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Iron Sand and stuff since the title needs to be longer

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Iron Sand and stuff since the title needs to be longer

Post by Cookie Monster on Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:14 am

Name:  Iron Sand
Type: Iron Sand
-Sub_Type: Supplementary
Rank: is equal to that of the jutsu used to manipulate the sand
Looks: Black metal flecks of iron. the particles themselves are like a coarse sand individually having no purpose.
Material: Iron particles
Description: 25m diameter of Chakra Infused Iron Sand up to the ankles. Iron Sand is a medium for the Jiton Element. Using the ability to control magnetic forces, the user can use this Iron Sand to create a variety of shapes with varying sizes to pulverize their enemies. Like normal sand it can clot up the joints of puppets, Iron sand is a medium for jiton type jutsu.

Name:  Medium Scroll
Type: scroll
-Sub_Type: supplementary
Rank: N/A
Looks: A simple ninja scroll that is white sealing paper rolled up on a simple wooden spindle.
Material: sealing paper
Description: A small rolled up scroll that contains Souls iron sand.
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