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Roku's Puppets

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Roku's Puppets Empty Roku's Puppets

Post by Roku on Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:57 pm

Those that have been approved:


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Roku's Puppets Empty Re: Roku's Puppets

Post by Roku on Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:32 pm

Name: Ruby
Type: Puppet
-Sub_Type: Hybrid
Rank: A
Looks: Roku's Puppets 460951443
Ruby resembles the shape of the body of a teenage girl. She has a humanoid frame, and none of the weapons installed in her are visible unless used.  She has grey hair, and a brown tattered cloak draped over her shoulders.  She is about six feet tall.
Material: Chakra-reinforced wood and some steel.
The Head:Ruby's head serves little function other than the three pipes in her throat that emit different airborne toxins.  The first will paralyze an opponent tempararily two posts after inhaled (and immediately begin to lose control), the second will knock them unconscious after two posts (and immediately slow them down), and the third will kill after four posts (and immediately, the opponent begins to experience dizziness and nausea, getting worse as the amount of posts since the inhale increases.) All of these are completely indistinguishable in any way.  Ruby's teeth are also dipped in the paralysis poison.  Roku has antibodies to all these poisons naturally produced within his blood thanks to some medical ninja.  Her head is on a 360 degree swivel.

The Torso:
Ruby's torso has a few mechanisms.  The first is that it can open up to clamp around an opponent with extreme force, and a Fuuinjutsu seal is placed on her chest to reinforce that binding with chakra.  The second set of mechanisms are about 20 blades, each 3 feet long, that can extend from her body.  All of them are in almost random places.  The third is a storage compartment with a Fuuinjutsu seal of the Generic Sealing Method with many copies of all of her detachable pieces that Roku can activate from a distance.

The Arms: The arms have a number of mechanisms.  The first is a set of 3 foot long blades on each hand that are attached to Ruby's wrists and that can fold back against her forearms and slightly past her elbows when not in use.  Each of the fingers is a chakra thread guided rocket which explodes with about the same force as an explosive tag.  The chakra thread protrudes from Ruby's fingers and she is in control of them (and Roku is in control of her.)  On the top of Ruby's fists are piping that can dispense a 20 yard long flame; flamethrowers.  The finger nails of each hand are very sharp can also be ejected with great precision to strike an opponent, at which moment they eject the same sort of paralysis toxin as her throat produces.  The arms are on 360 degree swivels in all joints.

The Legs:
Ruby's feet can unlatch and open like hinges at the ankle to reveal piping that creates a smokescreen completely indistinguishable from the poison fog in any way.  Blades similar to those on her arms fold along the outside of each leg and can unfold for use in combat.  Each foot can also eject the same way her fingers do and explode, but each foot is about 10 times more powerful than the fingers and are not guided by chakra threads, so they are less accurate.

Other: Roku uses a tattoo on his right forearm to hold Ruby in using the Generic Sealing Method.  To seal and unseal her, Kentaro uses the Tiger handseal.  Ruby is made of chakra-reinforced wood for extreme durability and all her joints are purely chakra for maximum flexibility.  This also means that each joint can extend and separate for a distance of about 10 yards with a rope of chakra connecting each part without loss in control.


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