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Senkin, Naomi

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Senkin, Naomi Empty Senkin, Naomi

Post by Naomi on Tue Aug 09, 2016 12:40 am

Senkin, Naomi KqNKFgt
Photo ID:
Senkin, Naomi 241113
Name: Senkin, Naomi
Nickname/Alias: N/A
Renowned Alias: N/A
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", whilst the saying is certainly true, many would agree that Naomi possesses two especially captivating characteristics regarding her physical appearance: both her eyes and hair. When inquiries are made regarding the color of her eyes - there would be conflicting reports of blue and green; both are incorrect. The true color of the woman's ocular glasses is a gainsborough gray - often seen as either a pale blue or green depending on the lighting or her set of clothing. Though all three variations have a tendency of attracting the attention of others as a result of their clarity - seemingly baring her very soul to the world. Their somewhat rounded shape bears evidence of metamorphosing into a rather sharper shape with the passage of time - a fact that swiftly urges onward with the stress induced by her status as a kunoichi. While such clear eyes may ordinarily be counted as a blessing - such is not the case with the deranged youth. A set of eyes exhibiting such clarity are just as easily described as honest - easily exhibiting emotions; rarely capable of shielding sentiments or tell a convincing orthodox lie. Shooting flames of malice whenever angered, crystalline sparkles when joyous, and dull blank stares whilst saddened - to give a few examples. Hence, while she may be quite difficult to understand, any whom pay attention to her eyes would gather some insight - and an indication as to when they should start running. Such windows of the soul lay surrounded by deep curled lashes which further promote attention given to them. Situated a short distance, one would find dark finely-arched brows; placed high upon her forehead, especially whenever she finds herself overexcited. A striking contrast is made between the color of her hair and that of her eyes - instilling an exotic appearance: her usual wild and thick mane of hair possesses an unearthly red color.

The overwhelming shade of red often prompts others to fantasize wild fire running rampant atop her head - though even that description fails to truly capture what the color truly represents. Rays of sunlight play along with wild and untamed strands whom have never once succumbed to the teeth of a comb - further giving the youth an intense appearance. As a result of her apathetic nature, her hair is often kept relatively short in order to limit the need for maintenance; albeit it remains long enough still to reach her shoulders. The indomitable state often obscures her vision in form of strands dropping before her eyes - irritating the youth at the futility of brushing her bangs aside. Upon reaching the absolute limit of her patience, Naomi will cut silky strands in a semi-random manner with ease; unperturbed to the concept of beautifying herself - she never was one to bother with such hassle. Both the stunning color and unruly hairstyle is pleasantly suitable to Naomi - a fair representation of  her indomitable personality. The origin of her iconic hair lied within a desire to protest against society's view of a girl - refusing to be someone concerned with her appearance, head filled with the idea of romance, to act in a manner "befitting of a woman". Hence bringing about her nature as a tomboy, which would follow her for the remainder of her life. Whilst she does indeed possess certain attractive qualities in form of natural beauty - she is not without faults of her own. An often unnoticed example are her eyebrows - the left is a shade lighter than that of the right. A nose that is often referred as slightly too big, or slightly too small - in short, a variety of such things that are only truly noticed upon closer inspection. These imperfections are often hidden by her stronger qualities - such as the way her messy strands of hair frame her delicate face as to bring about her well-defined jawline and high cheekbones; hence her chin appears small but well-defined, thus thrusts out in a rather adorable manner whenever she feels offended by something, or feels the need to state a point. Flattering lips of a light-rose color described as full and soft - with pearly whites finely straightened.    

As an individual whom prefers the outdoors versus staying indoors - her skin had gained a golden tawny complexion over the years; remaining free of any marring blemishes upon its smooth surface. The knowledge that Naomi refrains from using cosmetics could prove to be an annoyance to other females - instead, she relies heavily upon a healthy diet and exercise leading her to retain a fresh and clean appearance. While she may be described as an attractive person by most - despite her poor social skills and deranged demeanor. She carries herself more-so in a 'manly' manner rather than using feminine charms - often having her walking forward referred as 'stomping onward', devouring any meal as if she were starving. As a result of her tomboy-ish upbringing, her mannerisms and speech lack any flirtatious quality; hence in this regard, she is seen as rather innocent between the differences of a man and a woman. Those whom knew of her during her earlier years, would be surprised to find that she had quite the growth spurt - typically towering over those within her age-group; to which she enjoys immensely. But alas, it appears that upon reaching the age of fourteen, she had found herself stuck in front of the 5'11" (180 cm) wall. While she may not be considered short, she would have preferred gaining a few inches more to her height - seeing as she disdains being looked down upon in a literal sense. It appeared that her growth spurt had also included her having taken out most of her physical development - having achieved quite an impressive hourglass figure at the tender age of fifteen; much to her dismay. At present time, she bears a slim waist - with a flat stomach with a nice hint of abs situated above. Her legs are both long and slender - though possess strength under the guise of flat sinewy muscles; a testament to her training as a kunoichi. Likewise, her arms are also long and slender - yet retain a certain sense of grace. She possesses rounded firm buttocks, and as previously mentioned, a generously-sized bosom.              

