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Masaru Hyuga

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Masaru Hyuga

Post by Katsuro on Wed Dec 16, 2015 3:38 am

Photo ID:
Name: Masaru Hyuga
Nickname/Alias:  Mako
Renowned Alias:
Age:   10
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Despite being only a measly ten years old, Makoto's body is one that is covered with a series of corded, lean muscle that one gets only by dedicating their life to the cause of physical training.  This muscle seems to compliment his larger than average height of five feet six inches.  Other than that, his figure is rather average in appearance.  His body featured only scaring one would find on someone just out of their childhood years and entering the adult stages.  Scars that will eventually disappear with the weathering of time.

On top of his muscled neck rests an oval shaped head that features the same tan that covers the rest of his body.  Resting on top of his head is a mop of black hair that is generally messy in appearance, but is always kept clear of his eyes so that he can clearly focus on his target.  Below the hair, kept uncovered, are a pair of brown eyes that sparkle with the curiosity of one that has just breaching adulthood but still retains a majority of his youthful glee.  Like his face, the rest of his body features the tan of someone who spends a majority of their time outside doing physical activity.

Covering his muscular frame is an assortment of clothing, generally dark colored long-sleeved shirt that extends over his neck to act as a mask if need be.  Over this dark shirt is an often white, baggy, v-neck shirt to add an additional layer to protect his skin from the elements.  To protect his legs, Makoto wears a pair of black shinobi pants, that have a white line going down the outside seams, with many pockets to store weapons and scrolls with various uses to the shinobi.  On his feet, the young Makoto wears black shinobi sandals to protect his feet from the ground.  Attached to a belt that wraps around his waist, underneath his shirts, are several pouches for scrolls and weapons.  On his left leg is a pouch for kunai.
Personality: Makoto is your normal everyday teenage shinobi.  Except for the fact that while he does have friends he hangs out with when not busy training, he does prefer to be by himself, most of the time training.  Despite his anti-social behavior, Makoto is a rather cheerful fellow and likes to make new friends; he just doesn't always pursue this desire.  His family is everything to him, almost as important as the village is to him.  This is all credit to how he was raised by his father who was a terminal Chunin.  The village is everything, even family.  But family is a damn close second.

An offshoot of his raising is that he can get angry very easily when his family or village comes under attack, whether physically or verbally.  This often leads to violent outcomes.  It is due to this that he is always ready for a fight when meeting new people.  He never knows what their stance on things are.  He will also often hold a grudge against those who do insult his village or family.

Like every young teen he is also just discovering his sexuality.  In his case, he finds those of the opposite sex to be what attracts him sexually.  When talking to girls he will often find his palms sweaty, his knees weak, and his arms heavy.  Maybe even some of mom's spaghetti on the front of his shirt.  Nerves will get to you.

His favorite food is Rice and Shrimp.  He hates the taste of alcohol but enjoys the smell of tobacco smoke.  He obviously likes those of the opposite sex and is not afraid to tell someone who asks.
Catch Phrase:
Beliefs/Religion: Shinto Buddhist
Country of Birth: Land of Water

Makoto was born into a family with a long history of strong Shinobi stretching back far into history. Their family name is said to come from one of the many strong shinobi from the family.  Growing up in this family where Honor and Duty was the life lesson to be learned caused Makoto to prefer to be a lonely child. No one wanted to associate with the son of one of the police who kept the peace with violence. What if he got hurt in an accident? Then they would find their family being beaten for breaking the rules. No, Makoto grew up rather lonely. A well trained, lonely lad that just wanted a few friends but was happy nevertheless.

The loneliness changed as time went on. After entering the academy, kids and parents were growing less afraid of their protectors and started to appreciate them. Their protectors also calmed down and began to take a more diplomatic approached. It was in the academy that he found his first friends and knew that he would be just like all the other kids. One thing that was different from the other kids, however, was the fact he had a strict training regime even though he was in the Ninja Academy.

Role-Play Sample:


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Re: Masaru Hyuga

Post by Kaiya on Wed Dec 16, 2015 3:49 am

This is approved as either ASE(Academy Student Equivalent) or GE(Gennin Equivalent)


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