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Currency System & Guide

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Currency System & Guide Empty Currency System & Guide

Post by Bastian on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:54 pm

Shinobi of Lore: Currency System & Guide

Here on Shinobi of Lore (SoL) we have several very simple and easy ways of acquiring the site currency, Ryo. Ryo is the currency used site-wide to purchase weapons, jutsu, compounds for clans, to even entire villages. How you get Ryo is through role-playing, completing missions, earning rewards from events, or sometimes it could be divine luck (kidding). The information to follow will consist of all the required knowledge you will need on the subject and provide examples for further clarity.

  • Role-Playing
    In order to provide a fun environment for all, we have incorporated a simply pay out system that is based on the amount of words you post in a thread. For every 350 words typed the character receives 25 Ryo. In addition to this, to increase the desire for group topics, the number will multiply 1x per player character at the threads end. This means that if you are in a thread with one other person, you will receive 50 Ryo per 350 words. If another joins, then the total amount received for 300 words will be 75; and so on. The max amount gained being 100 Ryo, meaning after the third person joins the thread the increases stop. However, those that join after receive only 75 Ryo per 350 words.

  • Ryo Missions
    There are three types of missions the kind that help you told ranking up (Promotion Missions), the kind that get you nice goodies (Journey Missions), and lastly the one that gets you paid (Ryo Missions). Since this section is all about Ryo, we will focus only on the Ryo Missions. Naturally the missions are ranked from D-S, D being the easiest and S being the most difficult. Each time you submit and complete a mission  you will receive a Ryo payout. The amount received varies on the rank of the mission being done. Luckily for you, we have a easy to understand table of the amount of Ryo you receive by rank. *SS-Ranked Missions are Special S-Rank Mission that is given through PM. Often times this will come from a Daimyo or person in position of Leadership.**

    D-Rank MissionC-Ranke MissionB-Rank MissionA-Rank MissionS-Rank MissionSS-Rank Mission

  • Events
    Here on SoL, we know the importance of keeping your members interested with fun distraction. What could possible top fun, you ask? Nice payouts. Payouts can range from unique items or weapons to Ryo or other unique prizes. One can never truly tell what will be given until the even is concluded, but best believe the participation is worth the opportunity. Events can come in the form of site-wide festivals, Chunin or Jounin Exams, or even just regular tournaments. If your interested in trying to get a little extra Ryo, its always a good idea to check the Bulletin Board announcements about current or upcoming events.

Jutsu & Weapon Purchasing
As stated before Ryo is used to purchase all the things you would need to improve your character, clan, or villages. Here you will find a complete list of all that can be purchased with Ryo. You should keep in mind that the more elaborate and lethal an item, weapon, or jutsu is the higher the cost.

  • Jutsu Pricing
    Below is a table that shows the cost of each jutsu by their rank. Keep in mind that the more a jutsu is capable of the higher cost will.
    E-Rank JutsuD-Rank JutsuC-Rank JutsuB-Rank JutsuA-Rank JutsuS-Rank Jutsu

  • Weapon Pricing
    Weapons on SoL come in three forms: Basic (which is a weapon that has no special ability or properties), Special (weapons that have unique abilities or properties), and Legendary (weapons that are created from one-of-a-kind materials and possess incredible abilities). Only Basic and Special weapons can be bought with Ryo, while Legendary is earned through actual role-play or event prizes. This will be explained in greater detail in the Weaponry Guide. For now, lets stick to costs of Basic and Special Weapons. The table shows the cost of basic weapons alone, while the second set of numbers signify the cost to add that particular ability rank.

    For example, an individual buys a B-Rank weapon and adds a C-Rank ability. The total cost is determined by adding the cost of the basic weapon, in this case 600, plus the cost of the ability which 600. Thus in order to purchase the weapon the cost would be 1200 Ryo.
    _______E-Rank WeaponsD-Rank WeaponsC-Rank Weapons B-Rank Weapons A-Rank Weapons S-Rank Weapons
    Basic Weapon Cost1002004006008001000
    Ability CostN/A30060090012001500

  • Compound/Village Upgrades
    While we are still in our early stages, this is still in the works. The intention is to allow members to create their very own clans with different aesthetics and defenses to make it unique. This includes sensory barriers, npc grunts, stronger or higher walls, and plenty other stuff. Expect this to be finished in the coming weeks.

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