure as hell had sensed his presence too. Ray tilted his neck sharply to the left, making a cracking sound, as his stiff neck gave way to a more relaxed muscle. He was on the prowl for fresh meat, someone new to try his new moves on.

Almost as if the gods were lenient, his wish was immediately granted, as Ray sensed a presence behind him, and ducked at a speed neigh-impossible for normal humans, and even basic mages, to re-enact. He looked up, and saw steel, glinting due to the lamp's dim light on it. The point of the steel then twisted downwards, and Ray pushed on the ground with his feet, his developed calves offering enough power to rocket him headfirst into a roll, missing the blade's downwards thrust just by a second. Ray stood up, about 4 meters away from the blade, and pivoted on his foot, turning to face the entity which had been stupid enough to decide to attack him on this night.

"Give me all your money now, or you die!", growled a man of average height, dressed in a hooded robe that reminded Ray of the various cults that inhabited Fiore. His visage was protected by a golden mask with only slits for the eyes, and due to the darkness, Ray couldn't see the man's eyes. Ray smirked as he looked at the man, clearly irking him. "Greenhorn", thought Ray, before he stood up straight, cracking his knuckles.

"No.", was Ray's perfectly viable response, to which the hooded man reacted by letting out a higher growl, and running towards Ray, his body drooping down low and his arm ready to thrust the blade into and through Ray. Ray sighed, and moved backwards, shifting his feet so his body was angled away from the thrust. He then pivoted on his foot again, and pushed forward, allowing the thrust to go further, while maintaining distance between his body and the blade, such that he was now positioned at the man's elbow. Ray then grabbed the man's hand with his hand, and yanked it towards him, as his left knee rose up, burying itself in the man's armpit until Ray felt his shoulder pop out of it's socket, and heard the man scream in agony as the pain was caused to him.

Ray smiled, as he pushed the man away from him, only to step in and lash out with his right hand, punching the man hard enough in the jaw to feel it crack, and then using that momentum to raise his leg, pivot, and kick the guy in the ribs, hearing the satisfying crack of bones breaking, as he spun around and kicked the man in the chest, causing him fly back and hit a lamppost, standing only due to the support of the lamp post. Ray sighed, as he decided to end this. He ran towards the man, and extended his right arm, as it shrouded itself in piercing blue lightning, casting a glow on the surrounds. Ray then proceeded to hit the man with the inside of this lightning covered arm, as he ran through him, unleashing a torrent of magical energy as he tore through both- the man's neck, and the lamp post. The man's head would fly up in the air, while the lamp post, or, whatever was left of it, would come crashing down.

"26..", said Ray, his eyes glowing much more than before, as the silence of the night was disrupted by the sound of the lamp post hitting the floor, making an unnaturally loud sound. As if on cue, he heard a male, slightly raspy voice, speak up behind him.

"Hi. You seem like a cool mage."

Ray's body turned as he looked at the source of the voice, finding himself staring at a man removing his hood, waving at him. the man had blue eyes, and Ray saw a peculiar mark on his hand as he was removing his hood, a mark which he could swear he had seen in some book or the other, before. Ray decided to be courteous, just as the man stated he'd be taking his leave if Ray decided not to respond to this man, as he put his hood and his mask back on. The mask was a skull based mask, a cliched design Ray had seen way too many times, in his life. As the man turned around, Ray's eyes started glowing, as he looked intently at the man. "Hello, my name is Ray Ignazia. Thank you for stating that. Who are you?", said he, now completely disregarding the dead body of the man who'd attacked him. Something about this man interested him, something told him, that this man had a similar set of ideals as he did.
Ray Ignazia
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