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Seiwa Genji (WIP)

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Seiwa Genji (WIP)

Post by Taeja on Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:12 pm

Photo ID:

Name: Seiwa 'Takiya' Genji
Nickname/Alias: Taeja
Renowned Alias: Crown Prince of the Heavens
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:


Catch Phrase: "I don't see why that is a problem."


Country of Birth: Land of Water, Capital.


Seiwa Genji, was born into the a family of great power. He is the first born of the Daimyo of Water. Traditionally he would be Second most powerful person within the Country of Water and as such would be tailored to one day inherit the lands of his father. However the household Legends is a story for later. Seiwa was the result of the firstborn of the Daimyo and his first wife. On the night he was born the midwives were over joyed to safely deliver the young master. No words could possibly describe elation of one of the most powerful men in the world. There had been a lot of anticipation for his first born, to carry on his legacy and bloodline. The man had thrown a lavish party with his closest friends when his wife had become pregnant, drunk in both drink and happiness that he would be a father. However it had made him more worried and at the same time determined. He would create the safest and most peaceful world so that his child would grow in peace and prosperity. His much anticipated parenthood gave him a maturity not common for his age. A young man of 21, he had united his people in attempts to settle the peace amoung an age of discord and chaos. He loved his people, telling himself that he would love them as if they were his own. That he would create a world where no parent would have to bury their children or fear for their well-being. He would create a world where the only problems a child would have was their parents spoiling them too much.

In the 9 months the baby grew within the mother's womb, the man worked hard to build the country for his kinsmen. The process was not clean, blood was spilt, families were torn apart but the man tried hard to bring some level of equality and peace for the islands. He would later unite the Islands under one fiefdom, this is however a story for another time. The child was born healthy and strong from the midwives told them. His father threw a island wide banquet, enough food and drink to bust the gut of everyone on the island. The whole island drank to the health of the baby, (even if they were happy more about the food and drink than the baby itself). Yet sadness soon followed. As the weeks passed the midwives became concerned about the baby. Though he grew strong and had healthy bowel movements he had but one problem. He never responded to movement despite his eyes having opened, he stared only dead ahead and never reacted to a single movement. The boy was blind. The news broke the heart of his parents. How could a blind boy rule a country? How could a blind boy do anything in life?

He sought the highest of medical and spiritual healers. He was willing to pay anyone a ship filled with golden bars if they cured his son of his blindness. However each who claimed to the best shook their heads and took their leave. No medicine it appeared would help the boy. The father slowly became to spiral into a never ending frustration. His methods became more harsh and ruthless, his people slowly began to develop a fear of him despite what he had done. He thought about his child being euthanized but he could not bring himself to kill his only child. He became to resent his first wife, blaming her blood for the child's defect. Slowly his love for her faded away, in his mind she had been the reason for his child's defectiveness. Over time, he took new wives, trying desperately to have another son, yet every time a child was born it was but a daughter. He loved them all, but they were no sons. He would marry more and more desperately trying to have a son to carry on his legacy. He had won many wars, made powerful allies, created a land of great power yet when he died there would be none to inherit it all, carry on his legacy. 3 wives and 7 daughters later the man was ready to give up. However his new and 4th wive gave birth to a boy. Oh how happy he was. His legacy would continue.

During this time, his first wive became more and more a distant memory for him, an eyesore and bitter taste in his mouth. If he could he would of had her killed but he needed to keep his appearances and vow as a man who took a woman. He instead had her live far away from him, in the farthest part of his estate and manor. His first wife was reduced to depression and shame as she faded away into pale grey memory. Her only hope was her son. Despite being blind he grew up strong, even as a disabled person, the son of the powerful and rich man held many benefits. The boy was taught many things, if he was unable to see the world through his eyes he would at least need to see the world through his mind. He was taught many things, from the simplest of things such as basic arithmatics, basic etiquette, writing, reading to complex things such as trading economy, philosophy behind ruling, history of the world, to even bizarre things such as concepts of carpenting, building, how silk is made. Anything and everything the boy was taught.

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