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Roku Shuura

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Roku Shuura Empty Roku Shuura

Post by Roku on Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:27 pm

Roku Shuura KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Roku Shuura 150997
Name: Roku Shuura
Nickname/Alias: N/A as of yet
Renowned Alias: N/A as of yet
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance:
Roku is about 4'6" and 110 lb. He has long, sleek black hair which he usually pulls back into a ponytail, but it tends to get loose when there is any form of physical exertion on his part. It is somewhat strandy, as it forms in small, tight locks and always seems to sit well, rarely tangling. He has, generally, wide eyes that make him appear as if he knows too much and has seen too much to be as small as he is. The eyes themselves are grey, except for the whites, and it is nearly impossible to decipher the iris from the pupil and other parts of the eye. His skin is rather smooth and he is tan, and even though he is still quite small, he has a distinguished jawline. His arms are rather wiry as he focuses little on physical speed and power, but prefers dexterity and intelligence. His fingers always tends to have cuts on them from working with his puppets.

Roku tends to dress well, despite not having much money. The very little money he does get goes to clothing, and he is somewhat more interested in it than most boys his age. In a casual situation, Roku is most often seen in jean pants or athletic ball shorts and a pair of tasteful, usually multicolored, shoes. The jeans are generally a darker shade of blue with faded knees and slightly thin to allow freedom of movement. His shirts are usually a simple V-neck t-shirt of any color, but with little design. When training or doing something that requires athleticism of Roku, he will tend to wear simple black Shinobi sneakers, loose, black cloth pants, a beater which may vary in color, and, depending on the weather, a cloak for warmth. He will also sometimes wear a black windbreaker if in a heavily wooded environment or in the desert to protect from thorns, poisonous plants, the sun, and sand.
Personality: Roku is a pretty casual kid. He is somewhat overly playful, as he tends to make too many jokes or go just a tad bit too far while playing and hurt someone and/or their feelings. He sometimes makes jokes too soon or in bad situations and offends people. Other than that, he is a really good kid, as he always looks to stand up for the smaller kids around him that get teased and picked on, and he is always very thoughtful, going out of his way to do nice things for people. He loves listening to older people, though not because they are his elders; instead, it is because he knows that, at their age, they've always got at least one story that Roku can learn from, whether it be a small thing to get into the habit of doing to improve his life, or how to handle his emotions in a heavy situation.

Roku's emotions run hot sometimes, as he will often find himself far more happy or angry than a situation would call for. Just as drastically, sometimes he responds with much less emotion than would be expected of him. He may find himself screaming because someone bumped him in the hall, and he only responded with a small smile when he was given permission to learn the ninja arts, after begging for almost two years. Other than these things, he is more or less a normal boy of his age. He loves toys, loves playing outside, and is slowly advancing into the age that he is realizing that girls aren't as icky as he first thought. And far less so when they have bumps in places he doesn't.
Catch Phrase: Go'n somewhere.
Beliefs/Religion: Roku is atheist. He believes that all things that happen to him are a consequence of his or someone else's actions, and to believe otherwise is foolish. He believes that religion began as a way to explain things that could not be explained and to gain devout followers, but that knowledge has progressed to a point that it is no longer necessary to make things up. He does, however, relish the opportunity to learn about religion, as he finds it fascinating and somewhat entertaining.
Country of Birth: The Land of Water

Roku Shuura JrzoiGm

As this is not required for an academy student, I'm just going to give a basic timeline (I've never liked histories).
-Born to the Hyuuga Clan but kidnapped in a raid.
-Age 2, his kidnappers are killed and he is delivered to a loving, non-Hyuuga family by some sort of peacekeeper.
-Age 5, he becomes overly fascinated by toys. Dolls particularly.
-Age 7, he gets into puppet making (not puppets that ninja use.)
-Age 7, he begins to beg to learn to be a ninja. His parents say no because they know he has already experienced danger in that world.
-Age 9, after 2 years of begging, his parents agree to allow him to learn to be a ninja.
-Age 10, he makes his first puppet named Ruby.

Role-Play Sample:
As the young ANBU – yes, he was still young in his upper twenties – approached the island which was going to be his training center, thoughts continued to run through his mind as to what exactly the nature of this training would be. Knowing that the man who was training him was one of the Sukaikage, he let his imagination run wild with what it could be. Anywhere from sparring some sort of mythical creature to being assigned a top secret mission or even being taught a forbidden Ninjutsu unknown to even the most elite of Shinobi in the world. Nothing in this training session could surprise him.

He resembled a very oddly shaped bird as he hung in the sky, suspended in the air by his inhuman, yet organic wings. It was true, they were organic, and were made from the exact same skin that could be found on the wings of the average bat, the thin, yet strong membrane stretching over what should be the bones concerning any normal wings, but in this case were rods of Carbon Nanotubes whose shape resembled the bones of a bat, though in a much larger proportion due to the size and mass of his body compared to that of a bat.

