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Nanashi Kaguya

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Nanashi Kaguya  Empty Nanashi Kaguya

Post by Soran on Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:29 pm

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Photo ID:
Nanashi Kaguya  Tokyo_10
Name: Nanashi Kaguya
Nickname/Alias: Soran
Renowned Alias: N/A
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
While his mother possessed all the traits of a common Kaguya, his father was an outsider of the bloodline. Being a bastard child of a Kaguya and an unknown, Soran developed mixed traits from both of his parents. The shinobi was born with pale skin and white hair that was adorned by black streaks. Rather than possessing the green eyes, the mixture of his genetics caused his iris color to become grey. The two scarlet dots possessed on the foreheads of all his bloodline members were not a recessive trait. Because of this, these did not develop while his mother was pregnant.

Soran is fairly muscular but to the extent where he is swift as well as strong. Generally chesty with more upper body mass but strong legs which can run swiftly and deliver powerful kicks. He built his body up to the highest that he could achieve with it, but to an extent that it would not affect his movements or slow him down, therefore he achieved the body of the perfect warrior. Basically, he achieved the perfect blend of mass and tonnage to create the maximum amount of flexibility and strength needed in battle. In addition to this, he built his muscle's tonnage to have a huge amount of endurance so he can last longer in battle when needed.

The outfits worn by the shinobi will vary depending on his location or what situation he is involved in. While being casual, the warrior will usually be wearing a T-shirt with baggy pants to allow enough flexibility for high kicks. Whenever working on medical procedures, the healer will usually be wearing a white hooded lab coat with black scrubs underneath. Whenever out on missions, Soran will wear dark ninja clothing, complete with a hood and cowl to conceal his identity.
This Kaguya is a highly intelligent ninja who recognizes and detests the absurdities of the shinobi society. Soran has always demonstrated a depth of understanding growing up that would seem to surpass his young age, such as knowing roughly what is going to happen in the future based on the actions and personalities of the people involved. Oratorically gifted, Soran has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so. He uses this gift during individual interactions as well, during which he can gain a desired effect depending on his intention. These grammatical skills were developed through owning a large collection of books and other reading materials.

As a Shinobi, Soran has been trained to be a cold blooded killer. Soran is proud, cunning, cruel, and loves to fight. As a pragmatist, he will strike without a moment's thought, warning, or hesitation. This makes him a skilled and extremely aggressive opponent, showing great skill in hand-to-hand combat. Taijutsu has become second-nature to the warrior and has become his favorite activity, aside from making medical breakthroughs. Training to hone his skills in battle is what drives the shinobi to take whatever steps are necessary to complete a goal or to overcome any obstacle. In the eyes of his adversaries, Soran has shown to be an uncaring, cold, and ruthless individual, having not the slightest sympathy for anyone who endangers the civilization he resides in. This isn't to say that he lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect the innocent and those he considers to be close friends.
Catch Phrase: N/A
Beliefs/Religion: As a medical ninja, Soran has taken an oath held sacred by physicians: to treat the ill to the best of one's ability, to preserve a patient's privacy, to teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation of his country, and so on. This is his ninja way, to save the lives of others to the best of his ability. However, this mainly applies to those in alliance with the shinobi. To save the lives of his enemies would be considered treason.
Country of Birth: Land of Water

Nanashi Kaguya  JrzoiGm

Childhood Arc:
Born in the wilds outside of a small community, a mixed Kaguya was conceived out of wedlock. He was considered a bastard child and an abomination to the society in which his parents were from. His father was an outsider of the Kaguya clan and his mother was shamed for even bedding a foreigner. Whenever the baby was born, it was inspected and declared unclean due to the blend in hair color and the lack of crimson dots on his head. As a result, both parents were executed and the child was abandoned, not even being granted a name. He was considered a Nanashi, or no-name. Little did they know that the infant they had just rejected was a rare possessor of the clan's Shikotsumyaku kekkei genkai.

The nameless child was adopted by a hunter and taught basic survival skills up until the age of six. This was the age the young Kaguya discovered his bone manipulating abilities. This occurred one day while hunting with his foster father, which resulted in the accidental death of the man who had taken him in and given him a fresh start. Rather than returning to the settlement where the two were living, the nameless Kaguya ran into the wild with tears in his eyes.

