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Inoko Uchiha WIP

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Inoko Uchiha WIP

Post by Inoko on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:27 am

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Name: Inoko Uchiha
Nickname/Alias: Inoko Sadismus(what she tells most people)
Renowned Alias:
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance:
Inoko is a rather tall woman that measures in at about six foot five and weighs in at one hundred and sixty nine pounds. She has long hair that reaches down to the back of her knees or mid-calf level at it's longest points and curves down her back vaguely similar to a slithering snake. She has two main ways of parting her hair, one is that she doesn't really do much and just lets the hair fall over one side of her face. The other takes a little more work in the morning, she parts it at the top left and there's either be a direct shift to the right or her hair will sort of stand a bit away from the curve as well in some parts. The rest sort of cradles her face, curving inwards mostly at chin level. Her hair is fairly straight overall with minor curling at the ends and is a light blonde colour. Her eyebrows of the same colour are what one could call sharp, but are usually partially or completely hidden by her hair. Inoko's eyes are a piercing shade of scarlet with a slit shaped black pupil. Inoko's eyelashes are fairly long and the general shape of her eye along with these lashes sort of give her an effect of seeming as if she is most often giving people bedroom eyes. This also has to do with how her eyelids most comfortably/naturally sit. Her mouth is also notably wide, always looking like she's smiling about some sort of secret, that or she's just pretty happy. She often wears red lipstick or just goes natural when she leaves the house. Her teeth have upper canines that look a fair bit longer and sharper than the average person and Inoko has a pretty long tongue.

Inoko has very pale skin and chooses not to spend too much time in the sun if she can help it because she burns fairly easily when the sun really starts to beat down and she doesn't really need that kind of distraction all the time.  Inoko is a rather leggy person,  having what seems to be calves of steel and some powerful thighs that could probably crush a skull. She has a notable amount of abdominal strength too shown by her abs, though most of that muscle is inside, not that visible, as abdominal muscles tend to be. Her figure is curvaceous to say the least and she definitely is fully aware of that fact, noted by how she tends to dress.

Inoko wears a variety of outfits but they all seem to have common theme throughout them, they are generally somewhat provocative/revealing. She isn't a particular fan of overheating and as such dresses to that concept. Her most commonly worn outfit consists of a black sleeveless crop top of a leathery looking material that has a variably shaped keyhole and a bit of a collar going up her neck in lieu of a choker she sometimes wears. With it she will often wear a similarly made pair of shorts which live up to their name of being rather short. Inoko also wears a pair of bands that take up about 2/3's of her forearms as well as a pair of red and black striped thigh highs. Finally are her black boots, fairly pointy and design, and a variety of underwear, often red. Another outfit is one in which her top mostly just covers most of her breasts to halfway towards her stomach and reaches back around her, tied together. She has short bands about three inches wide up closer to her shoulders.This outfit explicitly always comes with a choker and she usually puts her hair into a ponytail. A bit lower entails her skirt with thigh highs and a garter belt, this entire outfit coming in a few different colours as well a pair of boots with it. She also has an outfit that can be a mixture of these lower body pieces with a corset.

Personality: Inoko is a social child, extroverted as one might say, having the best time when she can be around others and interact. She gets her energy from being around those she feels close to and will goof off endlessly with them. She's a tad bit lazy on a professional level, not really applying herself to anything until recently, having spent most of her life just having fun. Because of this, it wasn't until a bit back that she started learning at the ninja academy. On another level, Inoko isn't adverse to getting a workout, she's particularly known for getting into brawls much to the chagrin of her family and as such has kept in pretty good shape to continue doing so. The reason behind her getting into so many fights is she is sadomasochistic, so whether she wins or looses, she's getting some sort of enjoyment out of it. Now on this subject, her enjoyment of her own pain or others isn't strictly sexual, though at times it may be. She enjoys it on the basis that it's just enjoyable to feel at this point and most often will just laugh unless she's thinking lewd thoughts and/or whilst most likely an attractive woman is the deliverer in such a scenario.

Inoko is also envious of many, she craves to attain that which she doesn't yet have. Because of this, she is proud that she is an Uchiha and has the capacity to learn far more jutsu than the average person. However this doesn't simply pertain to jutsu. She desires many a material wealth as well, she would do a lot to get more money including some not so kind acts, such as thievery of those that are far richer than her. Stealing is a crime that she would very likely commit if she thought she'd get away with it as its the simplest way for her to get things that she wants, things right before her. Accompanying this personality trait is that she is avaricious, similarly there are many things that she wants and will defend to the death to keep. Her fun lifestyle, her possessions, people, really anything that one could think of. She's not overly hard to piss off either if one knows her buttons to push. She is very much not a fan of young children, finding them whiny, annoying brats. Usually this envelops those who are twelve years old or younger. She avidly despises eating most vegetables and having to look at overly muscular people. Not to mention her burning hatred of being preached at by religious people and in general being told what to do by others.

Despite the things that annoy her, she is fairly goofy like the children she holds disdain for so it's kind of hypocritical. She'll engage in many stupid stunts if she sees an entertainment factor in it, constantly is making really bad jokes which are either puns, morbid, or both. Despite her disdain for children at first, if she is around them long enough they may begin to grow on her and she'll likely treat them as a friend as well. Inoko is confident in herself both appearance-wise and in strength thought the latter might not always hold true against everyone she meets. She knows that she's got a favourable body and given the need or desire, she will flaunt it. She is highly vindictive, taking any offenses grave enough such as an insult to her pride to heart and beginning to desire glorious vengeance. Inoko is mostly an open book towards her emotions, wearing her feelings on her sleeves, her face most often matches how she feels about a subject. Finally, towards those she likes and cares about she is very affectionate, hugs abound and if she has romantic feelings towards someone she makes it easily known with her words and actions.

Inoko is utterly horrified of a couple of things, given her constant need to socialize and have friends or family around, it could be figured out that she is fearful of being alone. And being alone in this case doesn't mean just being in a room with no one around for a while, but having nobody that cares for her or there to be nobody she can talk to. True solitude. She is also fearful of horses, their souless looking eyes, long faces, weird bodies, whatever it is about them, Inoko can't stand to be around any sort of equine. Inoko loves getting attention, when the spotlight is on her is when she is at her happiest, whether in fame or infamy, it feels good to be noticed, especially if its by a pretty lady. Inoko's always admired tattoos and one day wishes to get one and loves to dress in a gothic style when the situation doesn't make doing so impossible. She is also a fan of dairy products, sweets, fruits, and meats. Finally, there are a few quirks that she has about her. Some of them are more noticeable and some minor. When Inoko is talking, occasionally there may be a sort of hissing noise that's produced. When she feels a certain level of affection for someone she may be driven to want to lick their face, that level being most likely someone in a relationship with her or a very close friend. She loves to wiggle her arms when she's not doing anything and fairly often bites her tongue or bites/licks her lips when she's not thinking about it.

Catch Phrase:
Beliefs/Religion: (Basically what does your character believe in. Even if its nothing, explain why he/she doesn't believe in anything.)
Country of Birth: (Land of Wind or Water *All others are currently closed*)

(This is what has happened in your life. It is optional for Academy Student. Suggested if going for Genin or higher. Provide details on the characters early life and major events that occurred to them prior to the present day. Be sure that your history does not go against the sites timeline. Check out the plots to see just where the setting of SoL takes place.)

Role-Play Sample:
(How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.)

**Your starting rank will depend on how well your application is. SO make sure you put some effort in it if you desire a higher rank**


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