Fashioned with a pair of small ears which lay hidden beneath the thick mass of hair - she seldom bothers wearing earrings, or any form of jewelry for that matter, despite having the required piercings in each of her earlobes. As with any person, her line of clothing possesses quite a range in terms of style - often influenced by the weather or situation. Though she does hold a personal preference over sturdy and comfortable clothing rather than stylish or elegant as per most people. For example - she vastly prefers wearing a pair of jeans rather than a skirt; though appears to have no qualms with shorts in reason of their ease of movement. Tank-tops are a common choice, though it is not uncommon for her to don light shirts. In terms of color coordination, she prefers light colors though has an accepting stance with black; commonly attributed to her boots. Upon those relaxing or warm days of summer - she would choose to walk with her feet bare, or even a pair of sandals. In short, she is an individual whom seeks comfort and appreciates a sense of freedom over anything else. In addition to, she owns a black leather jacket which she rather likes - albeit typically only wears during cold days.


- Aggressive
- Cerebral
- Contemplative
- Independent
- Shrewd


- Cynical
- Enigmatic
- Irreverent
- Nihilistic
- Predatory


- Breezes
- Carbonated Drinks
- Night-time
- Novels
- Occult


- Novels
- People
- Repetition
- Seafood
- Sympathy

The vast majority of shinobi hold themselves in high esteem; even if such beliefs are quite inaccurate. There are but a few whom, on the other hand, are not as confident of themselves and thus covet the same confidence and self-assurance than their more "self-assured" opposites. But there exists a rather rare breed, such as our precarious red-haired youth, whom are neither conceited nor lacking in confidence. Unlike most people, the being known as Naomi does not think of herself as just as good than, nor any better, than someone else. The girl possesses quite a humble impression of herself, both in relation to her skills and overall personality. In fact, she has a certain sense of modesty which may be considered as special; since she not only avoids saying anything positive about herself, but takes it a step further by focusing more upon the negative qualities and traits - even if such things do not exist. One could say that the girl does not overestimate herself, but rather underestimates herself; as she would always downplay her own various achievements and talents. Either she would act as if they were of no extraordinary value, or otherwise would point out some sort of flaw. One would quite literally never hear the delinquent boast or brag about anything, and should she ever, it would have been an extremely rare and special exception. She seeks no actual praise or acknowledgement of her worth; the sort of person whom does not desire any sense of public recognition, rather wishing to stay out of the spotlight.

One may expect someone who bags upon herself to have an inferiority complex or otherwise a sense of low self-esteem, but such is not the case with Naomi. The fledgling is one-hundred-percent confident about her strength, and has no wish of changing whom she is. In other words, she fully believes everything that she says about herself. When she trains, it is not to better herself enough to become a competent fighter, nor to rid herself of an observed weakness; she simply trains to keep her skills sharp. She remains convinced that she is neither an exceptionally talented kunoichi nor a failure; in her eyes, she is a mediocre kunoichi, someone whom may easily be overshadowed by more spectacular people. She would even go so far as to sometimes attribute accomplishments to mere chance rather than any talent on her part, even when such was clearly not the case. In her viewpoint, the sole noteworthy factor about herself is the fact that she is an Iryō-nin, and as she further adds, a rather mediocre one. Whether or not true, few may say, primarily in reason of most people doubting whether the girl is competent or not, especially since she keeps remarking that she is not. The habit of self-deprecation can have some unintentional benefits, though. To elaborate: everyone has a tendency to exaggerate some aspect about himself or herself, and the young lady is no different. Humorously enough, in Naomi's case, her claims are not exaggerated because she might be weaker than she says she is - she might be stronger than she says she is. Some people, when exposed to her self-deprecation, might be led to believe that she could be as weak as she claims; even the most skeptical of people might be the tiniest bit convinced of this.

Having lived the life of an outcast, Naomi is hardly the most optimistic of people. To put it bluntly, the woman is cynical and pessimistic, seeing the world through black-tinted lens. Having lived a rough life fraught with difficulties in regard to her situation, she knows that the world is not all gumdrops and lollipops, particularly since she has not experienced much happiness throughout her life. Along with hefty cynicism, she also possesses a poor impression of Mankind, harboring near-misanthropic feelings towards people. This is connected with her general mistrust of all people, no matter what kind of mindset he or she has. Every human holds a twinge of darkness within them, thus, one must be wary around all of them. Coupled with her dark outlook on life and her distrusting nature, one might be hard-pressed to gain the trust of this peculiar ninja. Both past and present, the girl gives very few people the courtesy of trust and friendship. This anti-social behavior is because she believes that placing one’s trust in too many people can be more detrimental than beneficial to any one person; seeing this as a logical belief, and thus adheres to it. Something else she finds logical is control over her emotions and desires. As she determined, one’s emotions have the power to manipulate and control a person’s mind and actions. Many emotions cloud a person’s reasoning, and a person without reason is no better than a savage.