He loved seeing the event that played out next, with Shinigai mustering a massive amount of might to shatter the entire glass dome over the circular island to which the duo approached. The sun glistened between the varying sizes and shapes of the shards of glass, sending streams of color through the air, rendering the illusion that the air was painted with an enormous spray brush and the paint just lingered in the air. The sight was truly awe inspiring, one of the more beautiful images blessed upon Roku’s eyes as of late. An amazed smile spread across his face.

But he still had his brain about him, and he hovered above the dome for a few moments, knowing that descending into the area below him could prove fatal by any number of causes, from large shards of glass tearing his body to shreds to inhaling miniscule shards of glass and cutting his throat or even puncturing a lung. He watched the bird that Shinigai arrived on in the meantime as it glided away, massive compared to almost any other species of bird on Earth, each beat of its wings creating small gusts of wind powerful enough to knock over a small child.

Finally, he descended, but his smile was quickly removed from his face, though he hid any negative emotions. In the time that Roku had hovered above the island, awaiting the glass to settle, Shinigai had set up two training dummies for Roku with which he would train. The idea angered him. He was an ANBU, far past the point of needing to train with basic dummies. He needed to be able to apply his speed and strength. All the strength in the world wouldn’t help him if he couldn’t apply power behind his punches, and all the speed in the world wouldn’t help him if he could not turn and cut on a dime.

However, Shinigai begun speaking, and, his instincts as an ANBU kicking in, Roku’s attention went completely to his Sukaikage. “Back when I was just a youngling, I would practice on different things, trying my best to reach my strongest capable output of power. You and I have been cut from cloths so different that this might help you break that lock on yours. Hahahahaha, anyway what you’re going to do is work on strength and speed. From that marker, you will run and with nothing but strength you will charge that dummy, and I don't want you to stop until you've sent that dummy six feet in, understood?!”

Roku nodded his head in agreement and spoke, his tone calm, completely concealing his displeasure at this training assignment. “Yes, Sukaikage-Sama, understood.” At that point, Roku would begin a walk toward Shinigai himself, laying on the ground without the use of his legs, and the marker he placed in the ground, and once more speak; “Thank you, Sukaikage-Sama, for taking your own time to train me today. It is in honor.” He really was grateful for Shinigai’s time, but he wished they would start at the more hardcore portion of training.

Placing his left foot about two feet behind his right and just a few inches to the left, Roku bent his knees and leaned slightly forward with his hands held in front of him at the ready position. His left leg, the one further to the rear, extended first, allowing him to accelerate quickly and his right extended after, putting out as much power as possible to climb speeds as quickly as he could. There was a small gouge in the earth from where his right foot left it, flinging a bit of dirt and grass into the air.

He reached his maximum velocity in just a few steps, and, to maximize his momentum, took large, gaping steps that cleared as much distance with each bound as was possible, and he wondered just how he was going to force the training dummies six feet into the solid rock behind them as he was told without destroying large muscles and bones in his body, but he wasn’t one to disobey. The thirty meters were cleared and he was ready to strike.

He bent at the waist and leapt, hurling his weight forward and colliding with one of the training dummies with his left shoulder, slamming it into the rock wall behind it and wound up on the ground. Small bits of stone fell on his face, and, as he looked up, there was a few gouges in the rock face produced by his impact, but nothing special, and definitely not nearly what Shinigai seemed to want from him. He stood, his shoulder extremely sore. He knew, almost without a doubt, that he was injured, not badly, but badly enough that he felt it.

He spoke, his tone dry, his humor both serious and comedic. “That… didn’t feel good. We don’t all have indestructible bones like you do, Sukaikage-Sama.” A grimace found its place on Roku’s face as he rubbed his left shoulder, pain shooting up and down his left arm in a way that was fairly counter-intuitive. Instead of shooting from his shoulder and going downward, the pain actually begun at his fingertips and shot up his arm. He could track it by the intensity with which it presented itself; it was mostly just a dull ache, but every few seconds, a wave would shoot from his fingertips to his shoulder.


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Roku Shuura Empty Re: Roku Shuura

Post by Bastian on Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:20 pm

The only issue here is the History and RP Sample.

History ~ I won't to apologize for the inconvenience, I had thought i edited that portion out concerning the need for a history. This is a requirement for all, since Academy student is no longer a rank on this site. (We use the Letter system D-Rank, C-Rank, ect). So, you will be required to provide a proper history (paragraph style). Again, sorry for the confusion and thank you for helping me notice that bit of information.

Rp-Sample ~ This isn't a major deal and does not prevent you from getting approved, but we expect you to provide the same quality of posts you give for your sample. This is so others who may or may not want to team up or rp with you know what type of rper they are dealing with.

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