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Kaiya Uchiha Application

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Kaiya Uchiha Application Empty Kaiya Uchiha Application

Post by Kaiya on Wed Dec 09, 2015 4:50 pm

Kaiya Uchiha Application KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Kaiya Uchiha Application Img_3211
Kaiya Uchiha
Renowned Alias:
Physical Appearance:

A short kid, with dull orange hair that is cut just at the front in a bob cut fashion and the rest laying behind her head on her neck in a messy formation. Her eyes haven't been seen by others very often, even then when you do it's not pretty. Granted it's only just faded brown eyes nearly blackened but it's not that aspect that turns others away, rather it's how deep they are, as if retracting from any light source there are circles deeply embedded into them making them seem sunken in. Her skin is pale, with an off gray tone which makes this child seem almost ghostly in appearance. Her outfits consist of only one which she wears all the time. A long blue robe like object which rests upon her body. This robe goes from her ankles up to her nose, covering her face mostly. The large collar is indicative of an Aburame style of hiding one's face. She wears tight almost spandex like clothing for pants accompanied by a gentle pair of sandals. Her arms are also adorned by sleeves which aren't connected to the main clothing.


While it's apparent she has a twin, they do have more differences than just their separate setbacks. It's very often seen that they hold hands so that they don't go missing from each other. Kaiya usually is more curious of others and much more willing to negotiate and talk than to just fight things out or have herself or her brother hurt. She also has a bit of a creepy streak like her brother, never really showing her eyes but always watching. Like a fly on the wall she knows her surroundings. She knows enough about life to be considered quite wise but also quite deadly. She acts innocent, and happy all the time however, this is for her brother's sake. She is usually sad, or rather pained at their life thus far. She wishes they'd become great people. But she knows they may never be able to. With this as her driving force, she wishes to lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, and do what ever it is that she has to do to make sure they are safe from harm. They rarely ever talk to each other in words, nor in sign language. Instead, they have an almost unspoken language between the two.

The pained observer, however, has a deep dark secret with in her. This secret is even unknown to herself. She has a calling, if you will. A taint with in her brain that she gets from her Father. She is a lustfully homicidal being when pushed too far. If pushed towards the precipice of emotional distraught, she will leap forward like a cornered animal. She will then gain the ability to kill, main, hurt, or torture with out remorse. Instead, she'll feel joy from it. Every ounce of pain will only increase her joy and fuel her rage. The only person known to cause her to snap back to her senses is Heizu himself.

Catch Phrase:
Kaiya doesn't believe in anything beyond what she knows. And all she truly knows, is life with Heizu. And that, is all she ever truly needs.
Country of Birth:

Land of Water

Kaiya Uchiha Application JrzoiGm

We start the story with her mother, She was a fairly young shinobi in fact much too young to even be considered an adult yet. It was during this time she was captured and held for ransom for her return. While her family had to add up a way to either get her back or pay the ransom she was being brutally raped by her captures. As it was found her family had no way other than to pay the ransom. As she was given back it was far to late and long into her young pregnancy. Normally she would have died but by some miracle she was alive after the birth. However her family shunned the newly born children for being bastardized. However, they were allowed to remain. Shortly after the children's birth the mother was found dead. The children were told from birth that their mother died during child birth and that their father was executed. In reality, their father, the bandit had actually killed their mother shortly after their birth. He had managed to escape before being able to kill the children as well. In the end, they were allowed to take the mother's place as Clan Royalty. Kaiya and Heizu Uchiha, are the children of the Clan Leader's Brother's Daughter.

Here they are as academy student equivalent, it's a wonder how they survived but they did, now it was time to show that they were willing to survive together.

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Kaiya Uchiha Application Empty Re: Kaiya Uchiha Application

Post by Hime on Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:38 am

Perks of twins xD

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Kaiya Uchiha Application Empty Re: Kaiya Uchiha Application

Post by Bastian on Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:27 am

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Kaiya Uchiha Application Empty Re: Kaiya Uchiha Application

Post by Sponsored content

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