Therefore, it is a necessity, particularly for a kunoichi, to have complete control over their emotions and maintain a collected mindset. As such, she makes an effort to not give into her emotions or desires, or at least not frequently, thus allowing her the advantage of a cool head. She is quite remarkably calm and composed, rarely showing any form of emotion. In fact, she is seen more-so with an amused demeanor than anything else, often addressing others with sarcasm or mockful manner of speech. It can go without saying that her dry, dark sense of humor makes her a rather difficult person to get along with sometimes. As of yet, the sixteen year old has not displayed any kind of romantic affection to anyone, and seems unlikely to do so at all; she has no interest in sexual activities or eros, appearing to be psychologically asexual if anything, and is more or less contemptuous towards such things.

Naomi is a pragmatic individual - approaching everything with a logical and sensible outlook. If an act has no beneficial result or significant meaning to it, she will often refrain from performing it. As a pragmatic individual, she will do anything she can to accomplish a task, or ensure her continued existence. Both in and outside of battle, she would resort to any tactic, no matter how underhanded or dishonorable, to complete an objective. This opportunist has no qualms about manipulating or deceiving others for personal gain, even willing to resort to extreme sadistic acts to achieve them. Truthfully, she always hides behind a mask - a mask of lies and deception. When coupling such “assholeness” with her relatively strong sense of self-preservation, it goes without saying that Naomi will go to great lengths to advance her own interests. She is not above back-stabbing someone should it be beneficial to her, or even fleeing a battle against an opponent that is clearly more powerful than she - even if it would result abandoning others. With all that said, it should still be remembered that she is a pragmatic individual. Whatever she does, she will only do if there is actually something to be gained from it. For example, she would not needlessly inflict pain on a defeated enemy, or even go as far as to land a lethal blow, if the opposite would be more sensible. If there is more to be gained by abandoning an objective rather than completing it, or vice versa, then she will go with the more beneficial route. This is why she becomes annoyed when falling prey to emotions; as her logical thinking can be hampered, and may result in her performing unnecessary and detrimental acts. Put simply, while she may be a despicable character because of her practical nature, she is not necessarily malicious. She could kick the dog if she wanted, but if there is no benefit in it, then why bother?

Catch Phrase: N/A
Beliefs/Religion: Nihilism; skepticism against existence. Naomi is among few whom follow a philosophy which denotes that everything is one of three things: meaningless, without value, or simply does not exist. This philosophy extends to many aspects, such as: life, morality, knowledge -  to name a few. With a lack of true emotional depth, the teenager had found herself unhindered by emotion and thus being much more logical than not; allowing her to eventually adapt this philosophy in a natural manner as she walked along the road of life.    
Country of Birth: Mizu no kuni

Senkin, Naomi JrzoiGm


Our story begins with the introduction of a man by the name of Shirayuki Saito; a mid-ranking officer of one of the earlier settlements. Just like any other of his rank, he had indeed been a fine shinobi whom displayed skill through his line of work. Though, his aptitude as a shinobi paled in comparison to his undying love and loyalty to the village: including comrades. He would later become a prestigious researcher whom furthered the technological advancements of the shinobi world. In reason of this, he had been one of the more respected men of the village. He, unlike many of his peers, had a friendly rivalry with one of his former Genin squad-mates; an esteemed kunoichi by the name Kimura Ayaka. It had been since their first training session, where the two would constantly compete against one another; she wishing to prove that kunoichi are as good, if not better, than their shinobi counter-parts, and his sole goal had been to impress her. As the fates would have it, through thick-and-thin, they would survive their harsh occupation; watching each others' back as they completed mission after mission. It had therefore been no surprise that the both of them had ended up falling in love with one another; granted, it had taken them quite a while for either to realize this fact. Or come to terms with it. When the word spread that the two of them would be engaged to one another, there had been a great deal of approved nodding among the older folk; you were not able to find a more perfect match, they would say. It had taken but a few months before the two would marry, the entire village were happy for those two; wishing for them to lead a happy life together. As a result, the newlyweds had eventually decided that it would be best to leave the village and move into the countryside, desiring their lives to be spent in peace in an attempt of raising a family together. Many of the villagers had been saddened and distraught over the news; considering such fine ninja were leaving the village and the military; though cheers and congratulations were still fresh in the air nonetheless.

