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Bastian Kouga

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Bastian Kouga

Post by Bastian on Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:18 am

Photo ID:

Name: Bastian Kouga
Nickname/Alias: Bast
Renowned Alias: The Desert Shadow
Age: 47 (Appears Early 20s)
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:

Bastian is easily seen as a man that holds himself, as well as all the things he does, in high regard. He has a very proud posture whenever he stands and even something as simple as walking simply shows that the man is someone of high stature. He stands at 6'4 and has particularly broad shoulders. He weighs 200lbs and has the build of a man that obviously stays in shape just by looking at his toned body. His skin tone is slightly tanned making him just a shade darker than the average Japanese male. His hair is black and fairly long easily reaching the top area of his back, thus he will always keep it tied back leaving only the front most part of his hair untied. His eyes are almost golden in appearance due to them being a shade of yellow, this added with his natural fierce look may make him appear intimidating to some. His teeth are white and the canine teeth are slightly longer than the average person giving him a more animalistic side to his natural appearance.

In terms of attire, Bastian has very simple tastes in fashion seeing that he does see himself as shinobi, so he will normally dress in clothes that reflect as such. He has three layers of upper body attire that are both comfortable and do not hinder his movements in any way at all. The first layer is a simple long sleeved white shirt that fits perfectly to his body and the length of the shirt stops just at the waist area, this shirt is always tucked in. Over the first layer he wears a fairly larger red shirt that fits a bit more loosely than the first layer shirt. The sleeves are very large and have secret pockets in them that may hold minor things such as letters or none pointy objects. This shirt too is always tucked in and it allows only slight visibility of the first layer shirt just at the neck area. The final layer is a all black vest that stretches down to the knees and is the most loose article of clothing on his body. The vest has several little pockets on the inside where actual small weapons can be put such as senbon or darts. On the back of this vest is his family symbol that was created by none other than Bastian himself upon establishing his family as one of the more notable one's in the Land of Wind.

His lower body attire matches the second layer and third layer in terms of color scheme. The pants are made of the same fabric as the second layer and are dark red. The belt of the of the pants is black and made of the same fabric as the third layer and can easily be used to tie down his two weapons, Death and War. The pants themselves go all the way down and folds so that they can tuck into the all black socks that are on the feet. In terms of foot wear, Bastian technically has none though his socks are extremely durable and made to be able to walk even on glass without it cutting into his foot.


Bastian is a man that if gifted with knowing how to say just the right things to get what he wants. This is especially applies to when he speaks to the opposite gender, as he is quite the smooth talker. Being that sweeping woman off their feet is one of his favorite past times he may sometimes even lose focus of his true goals, though these occurrences are far and few between. He is often times the life of any party or celebration he goes to and can get along with just about anyone he meets. When it comes to business, he is naturally talented at working his plans into the heads of people, by any means to make sure he gets what he wants. One might believe that Bastian just enjoys enjoys hearing himself talk though this might not be far from truth he never spouts random nonsense unless he is simply teasing someone. He is a man who wants alot and in his mind it takes a certain "gift of gab" to get anywhere in life.

Bastian has a thirst for knowledge that is matched only by his lust for money, fame, and woman. He is a firm believer in the whole "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" concept. So he will usually study thoroughly about certain things that may hold value in the future. This could be ranging from island geography or urban legends that may surround certain islands. Because he is always looking to make more money he feels such knowledge is necessary so that he may actually have a general idea of what he is looking for. This may also come into play, which go hand and hand with his charismatic ways, when he needs to pump people for information. Because of his natural way with words he can easily get information from people, even if it means putting together key parts of what a person is saying just to get an understanding. This in mind he will rarely jump into any altercation if he can, he would rather pick the brains of people to determine if he should even bother fighting them.

Narcissist and Natural Swag
Bastian's number one fan is Bastian. The man loves himself almost as much as he loves making more money. He believes himself to be a visionary unlike other people these days. He already feels he is the epitome of the greatness and isn't shy in the least to admit it. To him the world is his stage and he plays the role of the leading man. Which may lead many to believe he might be a fame junkie, and though this may not be far from true his desire for more power and money out weigh his desire for fame. Simply put the man's ego is off the charts and it is quite obvious by the way he carries himself that he is extremely confident in all he does. He does somewhat care what others think in this aspect as he feels all should see him as he wants to be seen. As a result he will often make decisions that would never conflict with his "reputation" as he would state, making him an unpredictable man as no one can truly guess what he has going on in his head.

