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Kumohasha Yuu[Rdy]

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Kumohasha Yuu[Rdy] Empty Kumohasha Yuu[Rdy]

Post by Yuu on Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:27 pm

Kumohasha Yuu[Rdy] KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Kumohasha Yuu[Rdy] Tumblr_mu8wmdSrsd1s6mt7yo1_500
Name: Yuu Kumohasha
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Renowned Alias: N/A
Age: 9 Years old
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance:
Yuu is a young girl of the age of nine years old. She has a modest height of four feet and six inches. She weighs about seventy pounds and her body has few curves due to her young age. Despite being so young, the girl like most of the females in her clan are gifted in the physical aspect. Despite being nine years old, Yuu already has a bust of 34B. The most important aspects of Yuu's appearance in her opinion are her hair and eyes. Both her hair and eyes are a lustrous purple. Her hair is quite long, never once being cut short since birth and groomed quite well every day. Her eyes are a deep luminescent purple with a sharp glimmer and full of mischief. On the unnatural side of Yuu's physical appearance, are her six arms due to her clan's KKG. Each arm is identical and three of each are on Yuu's sides, spaced three inches apart. Out of these arms, she usually keeps the bottom two sets tucked beneath her clothing to appear normal. She sports one other physical note- the tattoo of the Araneo, a large black widow tattoo'd on Yuu's back with the #2 engraved in white.

Yuu's clothing is like most shinobi, though her clothing is more accustomed to her clan's own design and made of materials found on the island known as Spider Forest. Being that her clan's eyes are not accustomed to light colors, Yuu and the rest wear dark clothing. Yuu keeps her long purple hair in a singular ponytail and lets the ponytail hang loose behind her. She wears a dark blue-ish black sleeveless zip-up vest for a shirt and matching blue-ish black hanging sleeves on her arms. These sleeves are tight on her arms to not fall off, but the ends near the hands are loose and allow for fluid concealed movements. Dark red leather vest straps clip to the belt on her pants and run up her shoulders like suspenders with one singular strap going across her chest, right below her breasts. Attached at the waist to these red leather straps, are two ninja tool pouches: one on her left and one on her right. Yuu's pants consist of baggy dark brown pants tight around her waist and loosens as it gets lower to her legs. The pants are not full length however and only go down to her shins where they are tucked in loosely to her dark blue-ish black shin-high boots. These boots zip up from the inside of the leggings and are seemingly wrapped on instead of zipped up. Behind Yuu's waist, is the only lighter part of her garment, a dark grey cloak tucked in her belt and hung loosely down to her shins.
Personality: Yuu is a quiet and responsible girl, wise and mature beyond her young nine years of age. She carries herself in a controlled and guarded manner and always treats everyone with indifference with a few exceptions. Raised with responsibility and being told how beautiful she is, Yuu grew accustomed to being an exceptional young woman and even regarded herself as more "important" than others. In a sense, she is arrogant but she doesn't openly flaunt it- it is more of an inner personality thing, a god-like complex.

Despite her serious nature, she is also cheerful but not to an extent that it is apparent to most others. Few things lighten her mood and show any real emotion from the girl, such as melon bread and some less than appropriate things like ecchi books. Yuu is actually quite perverted even though she hides a large majority of it. In her free-time(even around others) she will sit comfortably reading a naughty romance book and occasionally read it out loud without realizing it. She is also very curious about the world around her, mostly about other females not of her clan. Due to the matriarchy of her clan, men are considered next to worthless and the more popular way to go is women. This is to say, Yuu would be considered a lesbian with the sole exception of using a male to reproduce for offspring. Some of her favorite things to do are practice her fetishes, like bondage. When comfortable with the environment and some people, Yuu shows her inner-most true nature. A sadist and masochistic dominant young girl who enjoys bringing pain to others through various aspects such as battle and skinship.

Yuu is extremely loyal to her clan, and as the next successor, she bares many responsibilities others don't even know of. Though she loves her clan, she desires to go out and see the world. She loves to listen to the stories of travelers who are allowed into their island.

In battle, Yuu is a calm and controlled girl. She is careful and observant, collecting as much detail as possible before planning several steps in advance. She is also like this during school at the Academy and other aspects of her life like chores and clan responsibilities and personal training. Outside of battle, Yuu prefers to spend most of her time alone unless she has found someone who sparks her interests. While she likes to see and learn about the world, she would much prefer to learn about these things from her books before going about experiencing any of it.
Catch Phrase: "I might have to kill you~"
Beliefs/Religion: Yuu has no real belief or doctrine. Her clan worships a spider queen but Yuu has never seen this goddess and only partially believes the stories that have been orally passed down to her from the Widow herself, Yuu's mother. Yuu's mother seems quite fanatical and convinced their goddess lives and that is the only reason Yuu is willing to consider there might be a higher power.