Hence, upon the arrival of the destined day where they left, they would settle themselves in a small village; making a small cottage their new home. Saito had managed to find himself a satisfactory job in no time at all, whilst Ayaka spent most of her days mingling with the other folk, focusing on enjoying everything that life had to offer her. They were as happy as could be; and a cynical man would have stated that certain tragedy was dying to strike at them, but nothing of the sort had ever occurred in the couple's life. It would have taken them but a few months after settling in their new home when Saito had came home to great news; Ayaka excitedly declared that she were with child. Delighted to hear this piece of news, it had not been long before they were telling their friends and relatives alike that they were expecting a child. From then on, the days went by with great anticipation and excitement as they awaited; planning and fantasizing about the aspect of being parents. However, happiness unfortunately never lasted forever. The news of a great tragedy would have reached the loving duo, said news consisted of the deaths of numerous shinobi during an important and clandestine mission; many of the casualties, if not most, were the closest friends of Saito. As per the request of his dying friends, he had been informed of their passing. Hence, upon learning of the deaths of his beloved comrades, the retired shinobi had been horror-struck and promptly hurried back to his previous life as soon as he could. Upon having returned home from the shinobi village, he had came back as a slightly different man. The loss of his precious comrades, the thought of not being there to help them in their hour of need (and subsequently the village), had greatly wounded his very soul.

He had found some sort of comfort by being together with his wife during their mourning whom would try her very best to cheer him up. After a while he had indeed seemingly felt better in reason of his wife being there for him; thanking her. With the knowledge that he would soon become a father, he had been quite aware that it would do no good for his soon-to-be expanded family if he had spent his last days sulking and in mourning. In reason of this, he had returned to his normal self; much to his wife's relief. However, she had sensed still that her husband had changed to a certain degree; though what, she did not know. At that point in time, she had not known just how accurate her womanly intuition had been. Days would come to pass, flora turned from green to autumn colors, all appeared to have returned normal. Right. But there had been something different in the atmosphere. Saito had not been behaving as per his usual perky-self; at times, he had been rather distant and inattentive, it had been as if his mind were somewhere else rather than the current present. From time to time, he would leave for long periods of time, a fact that Ayaka had more than once observed. He hung around mysterious people, or spent hours alone at his study; something had definitely been amiss. Naturally, Ayaka would wonder as to what had been wrong with her husband, starting to worry that he had started to involve himself with some sort of bad crowd. It had been shortly after that, that the fated day, had at long last arrived.

Ayaka laid in the hospital ward, and in her arms, was a small baby girl; Saito was found beside her. Upon first glance, the child did not appear to belong to either of them; she had not possessed the shining blonde hair of Ayaka, nor her green eyes, or of Saito's muddy-brown hair and eyes. Instead, the eyes of the youth were a stormy-gray color, her small strands of hair had clearly been of a black coloring. Though the lack of resemblance between child and parents did not bother either parent; they were just happy to see that they child was alive and in good health. The father had remarked that he had hoped that their daughter would grow up to be as beautiful as she; which the latter gave a nod in response, along with a smile as she looked down unto their newly-born daughter. They had already picked a name beforehand, seeing as they had awaited for this day for a long time. Hence they had named the child Shirayuki Rei. A part of Ayaka had desperately hoped that her husband would soon return to his regular-self now that he were a father. To her immense relief, he had done just that, reverting to his playful and joyous demeanor; as judged from his playing and loving of the child. The sight had naturally pleased her, for she had been glad that the Saito she had known and loved was finally back. The days would pass by pleasantly, life just seemed perfectly beautiful. It would only be two months later when disaster had struck.

It had been after awakening in the morning that they had discovered that their daughter had been kidnapped in the middle of the night. The two parents had been horrified by what had happened, hence they began searching everywhere so that they may find their daughter, they would ask for the other villagers to help them look; they were desperate to find Rei. Ayaka looked as if the world had come to an end; she was terrified for her daughter, worried that she may have been in grave danger as they searched for her. This time, it had been Saito that would be there for her, helping her get through the mess in which they found themselves in. In the end, it had been his confidence that they would find their daughter that had stopped the mother from doing anything drastic. One night, whilst laying in bed attempting to fall asleep; she had heard someone sneaking out of the house, which she surmised that it must have been Saito. She had, for a long time, been worried about the changed personality of her husband. Though she had cast behind that worry with the belief that they were erroneous. Though said worry arose once more. She had begun to follow Saito; recalling her training as a kunoichi, specifically how to shadow others. She had no idea as to where her husband hurried along, but she had been more than determined to find out. Despite harboring suspicions, she had yet to distrust her husband; regardless of that fact, a part of her had been telling her that something was wrong. Hence, she followed him through the dead of night; which ultimately lead her across the land until her husband had reached the entrance of a small cave, at the base of a mountain. His cautious nature had made her all the more suspicious that something was wrong, and without a second thought, she had followed her husband into the cave.

