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Rondo Kazama

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Rondo Kazama

Post by Jet on Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:57 pm

Photo ID:
Insert Image Here
Name: (Your Characters Full Name)
Nickname/Alias: (Do your friends call you anything specific, or are you known and feared by many with a certain name?)
Renowned Alias: (This is reserved for those of Jounin rank.)
Age: (How old is your character?)
Gender: (Are you male or female?)
Physical Appearance:
(Explain in detail here what your character looks like. It should include such things as height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color, any distinguishing features, and what they wear. At least two complete paragraphs. )
Personality: (What is your character like, how do they act? You should include such things as likes and dislikes and your characters philosophy. At least two complete paragraphs.)
Catch Phrase: (Does your character have any catch phrases? Optional.)
Beliefs/Religion: (Basically what does your character believe in. Even if its nothing, explain why he/she doesn't believe in anything.)
Country of Birth: (Land of Fire or Water *All others are currently closed*)

(This is what has happened in your life. It is optional for Academy Student. Suggested if going for Genin or higher. Provide details on the characters early life and major events that occurred to them prior to the present day. Be sure that your history does not go against the sites timeline. Check out the plots to see just where the setting of SoL takes place.)

Role-Play Sample:
(How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

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