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The Shinobi Story of Lore [Site-Wide Plot]

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The Shinobi Story of Lore [Site-Wide Plot] Empty The Shinobi Story of Lore [Site-Wide Plot]

Post by Webmaster on Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:37 pm

The Shinobi Story of Lore [Site-Wide Plot] Assassins-creed-recreado-en-version-japonesa-61265

The Rise of the Shinobi
The Land of Shinobi is filled with mysterious and astounding wonders. From massive beasts of catastrophic power to individuals whose deeds will echo into eternity, the ever changing tide of violence always gives birth to those that thrive in chaos and peace. With the recent establishing of Daimyo to countries within this turbulent land, a small semblance of order has begun to take root. At the forefront of this change stood the leaders of the 5 Great Countries. These five Daimyo were heralded as the shared rulers of the Land, standing above even Daimyo of minor countries. Through them they established a means to protect one another from those that would see chaos reign.  A threat that all knew was inevitable if change was to come.

This threat arrived in the form of the murder of the Kasai, Chikyū, and Rai Daimyo. After only a year in office, the once mighty 5 Daimyo were whittled down to two. After an extended investigation none could determine who had committed the act and how they had even were able to do such a thing. Being left with only the three different words, "Ino-shika-cho", as the only hint as to who the culprit could be. With the lose of their leader the lands of Lightning, Fire, and Earth have now returned to its lawless ways despite the efforts from the Land of Water and Wind. The two, now allied, countries stand as the only symbol left unconquered by the surrounding chaos looking to claim it.

Despite their dedication, these two countries still have internal issues that prevent them from committing to the task of purging their conquered allies lands. In the Land of Water the monstrous beast Senpuryu, the one-tailed dragon, stirs from its century long slumber and has been seen rising from the ocean and laying waste to any boats that have past by him. Very few ships and boats sail the area for fear of the monsters wraith. It's most recent victims being on a small island, furthest away from main land. The beast completely engulfed the island in water in a single day and has since made the place its home, no survivors from the incident have yet to be discovered. This lingering threat has all within the Land on edge, never knowing when the beast will make its next attack.

Meanwhile in the Land of Wind a recent rise in rogue shinobi in the area have caused great concern, especially with the "Ino-Shika-Cho" murders still so fresh in the minds of all. This has all but forced the Uindo Daimyo to focus on dealing with the threat that was closest to him first. He summoned all his samurai to the main capital and closed its gates to all except those that do business within the city. The people are left to fend for themselves in the wake of the Daimyo's decision, and the rogue ninja and bandits prey on the unprotected. Whispers of "Ino-Shika-Cho" have even begun within the land, seeing all these strange events as the prequel to the arrival of this mysterious killer.

In order to maintain order or bring it about once again, the two remaining Daimyo have called upon Shinobi to assist in the efforts of protecting the lands. Thus serving as a precursor to the Age of Shinobi.


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