Money is always the motivation for Bastian to move forward. To him money is power, and this power grants its master the possibility to do anything. This in mind, he is always plotting on how he can acquire more of it as fast as possible. He isn't above double-crossing others to acquire money either and will smile in your face as he does it. Only in the most severe cases, like for example his life being on the line, will he ever abandon money. Though he never openly shows his affection for it as any good thief will know that secrecy is apart of diplomacy as well.

Callous and Ambitious
Bellow Bastian's outgoing exterior lies his true nature. He is a man who cares little for others, with possibly his on close family as the only exception. Because he is such a driven individual he will always do whatever he can to see that he gets what he needs. He feels that the best way to kill someone is to take everything from them, though he is cold he wont always resort to killing though he isn't above brutal beatings. Because of the fact he demands respect he is prone to be aggressive if he feels disrespected. And the fact he rarely shows his true intentions, its always hard to tell if he is angered though people who are around him long enough might notice when he is angered. His signs usually revolve around scratching his head, giving a wide grin, or cracks his neck.

Bastian has one fear that ultimately makes him push himself to ensure he is never put in the predicament. He fears losing everything he has ever earned for himself. He loves living the life as a leader and a wealthy man and ending up as a poor man is such a great fear that he is willing to die before living a life like that.

Catch Phrase: Enter the Dogs of War.
Beliefs/Religion: Bastian adheres to his bloodlines beliefs, the Kouga, with very little question.
Country of Birth: Land of Wind

Sebastian Bishamon Kouga (Father/Alive)
Furie Kouga (Mother/Alive)

Isis Bishamon Kouga (Sister/Unknown *Explained in history*)
VagabondKouga (Brother/Deceased)

Serene Kouga (Wife/Deceased)
Ella Kouga  [16] (Daughter/Adopted/Alive)
Gau Kouga [16] (Son/Adopted/Alive)
Bishamon Kouga [25] (Son/Unknown *Explained in history*)

Sensei/Role Model:
Sebastian Bishamon Kouga (Father)

Pre-Birth (It's A Boy)


Sebastian Kouga was a loyal shinobi in Country of Wind though he had only achieved the rank of jounin throughout his shinobi career. He was renowned for his use of kenjutsu and had even become a known teacher of the art and had even sparred with many of the high ranked shinobi who sought to increase their knowledge in kenjutsu. This was how he met the woman that would become his wife, the jounin kunoichi Furie Cascade. The young woman had come to Sebastian in order to become better at her craft, but the student-teacher relationship quickly became much more. The two spent almost everyday together, even training other shinobi as a team. It didn't take long before their love took the form and marriage following shortly after. By this time the two had become known enough that they were offered positions on the shinobi council, a recent group seeking to better govern their own territories within the country. During this time no Kage existed to lead the people so they simply choose individuals to represent the people thus was the creation of the short-lived council.

It was during their time on the council that the two started to build up the Kouga name. The father, because of his love for kenjutsu, naturally was gifted with the ability to forge weapons. Though weapons weren't branded with the seal, people from all around came in order to have a weapon crafted by Sebastian by word to mouth alone. Furie on the other hand continued her career as a member of the council as well as an active shinobi, despite the protest of other council members. It didn't take long before the name, Kouga, to be on the lips of any person who wasn't living under a rock. The family made a minor fortune, enough to elevate the name Kouga from simple commoner to almost known across the country. It was at the peak of their careers that Bastian was born first child of what would be three as time passed. It was then that Furie decided to officially retire as an active shinobi and council member in order to raise her son, something Sebastian approved of. Both parents were happy that they finally had a child to bless the love they had for each other, someone to continue the legacy they worked so hard to build.

