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Nero Hishiro

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Nero Hishiro Empty Nero Hishiro

Post by Vance King on Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:39 pm

Nero Hishiro KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Nero Hishiro 389775_1337313842343_207_300
Name: Nero Hishiro
Nickname/Alias: Nishi
Renowned Alias: (This is reserved for those of Jounin rank.)
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Nero is relatively impressive guy in terms of appearance. He has chiseled and extremely well defined facial features, along with dark elegant blue hair. Nero has a tattoo over his right eye, which highlights his bright blue eyes that are similar in color to his hair. His eyes and tattoo glow bright blue whenever he experiences strong emotions, such as anger or joy, though they dim when he is feeling sad. Nero stands at 6 feet tall and weighs around 190 pounds, leaving him at a pretty average size.

Nero has multiple lines of unknown symbols running all along his arms from his shoulders down to his wrist. These symbols are undecipherable to anyone unless they use a dojutsu, such as byakugan or sharingan. Anyone able to read them would see that they say "The Second Coming" on the left and " King's Descendant" on the right. There is another symbol on the back of each palm that doesn't appear to mean anything. Nero usually keeps these symbols very well hidden.

Nero prefers to wear a cloak that covers his body most of the time. Underneath his cloak he wears mesh armor over both his upper and lower body, which is then covered by bandages all over his upper body. The bandages go all over his torso and chest, and then extend all along his arms and cover his hands. Nero also wears black finger-less gloves with holes over his knuckles. On occasion Nero wears a mask covering his face along with pulling up his hood, leaving him unidentifiable.

Nero is mostly a loner, preferring to spend his time alone. he is not very  effective when it comes to working well with others. Deep inside, Nero hides and insane side of  himself. This side is what causes him to be alienated, because it leaves him with insatiable blood-lust. Outside of his blood-lusted state he is a relatively calm person, who simply lives for the thrill of battle. People usually prefer to stay away from a battle crazed lunatic, which is one reason Nero learned to prefer being alone.

Despite all his flaws, Nero is a genius with an IQ over 200. He seems like l a bit of a know it all, and has a habit of pointing out things that other people don't notice in a way that sounds condescending. Nero has a calculating mind, allowing him to notice and react to all sorts of different scenarios. He is good at problem solving and enjoys thinking his way out of situations. On other occasions though, it seems like Nero would very much prefer to just force his way through any issues. This makes his personality difficult to gauge.

People around Nero never know how to react to his words and actions as they so often are contradictory. He could at one moment be preparing to take the stealthy approach and the next charging in recklessly. Nero is a dangerous person because while you can never tell what he is going to do you can be sure he is going to get it done.  All in all, Nero is a batshit insane young man who gives no hints as to what he is going to do next.

Catch Phrase: Suffer Eternally
Beliefs/Religion: Nero believes that he needs to find himself and will find god in himself along his journey. Because of the stories he heared from the people who raised him he finds himself unable to believe in a being higher then himself.
Country of Birth: Wind

Nero Hishiro JrzoiGm

Nero has lived a tough life, and has a checkered past. He was born in a small tribe of nomads in a small sanctuary bordering the countries of Earth and Wind. The nomads were known as the Hishiro, and were a small branch cut off from the renowned Kouga's. The Hishiro's were exiled from the Kouga due to their refusal to adhere to the customs of the kouga. They were insane and dangerous, and thus began to live the lifestyle of hunters and nomads.  For years they struggled to survive the tough climate of the land of Wind, but were mostly successful until around the time Nero was 2 years old.

In order to survive, the Hishiro's had to resort to unorthodox and downright messed up methods of ensuring their survival. They had taken to raiding villages all around the lands of Wind and Earth. The daiymo were sick of their constant crime and terror tactics, and sent squads of elite shinobi to destroy them.  These two squad of ninja attacks the tribe from two sides, causing a battle between three sides, none of them caring about casualties to the other side. The battle raged on for 3 days and two nights of nonstop battle, in the end the Hishiro tribe was almost completely exterminated, and the two ninja squads being forced to retreat.

Most of the tribe was gone but one of the main survivors was baby Nero. He had been hidden during the commotion and was recovered by the tribe leader who had been the one to drive the enemies away. Both of Nero's parents had died, and because Nero was the last surviving child the leader decided to raise him as a strong shinobi. He was hopeful that he could make Nero a dangerous force to carry the legacy of the Hishiro.

The two of them along with the other 4 remaining tribe members (who were all men) traveled across the land of Wind. As Nero grew up, he was taught all sorts of techniques by the tribe members. When Nero reached age 15, they decided it was time for him to journey on his own, as they were getting old and still needed Nero to travel to carry on the tribe legacy. Currently Nero is still in the land of wind and has yet to learn fully about the other countries situations.

Role-Play Sample:
(This is a copy-paste from one of my 1st ever rp posts, so its a lil noobish, but i doubt im too much better than this unless i try)
Baron was feeling very proud of himself. The crew of pirates he was attacking seemed to be full of complete weaklings. "Do you have no one among you who can give me a good challenge" Baron boasted to the enemies all making sure to keep their distance from him. The pirates were afraid, something that was wise for them to feel. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Baron was cocky, something that would prove to be very unfortunate for him. During his boasting, Baron would allow himself to become distracted. All Baron saw was a flash and then a moment of darkness, after that, he didn't feel much other than cold.

Baron wasn't dead, despite what all of his enemies were hoping. He had been struck across the face by an enemy who took advantage of his distraction. When he got hit, Baron was rendered momentarily unconscious. This was a moment that his enemies intended to take full advantage of. The man who struck him was moderately tall and well built, but his most important feature was the impressive armor he wore. It was a gleaming steel, with spikes all along the arms, as well as on the knuckles.  He had put Baron on his ass, and was ready to end his life. He raised his foot high, and stomped towards the head of his downed adversary.

Before he could crush him, he realized that his foot could no longer descend. Baron had grabbed his foot, and began to push upwards. The two were deadlocked, with Baron trying to move his opponent from above him. This stalemate lasted around 5 seconds, before Baron was able to twist his opponents leg and cause him to fall face first. Baron got up and the other pirates who had been watching, started to walk towards him with weapons drawn. "All of you stay back, he's mine" The armored man stood up behind Baron, shouting at his crew. "I am Onthir, right hand man of captain Angelo, and i will not be disrespected in such a manner"

Onthir dropped into a low stance, with his arms spread wide near his knees. Baron watched him assume his stance before assuming his own ryusoken stance once again. "Fine, you have peaked my interest, you will make a fine subject for my research on humans" The two men charged toward each other, and both swung at the same time, which resulted in another deadlock, as each struggled to push the other away.

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Nero Hishiro Empty Re: Nero Hishiro

Post by Vance King on Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:54 pm

This is ready
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Nero Hishiro Empty Re: Nero Hishiro

Post by Naomi on Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:11 pm

Aside from a few grammatical mistakes, there lies no true issue with this application other than the lack of effort put into your Religion/Beliefs section. The section in of itself does not simply constitute to whether one believes in God(s) or not; hence the belief portion of it. This, for example, could be a philosophy of sorts rather than related to religious reasons. It would serve well to also explain the reasoning behind those beliefs - since rarely does anyone believe in anything without some prompting from others (parents, media, etc).

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Nero Hishiro Empty Re: Nero Hishiro

Post by Vance King on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:35 pm

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Nero Hishiro Empty Re: Nero Hishiro

Post by Bastian on Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:40 pm

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Nero Hishiro Empty Re: Nero Hishiro

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