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Nara Tadashi

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Nara Tadashi

Post by Tadashi on Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:45 pm

Photo ID:
Name: Nara Tadashi
Nickname/Alias: 'Careless' Nara Kid.
Renowned Alias: (This is reserved for those of Jounin rank.)
Age: 10
Gender: Male.
Physical Appearance:
Tadashi is 4'10" ft. tall and weighs 89 lb.He weighs so little due to his tendency to not be constantly 'overweight'.Which he never was in the first place.His eyes are colored Jade, a trait he took from his mother.He also sports light brown hair from his mother.His skin is creamy looking, a mixture of white and pink.His hair is considered long though it only reaches to just below his neck.But without his hair tie in it's traditional Nara ponytail, it reaches to a bit further than his shoulders.It also blocks a small amount of his view.He has two dominant hands, however, left is used more often just to mess with people.

Tadashi wears a series of fishnet attire.Under his gray, ripped jacket and white T-shirt, he has a sleeveless fishnet shirt.He also has fishnet tights under his light brown cargo pants and two smaller pieces of fishnet on his right hand.He wears dark gray sandals and fingerless gloves, giving him a seemingly mature appearance.He wears his tool pouch on his right leg, sometimes it is on the exact behind of him, due to him having the trait of ambidextrous.His hair tie is noted to be black by most people, others say it's a very dark shade of blue.Though it's not apparent (Due to it being hidden inside his shirt), he wears a necklace that his mother gave him.It gives him nothing but bad memories, yet he still keeps it.

Personality: Tadashi is a very self-confident academy student.He believes in his abilities, even when it gets dangerous for those around him and himself.Tadashi is noted to be very smart by his teachers.But he sometimes can get quite mad with his sensei and will give them a smartass attitude.He successfully outsmarted a teacher one time, and that lesson ended in a very long lecture on how to talk to your teacher.Which drove him to sleep after several boring minutes.He is also very serious and mature for his age and size.As said by his nickname.If he doesn't know you, he couldn't care less. He has weird sleeping habits, tired in the morning and wide awake at night.

Tadashi can be very humorous when he is annoyed by someone.He has a sarcastic taste to his jokes, they mostly only amuse himself and no one else.But there is always a small chance that someone besides him will laugh.Tadashi has an eating disorder.But with the right amount encouragement, Tadashi can be convinced to eat something he doesn't want to eat.Of course, he will still object and refuse to listen if he knows what he's doing isn't a good idea or will harm his own pride.If he is extremely tired, he will never make deals.No matter how much pressure is applied.Most genjutsu can't break him either.But when his parents are involved, everything changes and he becomes angry. But all things aside, Tadashi can be very caring and nice if you act the same for him. People that mean something to him always affect his personality.
Catch Phrase: 'Do I look like I'm listening?'
Beliefs/Religion: Nothing.He doesn't care about a person's belief, long as they aren't bugging him for two hours about how great their beliefs are.He finds it annoying to judge someone simply off of what they think.But when thick comes to thin, someone is getting a lesson or two about when to shut their trap.In the end, wouldn't you do the same thing?
Country of Birth: Land of Wind.


Nara Tadashi was born to Mayumi and Daisuke Nara.Upon birth, he considered was malnourished by his mother and father. So for the first few weeks of his life, he was spoiled with all different types of food. Each one would be rejected instantly and would irritate his parents greatly. As a result, he became underweight as a baby, as well as into his earlier toddler years.Daisuke taught Tadashi how to read and write when he was four and a half. He thought that Tadashi would get a good head start with it, and he was right in the end.

Tadashi was taught at home when he was five years old.His parents heavily encouraged his efforts and skill.But things only stayed happy for a while. Several weeks after Tadashi had turned eight, Mayumi gave Tadashi her necklace and left him and his father for another man. Daisuke quickly fell into depression and drank sake till he was not able to even stand. Every bit of blame fell on Tadashi, and his father despised him for looking almost exactly like Mayumi.So Daisuke began abusing him. Both physically and verbally. Saying everything was his fault. From his birth to his mother running off.

Daisuke constantly threatened Tadashi if he dared to talk back to him. So Tadashi didn't talk much to his father. But one day, the pressure became too much and he cursed out his father outside of a market.Daisuke freaked out and attempted to choke Tadashi to death. But he failed to accomplish his goal when a passing chunin attacked Daisuke and pushed him away from Tadashi.Daisuke was soon arrested for child abuse, making Tadashi an orphan. Due to the recent events, he became extremely untrusting of most people. He became cold and angry when his parents were mentioned. He became Nara Tadashi.Not Daisuke, not Mayumi.Just Tadashi.

Role-Play Sample:
"Nara Tadashi?" Tadashi's sensei beckoned."Yes?" Tadashi sighed."Care to talk about your clan?" Tadashi groaned before getting from his seat and going to the front of the class.He didn't exactly want to speak about his clan.But, as long as the teacher controlled his grades, he wasn't going to object."So, I know some of you know about my clan.The Nara clan.We are noted to be highly intelligent and 'lazy'.The lazy part depends mostly on how we were raised."Tadashi mumbled.A girl raised her hand and Tadashi called on her."So, you weren't raised lazy?" she asked.Tadashi growled."I wasn't raised by my parents a lot, thank you very much."

"What happened?" she edged on.Tadashi groaned at her behavior to continue on the sensitive subject.".No more questions on that matter! I don't want to talk about it! Now leave me alone!" Tadashi snapped, making it deathly silent." can I sit now sensei?" Everything remained quietly until his teacher sighed and let him go.Tadashi wasn't in the mood to be talked to.He just wanted to go home and do anything but be here.Tadashi's face turned hot red with building confusion."Tadashi-kun, go take a break." his teacher instructed."Thank you sensei," Tadashi said with a sullen face.He exited the classroom and leaned against a wall.He sighed and slid down the base of the wall.He pulled out his mother's necklace.

"I miss you," Tadashi sighed." I hope you're proud of me, mom."


OOC Note: I normally write at least 500 words. This was a small exception.

**Your starting rank will depend on how well your application is. SO make sure you put some effort in it if you desire a higher rank**

OOC Note: If you don't mind, may I start at Academy Student once I can get the clan approved and all?/ I know the forehead protector is Konohagakure, can I still keep it?

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Re: Nara Tadashi

Post by Tadashi on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:10 pm

Bump of completion.


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Re: Nara Tadashi

Post by Hime on Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:42 pm

Hey Cool app! However I have just two problems with your application..

Their is no academy as their are no villages established yet in our AU universe! Also please register the Nara Clan in our Clan section please~

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Re: Nara Tadashi

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