Early Life (Before Ninja Training)


As a youth, Bastian was what most would consider from a child of two successful shinobi. He was given anything he wanted and because of that he was a very spoiled child. However, he was very outgoing and when he wasn't making trouble in the village; he could be found surrounded by good friends. He had a knack for getting along with just about anyone and even being a smooth talker, saving him from many spankings for his little misdeeds. His life changed when he was exposed to his first shinobi experience where he witnessed his father having a friendly spar with a fellow shinobi. Almost immediately, at the age of 5, the boy was enamored with the shinobi arts and begged his father to teach him. However, his father wanted his son to focus more on things that could make his son more wealthy rather than risking his life as a shinobi. Even when he protested to his mother, Bastian would get the same speech from her. They claimed that they worked hard enough to where the young boy could live a normal life as a regular citizen rather than a weapon for the country. Not being one to take no for an answer, however, Bastian would take matters into his own hands.

From then on Bastian learned to observe and learn, since no one in the their village would teach him. When his father sparred, Bastian took notes of his movements and would go and mimic what he saw until he knew the movement as well as he knew his own name. He did as he was told and studied often, but when he was away from home he would train his body to have more stamina and strength. It was his drive that influenced a few of his friends to the point they had a small training team put together. Some of the children would show little tricks they had learned to the others and each would practice with each other almost on a daily basis. Pretty soon their little secret training group become known by the children's parents and it was only through seeing their son's determination to learn, that Sebastian and Furie agreed to allow him to train. The ultimatum being that he had to be willing to study just as hard as he would train, something Bastian had no issue with. It was also at this time that these same children made history in the village as being the largest group of children to ever begin training as shinobi with the ages being between 7 to 10. Bastian himself was 8 when he began his training in the ways of a ninja.

Ninja Training - Genin (Imperius Rex)


The group of young students that came in with Bastian were considered to be the "genius generation" since all of them seemed to excel at learning the arts. They maintained their same learning method which was practice and support each other. No one was surprised that each of the students from that group had great teamwork skills and knew how to adapt to working with different people. They had, after all, been doing something similar to that since before they were all in the academy. Bastian only stood out more than the others, because he was known as the one who had brought all his friends together with his own desire to be a shinobi. At the age of 9, he had already begun to add more to honor to the Kouga name. He was known for being a wise child due to his parents instilling the idea that a shinobi that is mentally strong can easily defeat a physically stronger one. Naturally his example made his fellow "geniuses" work harder which made people believe that Bastian was a natural leader.

When the time came for their training to be concluded, Bastian had just turned 10 and like everyone could assume his friends concluded right along with him. Now that they were genin, they were eager to apply all they had learned over the years on actual missions. However, early in their careers would prove to be something that would put an end to days of happiness and joy. The mission was a big one so they had sent two squads of genin each lead by a jounin. The task was to simply to escort a man to the next village over, however, they didn't know that there were to be many people after this persons head. Both groups were attacked and in the ruckus both of the jounin were killed leaving only the genin to fend for themselves. Bastian took charge immediately, not giving the enemy a chance to prepare another attack. He sent a single genin back to inform the nearest outpost about what had happened, hoping help could arrive before they all were killed. By the time the genin returned with help everyone was dead and Bastian was missing.

Abducted by his attackers, they only allowed him to live when they discovered he was a Kouga. They intended to put a ransom on Bastian's head and if no one paid they would slit his throat and leave him to rot in the woods. Their plan only failed when they feel asleep leaving Bastian tied to a tree. He had long since mastered the art of escaping rope during his early stages in his ninja training. He quickly escaped his bounds, ignoring the pain from his wounds and broken body. With a kunai left lying around, he killed the two men that were watching him while they slept and quickly tried to make an escape before others showed up. He was saved when he came upon a young girl and her father traveling the road headed toward his home village. They risked their own lives to get Bastian back home and once he reported the event to the council, Bastian made sure this fact was known. When all had finally settled, he learned most of his friends had died on that mission, likely while he was being captured. For his work he was given the rank of chunin, based off how he handled the situation though they all knew the ranked would matter little, or so they assumed. Bastian carried a frown on his face, but inside he felt no true sadness for their deaths. It was unfortunate, but it was the life they all knew they were entering. He left only a silent prayer for them and he went back to what he did most, except now he had more drive. He could never allow something like this to happen again.