Upon having stepped into the tunnel, she had found herself reaching a large stone cavern; seemingly crafted by hand into the mountain. Inside, she had then shortly spotted her husband speaking to a number of cloaked figures. She surveyed the dank room, which was lit only by a few braziers, revealing various pieces of lab equipment. Her eyes had then focused upon a peculiar sight atop of the ground, noticing that there had been a large and intricate seal; and in the center, a large barrel was suspended above by a few meters. With her presence hidden, she gawked from a distance as her husband and the mysterious men scattered to stand at various points around the seal. One of the cloaked figures stepped forward, depositing a small object wrapped in numerous folds of cloth above the center of the seal. Her being an expert on all things fuuinjutsu, had known immediately that this had been some sort of sealing ceremony; albeit she had no actual idea as to what was currently being sealed. The aforementioned cloaked figure had then positioned outside of the seal, just like the others had done, and as one they (including Saito) began forming a string of handseals; too quick for her to determine or memorize the set of seals being done. As she watched from the shadows, the markings upon the floor which made the seal, began to snake toward the object in the center; slipping through the cloth which covered the unknown object. Immediately when the last marking had vanished underneath the folds, the barrel suspended above, had begun to shake in a violent manner; swinging from its chain in an unstable manner. None of the figures had reacted in the slightest, continuing to perform the necessary handseals as to complete the sealing ceremony. Whilst they continued, a dark-gray smoke began to seep out of the barrel; flowing smoothly into the object located directly underneath. Just as it had been with the markings, the gas would slide underneath the bundle of cloth until it finally vanished from sight.

All of the cloaked figures have formed the final seal, which then one of them had stepped forward as to collect the object situated upon the ground. Said bundle of cloth would then be passed into the arms of Saito; the latter looked down upon the object with a content look, and of fiery determination. He would proceed to lower the cloth from atop the object, which upon the reveal, Ayaka would loudly gasp as she came to the realization that the object... was Rei. More confused than she had previously been, she stepped out from behind her cover and proceeded to call out to her husband. Startled by her presence he would stare at her, clearly shocked by her being there. Slowly, with a stunned voice, she had asked Saito as to what had just happened, and more importantly, why was their daughter here? With the lack of a response, Ayaka advanced toward and grabbed her daughter out of the clutches of the still-stunned Saito. She had been close enough to her daughter to realize that there had been an intricate seal tattooed, or rather etched, unto the center of her girl's chest. A look akin to that of fierce fire was directed toward her spouse; said look caused the cloaked figures behind her husband to automatically step back a pace. It had taken a few seconds of silence until Saito had finally spoke up. He, with an unnerving sense of calm, had told his wife that Rei had not been kidnapped; confessing that he himself had taken her away one night, bringing their daughter to this place. Whenever he had been asked by the distraught wife as to why he had done so, he replied with a content look that it had been all for their village; all in the pursuit of safety of the village and citizens. He proceeded to explain that the barrel above contained the pinnacle of his research - specifically the genetic mutations which all kekkei genkai derive from. For many years, he had been researching disparities and similarities until he eventually came across the answer. After much time and effort - alongside help from his comrades - he had successfully created a physical embodiment and sealed it away into a barrel for later use. Immediately afterward he brought Rei in order to become the first successful prototype, he had brought their child here so that she could be turned into the perfect shinobi, a warrior unmatched by any other - the first with an artificial kekkei genkai.

As she listened to the narrative, she had backed away from her psychotic husband; her face horrified, yet furious, as to what he was saying. She had been unable to fathom that her loving husband would do something like that, to their newborn daughter no less! She would yell at him as she asked how he could do such a thing, how the hell he thought that he had the right to do such a thing. A chuckle escaped his lips, repeating once more that it had been done for the village; all for the safety of the village. Rei would be raised as the head of the ultimate army, so that should they ever need it, they would have unbelievable power at their disposal. They would be able to crush anyone who stood against them, and never again would anyone in the village have to suffer or feel fear. A strange looked had taken place upon his face whilst he spoke, a strange glint in his eyes as well. He had looked like a completely different person now, his mind broken as a result of his obsession for his desire of avenging his fallen comrades. Once having finished his speech the mother would proceeded to shake her head, and with a sense of defiance told her husband that she refused to allow her daughter to be a monstrous result of his obsession. Hence she had ordered Saito to undo whatever he had done to Rei immediately; and snarled as she made yet another comment that, if he had felt that the village needed this as badly as he claimed, then he should turn himself into an abomination instead. She loved her daughter too much to allow her to suffer or have her future tarnished as a result of this monstrous experiment of her father. Such words had surprised Saito; he had honestly believed that his wife would understand, that their shared love for the village would have her agree with what he had done. A minute of silence passed as he glared at the woman he loved, seeing her in a new light. Finally, he had stroked his hair; looked around him distractedly as if he were lost in thought.