In her personal life, Yuu believes in being a good person- trying her best and never going back on her word. being a part of an assassination clan who specializes in stealth and deception- honestly is never a defining feature of their clan, but when they do make a promise- they always keep it. Yuu is the same way.
Country of Birth: Land of Water, Mizu no Kuni

Kumohasha Yuu[Rdy] JrzoiGm

Yuu was born during one of the hardest times in the Kumohasha history. Around the time of her birth, her mother the Widow was sick and weak with pregnancy. This led the Exeo clan to believe they had a chance against the Araneo clan. The Exeo waited until the Araneo Widow went into labor and then attacked. With the Exeo Widow leading them, the Exeo Kumohasha clan swept into the village of the Araneo Kumohasha and slaughtered many of their men and children. Since the Kumohasha do not mate but once every 5 years, their number of children are small. The Exeo slaughtered nearly all of their children during that raid and many of their males: without the males, they Araneo Kumohasha could not reproduce.

The Widow was hidden away during this unsuspected raid and struggled for many hours to give birth to a little girl named Yuu. Having given birth to the young girl during a time of open war, it was an omen to the Widow that things were changing. Open war was always a last effort by a clan: deception and assassination was always the first and best choice- favored highly by their spider goddess. Open war and slaughter was frowned upon by their spider goddess and considered a cowards way of fighting.

Since Yuu was born with purple eyes and hair, she was instantly registered as the #2 woman of the Araneo Kumohasha. Even as a baby, she held more power and responsibility than even most of the older women in the clan. Rather than being jealous or bitter, the clanswomen loved the young baby- for she was considered a legend. Children born with both purple hair and eyes were extremely rare in the clan and considered the most powerful.

Role-Play Sample:
Yuu stared out over the roof of the wooden building that was her home. The young girl lived alone with no parents. Her father had been slain during conception by her mother: as was custom in the clan. Her mother at the time, had been #2 of the clan's women. During her pregnancy, the prior Widow had died and her mother became the new Widow. Ceremony prevented the Widow from having a family: but instead of killing the unborn child, the Widow gave birth and then disowned the child named Yuu. The young girl was raised by the clan's women and taught everything she needed to know about the history and ways of the village. The only time she got to spend with her mother was during the times when the Widow would teach her the importance of Yuu being the #2 in the village. Yuu. The Widow has requested your presence in the cave. said one woman to Yuu as she passed by.

Yuu nodded her head nonchalantly as she responded silently to the woman. The young girl had been sitting on the roof's edge of one of their tallest buildings, overlooking the ocean surrounding their island. Yuu had been reading one of her perverted books, a slight blush on her face and tinge of excitement as her private thoughts had been interrupted. She closed the book as the woman had yelled up the building to where she had been sitting and Yuu tucked the small book away in her safe place. She hopped down from the roof of the building and landed softly, she wanted to become stronger and she was always testing her limits. I wonder what the Widow wants today... she began to wonder as she made her way to the residing place of the Widow of the village.

Upon arrival at the cave entrance, she was permitted entrance immediately. Everyone of the village knew the girl and her relation to the Widow even if it wasn't openly discussed. Yuu was #2 of the village and treated as every woman's favorite child and also their  next leader. Yuu walked passed the four six-armed female warriors guarding the entrance and headed darker into the cave. her compound eyes took effect and allowed her to see in the dark interior, well enough to read her book if she got bored enough. I see you still read those lecherous books, Yuu. You're a bit young to understand and appreciate those things, aren't you? came a slightly disgusted voice, but more so filled with concern. It was the Widow: despite her position of the village, she did her best to have Yuu raised properly. When the Widow had found out that her young daughter had taken a special liking to the "physical" aspect of the world, it concerned her. Yuu was an unusual girl, though her body was still young- her mind was inquisitive and extremely curious.

Yuu kept a neutral expression and bowed humbly at the black spider bone throne upon which the Widow sat comfortably. Yuu's purple eyes gazed over the quite busty figure of the Widow: astutely named a Widow for her alluring body, the woman known as Yuu's mother was a real beauty. Yuu had not been raised by the woman though and only saw the Widow as another woman and leader of the clan. How the young girl wanted to have a go at the Widow, in both skinship ways and battle. They were one and the same to Yuu, fighting with their bodies while also enjoying the pleasures of skinship. Yuu used one of her six hands to reach into her vest and pulled out the most recent book to her collection. The book was covered in black but was bound together with a special bondage cord. I have almost finished reading the latest gift from you, my Widow. A wonderful gift. she said in appreciation. For that, the Widow smiled. Though Yuu was somewhat strange and overly perverse, the Widow knew she could model and train her daughter and her weird tastes even if it was through that very perversion.

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Post by Hime on Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:21 pm

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Post by Bastian on Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:27 am

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