Chuunin - Jounin (Beauty Calmed the Beast)


At this point in his life, Bastian had become much more ruthless when it came to his sparring and getting missions done. For a long time shinobi disliked the idea of working with him only because he would go over board to get a job done. Though each mission was a success people would be concerned about such a young child had so much malice in him. Many didn't wish to address the issue because they knew of what had happened to the young man in his days as a genin. When it finally came time for them to find a him a more permanent team, they placed it with the only other survivor from that tragic mission the young woman Serene Oda. The council had noticed that the two were going through similar issues and figured that they'd be better off paired together so that perhaps they could be less reckless. They were the only team that consisted of only two shinobi and like one would guess the two looked out for one another.

Over time the two easily became top prospects for the Chunin exams. They passed every test and obstacle that stood in their way until they faced one another. The fight lasted about an hour of constant attack and pressure with neither given an inch to the other. When it came down to the final blow, physical build played the key role in that Bastian was able to land a heavier hit than his shorter armed comrade. Though he stood as the winner, both Serene and Sebastian were granted the rank of chunin. Seeing how well the two complimented each other, as well as, how well they fight individually; the council allowed the two to remain as a two-man squad.

For years the two went on missions constantly to keep themselves busy, so much so that they rarely could be found in the village. By the time they both were 14 they were offered the chance to participate in the Jounin Exams, another accolade that had not been done before by two that were so young. The test was grueling as one would expect since they were up against chuunin that had been training since Bastian and Serene were still in the academy. Nonetheless, the two both managed to come out on top along with a few others and were given the rank of Jounin as a reward. The village celebrated over just about any occasion and so a festival was held in honor of the new jounin. It was around this time that the spark of love first showed  between Bastian and Serene since both had become less cold since they had been partnered together.

Like one would assume from these two, they continued on in their shinobi career though now they were in positions of leadership. They were given squads of their own to lead, but more than often they would still be paired together for the more dangerous missions. As more time passed their little affection blossomed into love and by the age of 16 they were a well known couple in the village. Serene had went on to become a special jounin, similar to Bastian's father, since she was fond of teaching young academy students and genin. Bastian went on in his career as a Jounin for Wind Daimyo and had remained as such for a few years. When both reached the age of 19 they decided to seal their affection with marriage, something no one was surprised about at all. People were happy that the two people who were involved in that tragedy so many years ago had found comfort with one another, and based off the way they acted whenever one was near they knew the two were happy.

Sibling Rivalry (Personal Plot)


Bastian was not an only child. Throughout his career as a shinobi, his mother and father had produced twins around the time when he was still training himself with his friends before going to the academy. Few remember who the twins were since their older brother seemed to outshine so much which would lead to the yet another tragedy for the Kouga name. Isis and Vagabond were excellent shinobi despite being overlooked, but Vagabond was one to never let such things bother him. Isis, on the other hand, despised her older brother Bastian for always being the center of attention. For years she worked hard to earn the same respect as he big brother, but always came up short. When the siblings were older these feelings did not change at all. No one is sure what exactly pushed Isis over the edge, but her feelings for her brother's success would manifest itself in the most horrible of ways.

Bastian and his wife had just had a child of their own at age 22, a son name Sabure Bishamonten Kouga. For once all the anger that was bottled in couple due to their past seemed to fade with this new life. But the event was short-lived. Around this time Bastian was away on a mission while his wife recovered from giving birth to Sabure. Isis, who was 18 at the time, would use this chance to get revenge for all the neglect by sneaking into the couples home and attempting to abduct the baby. Serene fought to defend her son, but was defeated and "accidentally" killed by Isis who took the child and made her attempt to leave the village. She killed a number of people as she escaped, her twin brother Vagabond amongst those that were killed. It would be her own unfortunate luck that made her run into Bastian who had finished his mission faster than expected. The two fought, but only when she used the baby as a shield did Bastian falter and ultimately fall victim to an attack that would have claimed his life as well had medics not arrived. Isis escaped the village with the baby Sabure still in her clutches.