He had then looked at his wife, his expression was then cold and dark. With a flat tone, devoid of any emotion: if she was to stand in the way of his protecting his village, then she was an enemy; and if that were the case... then he had to perform his duty and rid its enemies. With those hateful words of his, he lunged at her, a kunai had suddenly appeared within the grasp of his left-hand as it swung toward Ayaka's throat. Ayaka had managed to dodge just in the nick of time, managed to maintain her grip on the unconscious child which laid in her arms. With a terrifying look in his eyes, Saito had then turned to face his wife. It was all-too obvious that he had been beyond reason, so she turned tail and ran out of the cave as quickly as she could manage. With no wasted movement, Saito had followed closely behind her; those two figures would dance throughout the night, Ayaka doing her best so that she may lose Saito. Normally she would not flee, she would have fought; but such action carried risk as of the moment, lest she risk injuring Rei. So she had simply ran as far as she could, recalling her training she had used a few tricks; managing to lose her pursuer, even if only for a short while. She had taken advantage of the moment, quickly taking refuge in a small town. It was still the middle of the night, hence the inhabitants of the village were fast asleep; no need to worry about anyone questioning her or taking any notice to her. She had known that Saito would shortly track her down, hence she figured she had to find a place to hide her daughter before Saito returned to hunt both of them down. The very thought of bearing such a curse in such a little body had made her heart ache; longing to find some way as to rid her beloved child of this monstrous thing. She scurried and searched throughout the village for a safe spot to hide her baby, she had left Rei behind at the town's orphanage as she ran off; trying to not think about her daughter. All she could do now... was pray that he would lead a happy life. That he would not suffer for what she and Saito had brought upon her; a cursed fate.

Rei, or rather Naomi as she was named at the orphanage, had grown up without any recollection of the above-mentioned events. Nor had she known any actual information in regards of whom her parents were, or whom she was. Strictly speaking, the orphanage which she found herself living in had been far from the best in the business. The village itself was small, poor, not well-developed, and littered with obnoxiously large families whom barely had enough money to feed themselves. The orphanage was just as small and packed with more children than it could possibly ever handle. The orphans lived in sub-standard conditions; receiving a great deal of neglect from the staff in reason of their numbers. Since the village was not well-known, and most families within the village had more members than they probably wanted... you could concur that not many adoptions have ever taken place; thus it had been a common sight to see children as old as fifteen living in the orphanage. Assuming that they had yet been kicked out, or ran away from "home". As she had grown up in a rough and neglected environment, Naomi had been far from the happiest child one could run into. She had no one to teach her about good ethics, though that is not to say that she was a delinquent. While she indeed had several bad habits which often lead her into trouble, she had never done anything severe from her lack of guidance. She had managed to procure some good qualities for herself, though she had no one to help that part of her grow. She had never been bothered with the fact that she was an orphan, unlike the vast majority of the other children at the orphanage. It was true that she had no idea whom her parents were, nor why they had abandoned her, but to her the word 'parent' was just a meaningless word. As she had never received any sort of love and affection, which every child needs as they grow, she had never understood the importance of having a family. Or for that matter, any form of relationship.

Even her friends - which 'acquaintances' might fit better - were not that close towards her; this was mostly in reason of the fact that they had found the girl to be a rather odd character. And odd she was. For one thing, she had refrained from ever showing herself to others; except on the rare occasion whenever someone had came to adopt one of the children at the orphanage. Another thing was that she refrained from spending time with people; whether in her age group or not. Instead, she would often wander in an aimless manner throughout the village and surrounding areas by her lonesome self. Merely taking in the beauty of the world around her. She loathed the orphanage, gut turning every time she returned; or even looked at it. And it was not just the orphanage... she disliked most of the people around her as well. It had not been because she thought that they were idiots, or that she was any better than them, but rather in reason that she knew that they disliked her. The adults would often murmur between themselves, catching them telling one another about how the girl gave off an odd feeling; as if there was something "wrong" with her. In reason of this treatment, she had grown to be rather quiet and cold around others; snubbing them rudely or simply ignoring them. With the bad impression she had given others, it had been no wonder as to why she remained in the orphanage for almost nine years without ever being adopted. During said nine years, all she wished was that she could find some way to leave the orphanage. If she had given the people who wanted to adopt her a chance, she may have received her wish earlier. She disliked the idea of having a parent, not appearing appealing whatsoever in the least; as such, it was unlikely that she would ever leave through adoption.