The young Kaguya was found wandering the wilderness three days later by an elderly martial artist. This Shinobi from the Land of Water had much to teach this young warrior about his abilities. Upon finding out that the white haired youth had no title, he was given the name Soran. Growing up, Soran was given nothing but milk to drink, this was in order to insure strong bone build-up. The Shinobi trained Soran how to channel his power through chakra. This started out as a simple adoption transformed into basic training on how to harness internal energy. It continued until the age of ten, where the real training was about to begin.
Training Arc:
Soran was taught all the Academy level jutsus, as this was the basic skills which every ninja needed to know. The elderly man taught the young warrior how to withstand pain by placing him in Genjutsu on a daily basis. This would alter the perception of time and allow Soran to hone his skills as a ninja. What was days for others, appeared as years within the illusion of his own mind.. The unfortunate part about this Genjutsu training was that it caused slight mental trauma, somehow resulting in Soran's fingernails turning black. But the payoff was an extremely high pain tolerance.

Nobody in the country knew that the warrior aspiring to become a medic was a Kaguya, other than his adopted mentor. Although the hair color was peculiar to some, it was never really questioned. The skills he learned from his sensei were so he wouldn’t need the use of his bone abilities unless it was absolutely necessary. However, while they trained in secrete, those abilities were soon trained as well.

The Kaguya trained furiously day after day in order to hone and improve his skills to the fullest capacity. While he wasn’t training, Soran enjoyed reading books which gained access to medical knowledge. His favorite book was written by a Hyūga who wrote about chakra points and how their gentle fist style of martial art was used. This is what motivated the young Genin to begin his studies to become a medical ninja. He would study books on medicine and the human body during his free time and improved his combat skills as he trained every day in Taijutsu until his master's mysterious disappearance.

Role-Play Sample:
Old RPG Post:
Leaving the Kage Summit left many ideas within the mind of the young Shinobi. The Mizukage left to the land of iron to hone his skills as a samurai with the sword Soran had carried to the Summit. If he were to defend his village, he would have to do more than heal the injured. While it was true his prowess in Taijutsu had reached master status, in the world if ninja, other forms of jutsu was a necessity. The Kaguya was garbage at anything related to Genjutsu, aside from escaping it due to years of practice within the Tsukuyomi of his Uchiha mentor. He had begun to grasp the concept of his water element well enough to convert his chakra into a healing mist. But there had to be something more he could be able to produce, even if it were basic Genin leveled water release techniques. Within a few hours of practicing with snow, Soran had actually mastering the Water Prison Technique. This showed a great improvement in his ninjutsu capabilities.

After practicing a few more things in the Land of Snow to improve his elemental affinity, a letter arrived specifically addressing the white haired medic. The mist ninja was still in his hooded fire resistant attire, complete with the Kirigakure forehead protector, a hood, and cowl. The contents of the letter offered ryo in exchange for a transfusion of genetic makeup. The details of this were slightly vague, but it seemed doable. It would be nice to get paid for medical work outside of the village. The first blood transplant used to infuse DNA into another person had performed was merely a test he had yet to see the result of.

It appeared that the medic had been referred to by Roku, considering the Genin from Konoha was the first and currently only patient that Soran had ever even performed the procedure on. Something about this made Soran feel happy that he had only given Roku the name Nanashi to address him as, just in case he decided to tell others of his work. Could this stranger who had sent him a letter have been the same person who had given the leaf ninja a sample of their blood? If so, then this meant that the white haired medic had performed a successful operation. It would make sense to have the same doctor perform a medical procedure between two patients who wish to share a genetic structure. While Soran was slightly against giving another Kaguya abilities, he also knew he would need the money for the long walk to his next destination.

Following the map in the letter, the medical shinobi from the mist went into the woods outside the village of Kumo and followed a path leading towards a cabin, where a young Kumo resident with reddish brown hair appeared to be waiting for him. They were slightly shorter than the Jounin entering his twenties and very slender, probably a Genin of the village. This would be more surprising if the letter was from somebody older, but this confirmed to the mist ninja that Roku was the one who referred him.

“I am Nanashi of the Mist.” The hooded medic introduced himself in the same manner he addressed Roku on their first meeting. Holding up the letter in plain view of the brown eyed teen, he continued to speak, “I take it you are the one who sent me this letter? If you need a medical professional, you won’t find anyone better from the Land of Water. Just let me know what you require, and I can make it happen… For the price stated in this letter, of course.”

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Nanashi Kaguya  Empty Re: Nanashi Kaguya

Post by Naomi on Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:26 pm

You are hereby approved.

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