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Era Senju.

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Era Senju.  Empty Era Senju.

Post by Bunny on Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:56 am

Era Senju.  KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
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Name: Era Senju.
Nickname/Alias: Bunny.
Renowned Alias: -
Age: Eight.
Gender: Female.
Physical Appearance: Era is, beyond a reasonable doubt, is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to height and weight within her age group. This isn’t really noticeable until one sees her one hundred and twenty-one centimeter frame next to her brother’s, who has always been taller than a lot of people his age, one hundred and thirty-eight frame. She’s, nonetheless, healthy, maintaining a weight of twenty-two kilograms, a weight ideal for someone of her height.

Having adopted her mother’s genes, Era doesn’t resemble her father one bit and if not for her records, people would’ve seriously considered rather or not Kenshi is her actually father - though honestly not even that stops people from questioning their relation. Where her father as a light tan, she’s fair-skinned. Her father has green hair and eyes, she has red hair and eyes. Where his eyes are narrow, hers are wide. She shares not one physical characteristic with the man. She does, however, share two with her brother and that’s the wide eyes and pale skin.

As for attire, well Era wears an array of outfits thanks to the abundance of clothes that she owns. Dresses, shorts, pants, heavy coats, t-shirts, skirts, etc. are always available to her. Though she has displayed a preference towards pairing dark blue shorts with a white and black collared shirt, a red tank top underneath said shirt, thigh-high black leggings, and red shoes.

Personality: It would be incredibly hard to see Era battling it out with other shinobi of equal, greater, or lesser caliber or even for her to embark on missions, even the mundane ones for she’s, well, a scaredy-cat. With a list of fears over a mile long and more to be added in the future, it’s obvious that the red-haired child is easily frightened and when frightened she can do only one thing… cry and, if possible, run into the awaiting arms of her father and sometimes brother. Well, she also throws her stuffed animals, if she has one, in the general direction of her current fear for the minute, fleeing whilst her distraction last, and it’s because of this reason that she has gone through more stuffed toys then one is willing to count. Coupled with that fear is the fact that she doesn’t like doing anything that would hurt, the child avoiding many adventures with her brother based on the simple fact that it could, potentially, cause her pain.

Unsurprisingly, Era is incredibly shy amongst new people, the child having a fear of… well… new people. This doesn’t mean she stutters around them or anything, though she’s prone to doing that when she’s quite nervous, or refuses to speak. But, it does mean that her words come at in a barely audible whisper and if possible, she hides behind someone that she knows. She maintains a safe distance from strangers, the red-haired child needing the space so that she doesn’t freak out and so that she can flee, though her tiny legs don’t really get her far.

She’s very sweet, but she’s also a little demanding, the girl preferring to be carried by her father or a grown up that she knows whenever possible. She greets people that she knows with a hug and a smile on her face, usually presenting said person with something that she had personally made for them. She’s very attached to her father and brother, despite the latter making her cry occasionally because he thinks she looks ten times cuter. Collecting stuffed animals and making origami are her hobbies. She keeps a close eye on her stuffed animal collection specifically, the girl counting them right after she wakes up and right before she goes to sleep religiously. She notices when one is missing or out place, and when she has accidently thrown one at something or someone in her panic. Since she cherishes this collection, she does her best to recover them and is greatly sadden when she cannot, writing the name of the stuffed toy on a strip of paper and placing it into a small, decorative box on her dresser so that they are never forgotten.
Catch Phrase: -
Beliefs/Religion: She has no religion.
Country of Birth: Land Of Water.

Era Senju.  JrzoiGm


Character Family:

Kenshi Senju is the father of Kaiser and Era Senju. Being forty-seven, he’s considered an old man by many, but an old man that should be respected given his years of service to his home before his retirement eight years ago. Despite being the father of two, he has still managed to find the time to train, wanting to remain fit just in case he’s called to serve his home. He teaches at the academy when he has nothing to do and is typically seen carrying his daughter, Era, who is overly attached to him.

Renee Hanabira is a woman few remember. She was the daughter of a merchant and though she was tempted to become a shinobi, she maintained the life of a civilian due to her weak body. She was twenty-seven when she married Kenshi, the man being twenty-six at the time. She became pregnant at the age of thirty-nine and though it took a toll on her body, she gave birth to two healthy babies. Though it was assumed she would recover, the stress of taking care of the twins and the aftermath of the birth had wrecked havoc on her body. She died three months after the birth of her twins at the age of forty, her body no longer able to keep her alive.

Kaiser Senju is the older twin brother of Era Senju.

Role-Play Sample:
(How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

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Era Senju.  Empty Re: Era Senju.

Post by Hime on Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:37 am

Approved Stuffed animals.

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Era Senju.  Empty Re: Era Senju.

Post by Bastian on Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:27 am

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Era Senju.  Empty Re: Era Senju.

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