Eventually, she had indeed received her wish. It had been a day just like any other, or more accurately, it was just before sunset; yet this day would forever be etched into her memory. At the current point in time, the girl had been sitting upon the branch of a tree at the park when she had heard a loud explosion behind her. Immediately followed by screams of pain and fear. As she looked behind herself, she had seen a horde of strangers clad in black running amok the village; knocking down doors, setting buildings on fire, massacring people left and right. The mysterious group would ransack the town, killing any found. Every single building had been burnt or knocked down. Naomi ran through the burning village, through the bloodshed. Anywhere she looked, she had seen the people she had spent so many years with dying before her very eyes. The girl, though terrified, ran as fast as she could from the carnage; knowing full well that if she stayed, she would be found and killed. Wanting nothing more than to live, she had ran and ran, longer than she had ever ran in the entirety of her life; longer than she thought she could possibly manage. When she could go no longer, she had finally collapsed inside an empty cave as she rested; frightened and alone, she wondered as to what she was going to do from now on. She had remained in the cave for a few hours, only emerging from the cave when she had begun to feel hunger. She had scavenged what she could, making away with some fruit and having discovered a nearby river as to quench her thirst; once she had satisfied both hunger and thirst, she had set out in a random direction. Hopefully toward some form of civilization. She had no concise plan as she was just a child, though she had figured that it would be infinitely better to search for something rather than wait for rescue that would never come.

She walked, hours and hours still, she walked. She would climb over fallen logs, zigging and zagging around streams and rivers that she encountered along her path. It had taken her nearly three hours before she had finally come across an open road; which lead to a fork. As she had been illiterate, she had not been capable of reading the signs at the junction in order to select the best path. Instead, she had been forced to pick one of the forks at random. Fortunately enough, her decision had brought her to another village, and as soon as she saw said village, she had known that this had been much more developed than where she had grown up. She entered the village, and upon doing so, began to look to procure some form of sustenance for himself. As she was but a child of nine years, she had no money in her possession. Nor was she skilled enough in any particular domain to earn herself a living. Hence she had to resort to stealing from others, naturally this did not sit well with the people she had stolen from. As a result of this, her bad reputation seemed to persist even in this new village. She lived on the streets, stealing and struggling to survive. It had not been that much of a change from her previous life as one might have expected. In consideration of the lack of any proper comforts at the orphanage, her current lifestyle, whilst it was in no way an improvement, was nonetheless bearable. The days would turn to weeks, and weeks to months... and soon enough, Naomi had spent about a year living the life she was.

She had never stayed in that one place, as she had eventually been forced out by the inhabitants; and in other villages she happened along, she often grew tired of the same place rather than be chased out. As a result of leading such a life, she had learned a great deal about fending for herself. At times, she would not stay at a town or a village; instead camped out in the woods. Through this, she had managed to develop her survival skills. Not much of anything occurred during her life since then, it was dull and repetitive, but as she had very little to compare it to... she managed to bear it. At times, she would take upon smalls tasks for money or food; which helped her learn about the world, even if only a little. She had taught herself to read as to pass the time, which upon successfully have done so, procured books for herself. This would later develop into a passion of hers. As the years rolled on by, she had grown a considerable deal since she had left her home. She had grown both in body and mind, being much more mature than people of her age, and much psychologically tougher in reason of her rough lifestyle. When it came to ambitions, or plans for the future, she truly did not have a single one. It was not in reason of her lack of trying, or laziness, but mostly because of the fact that she had no one to guide or point her in the right direction. Thankfully, she saw issue with this. She did not want to live her entire life without goals, other than finding some way to feed herself, hence she sought to take any chance to change her future that would come her way; and such an opportunity did indeed make its way toward the young girl.

It had been during one of her visits to another village that she had been mugged by a gang of older teenagers. Unfortunately for them, Naomi did not possess anything of any value; hence why they proceeded to beat her up (amongst other things) as to make up for her not yielding anything of value. In reason of her younger age, she was much smaller and weaker than those boys; no way was she able to stand up for herself in a proper sense, which resulted in her being severely pummeled. She laid upon the ground in a fetal position, bruised and beaten, with the older children kicking and mocking her as she turtled up. Needless to say, Naomi had felt completely helpless. Fortunately, the beating would soon be interrupted. It was an old man which would come to her rescue. An old and hunched up man had stepped up toward the group, politely asking them to cease the beating they were dishing out unto Naomi. They laughed in response, mocking him for what he had just said; in an attempt of intimidating the old man. Though he had stood his ground and repeated what he had previously said; the polite tone was nowhere in sight. The group of teenagers would advance toward the elder, readying themselves in attacking the man. The first punch thrown toward him had been effortlessly countered, much to the surprise of all whom found themselves there.

