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Pet Systems and Guides

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Pet Systems and Guides Empty Pet Systems and Guides

Post by Hime on Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:43 pm

Pet System & Guide
Pets are different from your conventional summon. Though Shinobi tend to carry around a pet from the same family of animals from their Contracts, it is not unheard of that Shinobi have pets of different species. Pets can range from your usual cats and dogs or to something more exotic such as a tiger or even a goldfish. Shinobi use pets as combat companions or supporters to themselves. This means the pets themselves partake in battle. A prime example of this is the Inuzuka clan who employ their dogs in the art of War. Here on Ninja Way pets can be used in similar ways.


  • A pet Costs 4000 (Discounts vary) N.A.P.S.
  • One Player is limited to 1 Pet. Your alts will not get a Pet, unless an event rewards one.
  • A pet is limited to be Two Ranks below then their Owner. A B-rank Shinobi will only be allowed to have a C-rank or lower Pet. This naturally means no Pet will be above Elite A-Rank. And before you ask, yes, the pets rank automatically increase as your character's rank increases.
  • This rule however has two exceptions. The lowest Level a Pet is limited to is E-rank. An D-Rank shinobi can have an E-rank Pet and the Pet will remain such until the owner meets requirements to have a higher level Pet. This would typically begin when the character's Shinobi rank gets to Elite C-Rank or B-Rank.
  • The Second Exception to this rule is for a Clan or KKG. In the event of a clan or bloodline (such as the Inuzuka), players may have Pets that are of Equal Rank to themselves. Meaning a S-rank Shinobi may have an S-rank Pet.
  • Pets automatically Rank up with their Owners up until they are B-rank or Elite B-Rank. The last rank, A-Rank or Elite A-Rank will need to be Paid for (Price to be Decided when the time comes).
  • Special Clans such as Inuzuka will have Their Pets rank up with them until A-Rank or Elite A-Rank. S-Rank or Elite S-Rank will need to be Purchased.
  • Pets will have their own small Chakra pool and are limited to ninjutsu, taijutsu, and bukijutsu for specialties. Only one.
  • Pets are subject to death and recovery system.
  • Each Pet may have 1 Element Only. Pets will only gain an Element Once their owner is at least C-Rank.


  • E-Rank Pet
                           - E-rank 5 

  • D-Rank Pet
                           - E-rank 10 
                           - D-rank 20

  • C-Rank or Elite C-Rank Pet
                           - E-rank 5
                           - D-rank 10 
                           - C-rank  20

  • B-Rank or Elite B-Rank Pet  
                             - E-rank 2
                             - D-rank 5
                             - C-rank 10
                             - B-rank 20
  • A-Rank or Elite A-Rank Pet
                             E-RANK - 2
                             D-RANK - 4
                             C-RANK - 5
                             B-RANK - 10
                             A-RANK - 20
  • S-Rank or Elite S-Rank Pet
                             E-RANK - No Cost
                             D-RANK - 2
                             C-RANK - 4
                             B-RANK - 5
                             A-RANK - 10
                             S-RANK - 50 

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Pet Systems and Guides Empty Re: Pet Systems and Guides

Post by Bastian on Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:46 pm

Updated 1.3.
Edited Chakra Pools for Pets to fit new system

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