Current (The First Kouga Clan Leader)


After the kidnapping of his firstborn son and the death of his baby brother and wife. Bastian had fell into a slump and he become less active in his shinobi career for the first time ever. This lasted for some years and soon his name had just faded into the background as he wallowed in his own misery. Despite this the Kouga name had earned followers and soon the desire for a leader of the Kouga. It was Sebastian, Bastian's father, that suggested his son for the position. Sebastian figured a job like that would help bring his son back away from his own world. However, Bastian's declined the offer at first feeling that he was not one that could protect his own family and thus was unworthy to represent his family. It was the birth of twin children from a couple who had a similar fate to Bastian's that brought him out of his slump. The mother and father had both died leaving only their daughter to carry on their name. Bastian had known both of the parents from a few of the missions he had gone on and felt bad that the babies had to go through the same thing he was going through. It was his idea that he adopt the children and with that awaking his drive to be clan leader. To offer these kids a fair shot at a normal life that he couldn't give to his own son. The children had not been named so Bastian, named the male Gau Kouga and the female Ella Kouga.

After all the needed work was done, Bastian Kouga was proclaimed the first clan leader in the history of the Country. After a few years in the position Bastian had returned to his old self again of being proactive in the land. As Clan leader he took on many students and had become known as a teacher that rivaled that of his father. His adopted children who seemed to always bring out the happiness in him again, was also a big credit to his demeanor. He found that the both ere like him in more ways then one since they wanted to become very powerful so that they could be the next clan leader.

Currently Bastian still leads his people as the head of the bloodline.

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Re: Bastian Kouga

Post by Bastian on Mon Jan 04, 2016 10:47 am

RP Sample
The numerous foot steps could be heard throughout the immediate hallways, as the need for discretion was over. With little time to prepare, Gambaldi organized the now armed slaves to take control of the bunker. Knowing full well that the patrol would eventually return, several of the more sturdy and healthier slaves stayed hidden near the entrance. They would allow the unit to return without harassment until they were completely inside the bunker. Then they would pounce on their captors and deliver some much needed justice. This meant that only those remaining inside would be the only opposition to deal with, one of which being an Uchiha. This made things a little tricky for many knew of the deadly ability the clan possessed. Often sought by those who desire to have those same abilities for their own. Gambaldi cared little for such things, however, being that he had the utmost confidence in the eyes he was born with.

As the group of slaves made their wat deeper into the cave, Gambaldi couldn't help but feel the nostalgia. Leading slaves to freedom had been the cornerstone of his entire life. Now so many years later, like so many other times, he was doing it all again. It was a never ending fight, at least this what the giant shinobi thought. So long as there was profit to be made from it, sick bastards like Don Sanada would only restart it all. This was the reason behind Gambaldi's desire to see everyone in the Sanada Family killed. If even one of these monsters survived, then chances are they would simply pick up where Sanada left off. That could not be allowed, especially in the place where Gambaldi calls home.

As the group turned the corner, nearing their destination, Gambaldi signaled for the group to stop. He held up a single finger to signal for silence as he listened to the shouting in the next room. The door leading to the room had a single window in the center of it, the door itself was made of solid steel. Peeking inside, being very careful not to be spotted, Gambaldi immediately laid eyes on the traitor. His blood boiled with rage as he looked at the crossed out Kirigakure symbol on his headband. The massive shinobi bit his bottom lip to stave off his anger, no small task considering traitors were his greatest pet peeve. "That little bastard will get his," he mumbled to himself as he continued to size up the room.

At that moment the Uchiha was apparently being chewed out by a subordinate, the traitors expressions showing that much since it was hard to actually hear what was being said. It was during the scolding did Gambaldi spot his comrade, landing completely on top of the man in charge whom Gambaldi discerned to be Faust Sanada. A smirk spread on the veteran shinobi's face as he watched the white haired shinobi completely immobilize the target, then swiftly directed his attention to the Uchiha. Taking a moment to recover from shock, the Uchiha's men began to move in on the white haired shinobi. This was the moment Gambaldi had been waiting for.