Surprised even more when the older man had swung his hand to release a gust of wind at the group of boys; instantly knocking all of them off their feet and straight into a dumpster. Frightened by this strange power, the boys climbed out of the dumpster and ran for it. With the hoodlums disposed of, the old man had then walked over toward Naomi; helping her unto her feet. He would place his hand over the injured girl's wounds, immediately healing er using his chakra. Once she had returned to her full health, Naomi had thanked the man before exploding into a sense of awe and wonder as to how the man had performed those feats he had displayed mere moments ago. With a smile, the man had taken Naomi to a restaurant and brought her something to eat whilst he explained everything. Revealing his name to be Shinji, he would explain to the youth about shinobi, chakra, ninshu, and many other things. Naomi naturally listened in awe, during her ventures she had seen ninja before, but she had never thought much of or about them. To her, they were just another group of people. Though by listening to Shinji, she had become aware that there was more to being a ninja than she had first thought. Once having finished his explanation, he had then asked the youth to tell him about her life. Naomi would then summarize her past in as few sentences she could manage; the white-haired man listened with a sympathetic and pitying face. When finished, Shinji had asked the girl if she wished to become his apprentice; if she wanted to become a shinobi. The offer had surprised the young girl, prompting her to reflect in silence whether it was a good idea, and after a few minutes... she agreed.

With that, Naomi had been taken under the wing of Shinji; the latter whom began teaching her the ways of ninshu. From that moment onward, Naomi's life would become much more exciting. For the first time ever, she had realized that she now possessed an actual goal. It felt good. She became studious, working her hardest so that she may become a kunoichi. She had tried her best to master everything that she had been taught; which pleased the older gentleman, as Naomi was sharp and talented, and able to adapt to this sudden change in her life quite splendidly. With the knowledge that she would have to start with the very basics, Shinji was both patient and considerate with the girl, giving her confidence and making sure not to lose the youth's resolve. Sooner rather than later, Naomi had begun to regard her mentor to be a friend; someone she could actually turn to for help. For the first time in years, she had finally felt like she was happy with her life. A few years would pass, and appropriately, Naomi had learned a great deal about being a shinobi. Her travels with her mentor had helped promote her growth as a person, granting her various experiences. Shinji had not been only helping his protege become a better shinobi, but was even helping her become a better person. Good manners, a moral compass, politeness, all those lessons which a parent ought to teach their child. With her having ended up learning under the tutelage of Shinji, the girl had often wondered if this had been what it felt like to have a parent. Though the time came when her training with her mentor would come to an end. Naomi knew all too well that Shinji had been a very old man, whom despite his great strength, was nearing the end of his life. Eventually he would be gone, and Naomi would yet again be by herself. Upon being at his deathbed, the old man had told his pupil that it was all up to her now. How to live her life. How she lived. What she did. It was all her choice to make.

Ever grateful for all he had done for her, Naomi had thanked Shinji, staying by his side until he had died.

Those seven marvelous years made her future appear bleak upon the death of her beloved mentor. The loss of Shinji, her only friend had left quite an emotional blow - only then did she realize the insufferable feeling of loneliness. She could no longer experience any sense of warmth from another, nor could she feel as if there was a sense of purpose in life - everything came crumbling down.

The story turns blank here, leaving all to wonder how his tale will come to an end.

Role-Play Sample:

The usual habit of the adolescent contemplating when confronting such words, vanished altogether upon having heard an abrupt voice - spouting a chain of words so bizarre, so unfamiliar, she had no choice but to locate the source as if to confirm whether she heard correct. The schoolgirl's form casually revealed itself by way of turning her torso toward the source of the disembodied voice - cerulean eyes scanned curiously, irises widening out of bewilderment upon detecting the speaker. Spewing nonsensical words only further crumbled any instance of apathy upon her face, absurdity shattering her composure and thus unable to refrain from mouthing words befitting her elegance and class: the fuck. The visible sight of a man robed as he, shouting such nonsense about teams of mystical valor and - as he so eloquently put - 'yellow dudes', had her remain in place even when the crowd eventually dispersed after having their fill of gawking at the man - yet again, returned to their everyday lives. "... you're one of those weirdos, aren't you?" such were her first words directed at this new existence. The remainder of herself pivoted toward the man as to fully face him - revealing Naomi in full. The attire which consists of: a blue blazer, a white short-sleeved shirt, as well as a necktie; indicated that she was a student at an all-women's college. Unperturbed by any potential retaliation from the man against her earlier remark, having noticed the clutched carton of fries, her narrowed brow looked upon the man in a disapproving manner; prompting her to lean her upper-body as if to emphasize her disapproval. "Not only that, but you're eating junk-food for breakfast..." she surmised as much, seeing as it were still morning, "... mister, you're going to die from cholesterol problems." It is an absolute wonder as to how someone such as herself found themselves friendless.

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Senkin, Naomi Empty Re: Senkin, Naomi

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I'm not gonna lie, I half ass read the history. But from what I gather, this sealing is how she is able to utilize the corrosion kkg, right? If so that is fine. I think in the cbox you said something else was sealed in you as well. Just to be clear, if that is the case, only bijuu can be used in this manner. Mainly because I don't want this to be a normal thing, sealing creatures in bodies for power or whatever.

Other than that your approved for D-B rank. Which ever you want

By the way, ranks like Genin, Chuunin, and so on don't really exist. Its gonna be used in the clan/village portion of things. As it stands the letters is how people will refer to you or anyone else icly.

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