Without so much as a second thought, Gambaldi burst through the door with the rusty in hand. His greyish green eyes were wide and bulging with rage, his mouth wide open as he roared loudly as he made his presence known. Rage fueled his every step as he charged at the unsuspecting bandits screaming, "IMPERIUS REX," as he jammed his knife into the nearest bandits neck. Behind him was a mob of crazed slaves, each matching the raging expression of their savior and even shouted "Imperius Rex" as the fell upon the bandits like a raging tide.

In mere moments, the room became a battlefield with both sides taking loses. Despite the fact the slaves outnumbered their captors, they were still untrained civilians at the core. Meanwhile the bandits were accustomed to battle and were able to maintain against the slaves onslaught. This made for a semi-even fight between the two forces, the deciding factors on both sides naturally being the shinobi.

As the raged on and the floor began to become slick with blood, Gambaldi reached his comrade who was having an old school showdown with the Uchiha. Normally Gambaldi himself would prefer to handle the heavy lifting, but the veteran was curious to see how well the white haired shinobi would fair against a member from the legendary clan. "I assume you have this guy under control. I'll get started on finding the Don's hideout. Try not to let any of these fucks live and retrieve the traitors head. The Mizukage will definitely want that on a platter." Without saying anything else, Gambaldi picked up the still paralyzed Faust and dragged him toward the way he'd just came in. While a few did try to stop Gambaldi, the slaves made them pay dearly for being distracted and thus made it easy for Gambaldi to reach his destination.

Immediately upon reaching the hallway, Gambaldi tossed Faust so that his back hit the wall full force. Luckily the paralysis was still affecting his body, so aside from the wind getting knocked out of him Faust was fine. Gambaldi scowl remained as approached his victim, the rusty knife still dripping blood as he carried it in his right hand. The tall shinobi offered no explanation or questions, he simply knelt down so that he was eye level with Faust and without hesitation moved to cut his left ear off. It wasn't so much as the pain that made Faust scream, but instead it was the shock. He swore and made threats, but that only spurred the Kirigakure ninja on more.

When Faust opened his mouth again, Gambaldi tossed the severed ear right in it and swiftly chopped Faust in the throat. The attempt had actually forced Faust to swallow his ear completely and immediately start choking and gagging. Gambaldi then stabbed Faust in his kneecap, plunging the 8 in blade as far as it would go before finally speaking.

"I don't have time for games and I don't like repeating myself. I'm going to ask you a very simple question and your gonna answer it truthfully. If you hesitate or I think your lying, I will feed you your nuts next," Gambaldi said plainly though his face still maintained the scowl, "Where is the Sanada Family main hideout?" Without so much as taking a breath to breathe, Faust divulged his father's location and begged for his life. Gambaldi only replied by grabbing the man by the head with both his hands and began to squeeze as hard as he could. Gambaldi assumed the paralysis had ended because Faust had finally begun to scream out in pain.

The two continued to lock eyes as Faust pleaded for his life, but to no avail. Gambaldi instead plunged his thumbs into the eyes of Faust, immediately causing blood to spurt out and hit Gambaldi's face. He continued to press until his thumbs had all but vanished in the skull of Faust and with a swift jerk, broke the cowards neck. "It's a shame that Don Sanada's son lacks his loyalty. I suppose this fool is like the rest of his generation. Selfish little shits," he mumbled as reached in his pocket and pulled out another joint. The blood on his hands stained the joint, as he brought it to his lips but Gambaldi didn't mind.

After lighting the joint, Gambaldi headed back to the room to see how everything transpired during his interrogation. The entire process had taken about 15 minutes, give or take a minute or two. Hopefully his comrade was able to handle the situation.

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Re: Bastian Kouga

Post by Hime on Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:47 pm

Catch Phrase: (Does your character have any catch phrases? Optional.)
Beliefs/Religion: (Basically what does your character believe in. Even if its nothing, explain why he/she doesn't believe in anything.)
Country of Birth: (Land of Fire or Water *All others are currently closed*)

Sebastian Bishamon Kouga (Father/Alive)

This Section was not filled in

How would you have joined an academy when no such Academy exists?

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Re: Bastian Kouga

Post by Bastian on Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:49 am


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Re: Bastian Kouga

Post by Hime on Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:17 am

Approved as Jounin of the Wind, give yourself Color. Moved

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Re: Bastian Kouga

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